If Bank Of America Makes You Angry, Do Not Call 911 And Say The Bank Is Being Robbed

Here’s a suggestion for all of you who bank at Bank of America. If the bank makes you angry, do not try to get revenge by calling 911 and reporting a fake robbery in progress.

If only we’d known to suggest this before a man from Bolingbrook, Illinois got upset with the quality of service he received.

“As odd as it sounds, we took a bank robbery (call) from the bank robber,” Lt. Ken Teppel said.

Teppel said the man had attempted withdrawing some money that the bank had a hold on. When the bank wouldn’t release the funds, “he stated he was going to shut the bank down.”

“He picked up his cell phone, called 911 and reported that the bank was being robbed,” Teppel said. “He never relayed to the employees he was going to rob the bank, and he never showed a weapon.”

It apparently took about 20 minutes for the police to determine that the bank wasn’t actually being robbed. The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

‘Robber’ reports bank heist [Sun-Times]
(Photo: tagurity )

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