Can You Finish The 50 Pound Burger And Win $1,000?

ABCNews took a look at “Free if you can finish it” challenges all over the US — and even sent the reporter to attempt one — with the help of a championship competitive eater. So, was the 50-pounder a bargain?

The 50-pound burger, dubbed “Mt. Olympus” by the man responsible, Mike Zambas, the owner of the Clinton Station Diner in rural New Jersey, has never been conquered. If you and 4 friends can eat the burger in 3 hours, it’s free — and you’ll win a $1,000 prize. If not, you’re on the hook for $159.95.

The best way to describe this burger is: gargantuan. Zambas has to bake a special bun big enough to hold the thing. An entire package of American cheese is used to cover it, as well as a whole head of lettuce and several tomatoes.

When the burger arrived at the table, every customer in the diner turned and looked at us. Several came over to check it out. And that’s exactly what Zambas wants. We turned a normal Saturday afternoon lunch into a spectacle. Suddenly that couple two tables over got a side of entertainment with their BLT.

Of course, the reporter wasn’t the first to finish it — even though he brought a professional eater with him. Maybe if he’d brought 4 of them? Ultimately, it was the eating champ’s expert opinion that there was simply too much bun.

Recession Bargain or Fool’s Challenge [ABCNews]

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