Circuit City Turns To Unrelentingly Optimistic Junk Email As The End Nears

Reader James forwarded us an unsolicited email from Circuit City that we had to post because it’s just so chipper about the fact that they’ve resorted to spamming him out of desperation. It cheerfully proclaims, “Now you’ll be the first to hear the latest news,” before informing him that he’d been “chosen” as one of their “best customers” to receive spam.

James says:

I’m sure you can surmise that I never signed up for email alerts to anything from Circuit City. I merely use their website to manage my (rarely used) Circuit City card. It’s good to see they still have the customer in mind.

The best part of the email is where they inform James that, in the future, he’ll get advance notice about “grand openings.” Isn’t that sweet?


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  1. Chairman-Meow says:

    What next ? Circuit City spam which declares that their CEO has a vast fortune in hidden stock and all you have to do is send in $25.00 to share in his success ?

  2. White Speed Receiver says:

    Grand openings? Well, I guess we know which stage they’re still in.

    Up next: Anger.

  3. Lokisince89 says:

    Just received a notice from my bank that a check from CC (from a pro-rate warranty return) was returned.
    Called corporate and the woman I spoke to said it doesn’t happen often, but has been happening more often lately.

  4. friendlynerd says:

    I got that yesterday too! There was an unsubscribe link, but it required signing in and all other sorts of nonsense, so I just decided to hit the Spam button and teach Yahoo that it’s garbage.

    • Preyfar says:

      @friendlynerd: I thought here was a provision in the Can Spam Act that required users to be able to opt out without having to sign in?


      I don’t see it on the website, but I thought it was a provision added later. Maybe I’m wrong, btu I can’t find it.

      • James Sumners says:

        You don’t so much have to sign in as supply the email address that the junk was sent to. It’s not clear WHY you have to do that, but it doesn’t require a password.

      • MrsLopsided says:

        “Spam” is email sent to a recipient without a prior business relationship or where the recipient has opted out. James has a CC credit card and accesses it on-line. He obviously gave them his email address and I am sure somewhere during signup either checked or didn’t check a box to regarding promotional material emails.

        The consumersist headline about “unreleting” junk mail and tag about “spamming him out of desperation” speak more about the writer’s desperation (who gets paid per 1000 views) than it does about CC. Its a legitimate opt-in email from CC (even if you don’t remember) and you can unsubscribe.

        ..and yes, Circuit City will still have “grand openings” as some pre-bankruptcy new store builds & relocations are close to completion. Chapter 11 means re-organization not that they are toast.

    • zlionsfan says:

      @friendlynerd: The second-to-last message I got from CC (after signing up for some stupid reason), I went online and unsubscribed.

      The last one I got, that one got marked as spam.

    • Matt Redacted says:

      @friendlynerd: Ditto. I did get a good chuckle out of the “Grand Opening” nonsense before I sent this e-mail into digital oblivion, though.

  5. levenhopper says:

    I was in Circuit City since I needed a replacment battery for my digital camera, and figured 20% off is good, no matter if the store won’t be there in a month.

    I love how, on the bottom of reciepts, it still encourages you to sign up for their credit card.

  6. Barney_The Plug_ Frank says:

    It is too bad that CC is probably going under. Even though its customer service is lacking, it is (or was) a counter-force to Best Buy. Best Buy left to its own, will not benefit the customer.

    • mbz32190 says:

      @danno50: There’s always Wal-Mart. Same poor quality products you can get at BB without pushy salespeople!

    • cynical_bastard says:

      @danno50: CC was always playing catchup with best buy. its not really competing if your always behind.

    • cheesebubble says:

      I lament with danno50. The chain has existed in Canada for eons, previously known as Radio Shack. Their small stores are conveniently known as “The Source by Circuit City” and I enjoy heading to them instead of big box stores for certain items. Sure, they aren’t the biggest and best. Their customer service was about as useless as Future Shop’s. I admit that they sell some real crap, but it’s one less option on the horizon. I found them useful for some particular purchases.

      As for the WalMart recommendation from mbz32190, I have to politely decline. I will not go there for anything, irregardless of poor or good quality. I hate them.

      • Major-General says:

        @cheesebubble: Try working retail: one chain store is very much like every other. At least when I worked for Wal-Mart I would find out about things affecting the company before they would hit the internet. Since working at Target I have learned more about Target events from the ‘net, including Consumerist, than I find out from corporate sources.

        Civilization is a 24 hour Wal-Mart.

  7. MisterE says:

    I think the time is right for to make a comeback.

  8. TheStonepedo says:

    On TV this week there have been advertisements encouraging people to buy gift cards. Buy a gift card now in the spirit of Christmas; if you’re lucky there will still be a store in which you can use it after December 25th.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      There are alot of people in this country that dont read newspapers and care not for current events. A year or more can pass by and they still would not know. These are the suckers that will be stuck with useless gift cards.

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    I hope those three people in the flier got paid.

  10. chiieddy says:

    I received it too. I was not pleased and reported it.

  11. ELC says:

    I actually got a CC postcard in the mail the other day along the same lines. It has been YEARS since I’ve bought anything there (or any other electronics retailer for that matter). But with what’s been going on, I thought it was a little funny. But I guess that they are trying to market to get people back in the stores.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just find it amazing how the author of this story is lying concerning how James received this email and how ignorant the general public is to the state of Circuit City. The stores that are closing are the only ones that cannot take gift cards because the stores have been turned over to liquidators (they now own the product). Does that make any since to yah. If you just go to a store that is not closing then you can use your gift card. James people like you need to get a life. Do you have nothing better to do than lie about how you got that email. Furthermore, the author of this story is doing nothing but fear mongering. You should work for George Bush and really take it to the next level. It will be people like the both of you how start false rumor that will eventually sent this company under and expedite those people losing their jobs. Hope you’re happy.

    • Green Goth Brit Chick - AlternatEve says:

      @SudeeptaOtter: Uhm, from what I know, there’s only a small handful that haven’t been turned over, so for the general reading populace? Its totally relevant.

      Not that I think this is anything other than blind vitriol.

    • GoVegan says:

      @SudeeptaOtter: LOL at : You should work for George Bush and really take it to the next level

      Maybe Best But should make a pre emptive attack against Circuit City.

  13. Anonymous says:

    technically, a huge hole is a “grand opening”

  14. Sollus says:

    I got the same email and it never crossed my mind to forward it on to you. Wish I was a little more quick. haha

  15. violettefay says:

    I was at the mall the other day, and CC had a sign up that they were hiring. wtf?

  16. Ein2015 says:

    Why must all ads on the internet have cheeky smiling people around a laptop… even when that has absolutely nothing to do with the ad (or in this case, the email)?

    Why didn’t they just photograph a CC store or CC employee?



  17. Namilia says:


    The word here is that our CC is staying open. Surprising, because the Best Buy nearly always has a full parking lot and the CC across the street is almost always a ghost town.

  18. johnnya2 says:

    More than half the CC stores are still open and will remain open. If you went to the Circuit City credit card site, I am betting in the fine print you agreed to the email. It is NOT Spam because you do not want it. There is a very legal definition of spam and there was obviously a way to unsubscribe. Choice of words is important, and saying you have no relationship with them is quite frankly a lie.

  19. MrsLopsided says:

    My CC is staying open. Today they actually had greeters at the front door and roving associates pushing CC credit card applications. Too little. Too late.

  20. cordeduroi says:

    How many people want to punch the grin off of that guy’s face on the right? I sure do.