Good Samaritan Rescues Linens 'N Things Workers Forced To Stand In Subzero Weather

An independent contractor hired in connection with the liquidation of Linens ‘N Things had several people standing in subzero weather in Sioux Falls, South Dakota holding signs that advertised the “going out of business” sale.

A self-described “concerned citizen” (who asked to remain anonymous) thought that the sign holders were being put at risk. So he rescued them.

From Keloland Television:

“The issue is that we have somebody in this community that is putting some people at risk,” said the citizen, who asked to remain anonymous. “And it’s not right. They shouldn’t be putting these people in that environment.”

He says he spoke with Linens ‘N’ Things, but was told the sign holders are hired by an independent contractor and do not work directly for the company. The man then spoke with the contractor, who listened to his concerns and referred him to his boss.

“In his opinion, they weren’t in any harm or any danger,” said the citizen. “He did say that they’re out there trying to generate money for your store and your liquidation. That’s when I came out and said, ‘I’m not with the store.’ He said, ‘who are you?’ I say, ‘I’m just a citizen.’ He said, ‘you’re a concerned citizen?’ I said, ‘yes, I’m a concerned citizen about these people.’ Then he said, ‘well, I don’t care what you think.’ and then he hung up.”

After that exchange, the resident says he took the workers to Union Gospel Mission in downtown Sioux Falls, a place where the workers had reportedly been staying for food and shelter. The Mission says anyone who needs shelter is welcome.

“That’s just normal, everyday routine,” said Fran Stenberg, executive director of Union Gospel Mission. “People come in and out all the time here, so when it’s cold, it doesn’t make a difference who it is. They can come here and get in and warm up.”

Before dropping the workers off at the Mission, he paid them each the $40 they would have earned standing in the cold holding signs. He told the reporters that he didn’t have a problem with the sign holding, but was concerned that someone would get hurt.

Concerned Citizen Helps Cold Workers Warm Up [Keloland Television] (Thanks, Brian!)

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