Circuit City Turns To Unrelentingly Optimistic Junk Email As The End Nears

Reader James forwarded us an unsolicited email from Circuit City that we had to post because it’s just so chipper about the fact that they’ve resorted to spamming him out of desperation. It cheerfully proclaims, “Now you’ll be the first to hear the latest news,” before informing him that he’d been “chosen” as one of their “best customers” to receive spam.

James says:

I’m sure you can surmise that I never signed up for email alerts to anything from Circuit City. I merely use their website to manage my (rarely used) Circuit City card. It’s good to see they still have the customer in mind.

The best part of the email is where they inform James that, in the future, he’ll get advance notice about “grand openings.” Isn’t that sweet?

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