PIX: Ladybug Infested Macbook (And A Happy Ending)

These are the ladybugs that infested Sam’s Macbook, the ladybugs Apple said must be his fault. Now, here is the update to Sam’s saga, and how he finally got justice from Apple.

A day after I sent you guys that tip I contacted Apple Customer Care and outlined what had occurred besides what I had written (I had not received my laptop back, when I got it back I was expecting my laptop to be in the same state i sent it away, instead the people at the repair depot decided to wipe my laptops hard drive, something i had very specifically told them not to do when they asked if they could go ahead with the repair.)

After telling him this, he went back to look at the case notes, and decided instead of apple covering the price of repair they would give me a brand new laptop “to restore faith in the company.”

So today I am typing away on my brand new Macbook Pro with the confidence that Apple does know how to do the right thing when it comes to consumers rights.



Apple and Sam could spend all day arguing about who placed the ladybug eggs inside his laptop, but, without a doubt, Apple wiped his harddrive without permission. That kind of material damage is probably what pushed Apple over into giving Sam a full replacement of his computer.

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