Tell Monster Cable To Stop Suing A Monster-Themed MiniGolf Park

If you would like to tell Monster Cable that they’re jerks for trying to shut down the family owned and operated Monster MiniGolf…

…just the latest target of Monster Cable’s insane campaign to sue for trademark infringement anything that dares to have “Monster” in the name – you can email their ceo at or…

…and tell him how you will never buy a Monster Cable again and you will tell everyone you know to never buy a Monster Cable. The co-founders of Monster Mini Golf, Patrick & Christina Vitagliano also say they have something juicy planned for CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics tradeshow that is like the SuperBowl for electronics companies. As Monster Mini Golf makes monster-themed Mini Golf parks and not USB-powered tape measures, I can only imagine it’s some kind of anti-MonsterCable hilarious hijinx.


Monster Cable Sues Monster MiniGolf For Trademark Infringement

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