Another Gap Markup Story, Higher Price Rung Up At The Register

After seeing our story about Gap selling pants at an elevated sale price, reader Neff told us the same thing happened to him in Texas, with the higher price ringing up at checkout.

Neff writes:

I went to the Gap at the Northeast Mall in Hurst, TX on Christmas Eve to pickup a couple of their super-comfy stretch crew neck tees, as I am wont to do from time to time. The friendly clerk rang them up and the total was $38 and some change. Hmm. The last time i bought two of these tee’s they were $16.50 each or 2 or more for $12 each, just like it says on the price tag – oh wait. The printed price tag has a sticker over it that says $18.00!! What the fudge? These tees have been marked up!! Well, needless to say, I would not stand for it. Being an ardent follower of Consumerist, I would not let this aggression stand, man. So I pointed the markup to the clerk and she manually changed the price to $12 each – the way it should have been. So my total was $25.98 including tax, just like the last six times I bought two of these tees. She pointed it out to a fellow behind the counter, who I assume was someone of authority, and he acknowledged that it was a mistake, and said that all of the tees had been priced that way. He didn’t seem too concerned or in a great hurry to get the pricing gun. Which makes me wonder how many customers were taken by the Gap’s “mistake”?

Although this story doesn’t necessarily mean the earlier incident wasn’t the result of a labeling error, it’s a bad coincidence. Have any other readers noticed markups at Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy? Let us know.

(Photo: nffcnnr)

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