Target No Longer Automatically Prints Gift Receipts?

Reader Jennifer reports that Target doesn’t seem to be automatically printing gift receipts at the bottom of the receipts. Clever way of discouraging holiday returns? Target’s official policy is no returns without a receipt

Jennifer writes:

Just noticed while doing my holiday shopping that Target is no longer printing gift receipts at the bottom of the receipts. It used to be that they had the laughable practice of printing them out, even when I only bought kitty litter. (“Here you go, mom. Happy Birthday!!) Now, they don’t even ask if you want one. I thought maybe this was just my local store, but asked on another message board and it seems to be happening across the country.

So, combined with their “no receipt, no return” policy, it looks like they’re trying to not take anything back from Christmas and it might be a new corporate mandate for the holiday season. Way to go Target! Score another point for excellent customer service.

I’m planning to go back to the store with my gift-receiptless receipts and see if customer service will print them for me, since with the stress of holiday shopping with a toddler, I didn’t remember to look or ask while I was there.

Was this just an error at Jennifer’s Target or has this happened to you?

(Photo: What Rhymes With Nicole?)

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