EECB / BBB Complaint Solves $500 Dispute With TMobile

Bill says that an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) follow up to a BBB complaint solved his $500 billing dispute with TMobile, and he couldn’t be happier.

Bill says:

I had a $500 billing dispute with T-mobile. Long story short: I lost my phone. Got a new one through their insurance program that was configured incorrectly (wasn’t using WIFI to make free phone calls) and was charged for tons of minutes that should have been free.

After being rebuffed by customer service and eventually having my phone disconnected, I filed a claim with the BBB and then, when that seemingly had no effect, performing an EECB, emailing the CEO, VP of external affairs, and VP of customer service of T-mobile.

The result:

I received a phone call the next day (today) from someone from the T-mobile “Executive Response” team. The woman explained that she was calling because of the email I had sent (EECB = Success!). She then explained that she was surprised that the BBB said T-mobile did not response because they, in fact, had. In addition, she said that she removed the charges from my account almost 2 weeks ago and left me 2 voice mails (which I never received) saying as such. She was very appreciative that I forwarded her the email the BBB had sent me, because she seemed quite anxious to resolve the situation with them…even though they are not a BBB accredited business they still respond to their claims.

Summation: The BBB and EECBs DO work. Thanks for the tips, Consumerist!

For more information about launching your own EECB, click here.

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