Personal Finance Roundup

11 ways to strike gold on Black Friday [Consumer Reports] “We’ve compiled the following savvy-shopper’s guide.”

A Salesman Tells How to Negotiate for the Best Price on Electronics [Free Money Finance] “How we can best negotiate savings on electronics.”

Scaling Back Your Holiday Parties [Wall Street Journal] “Here are 10 tips on how to throw a stunning party on a less-than-spectacular budget.”

The 5 Best Places to Stash Your Cash [US News] “Here are five places to park your cash for a decent return.”

How to deal with a job layoff [MSN Money] “Here’s a checklist of things to do now and later.”

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  1. Dacker says:

    I’ll use this info when I look to buy a 52″, 120Hz, LCD after the holiday season. Maybe on 1/30/09…!

  2. gatewaytoheaven says:

    As a salesperson in a major electronics retailer, I’d like to say that it’s quite rare that we give out many discounts on items.

    For us, the prices are fixed from corporate; the store manager has the ability to change the price, say make an XBOX 360 cost $1.00 and sell it to someone, but he’ll be caught, and probably lose his job. For our store, marking it down a certain percentage without just cause is grounds for termination. By just cause, I’m referring to the product being returned, demo, open box, or damaged (refurb does not count).

    In fact, the only things you could possibly ask for a discount are on things that are rtscount on are things atyhat have been retruend, open box, or demo items.

    And the idea about throwing in accessories? That’s just as bad. You have better luck getting a gift card made for a negative experience and having that applied to the transaction.

  3. loganmo says:

    CD’s as a place to stash cash right now? When the APY is lower than the rate of inflation, you are not actually making money on your investment…

  4. PeteyNice says:

    Nothing is consistently beating inflation right now. Losing as little as possible is attractive.