This Is Not A Good Method For Transporting Shopping Carts

If you were thinking of loading a semi with tons of shopping carts, make sure you view the following video before you attempt it — just in case you’ve missed a small detail.

Shopping Cart Fail [Fail Blog via Buzzfeed]


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  1. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    As soon as I read the title I knew what was going to happen.

  2. neko613 says:

    I like how the Target dudes also kinda laugh in the video and just stand there watching as it all comes rolling out…

  3. hellinmyeyes says:

    10-4, Back Door!

  4. hills says:

    So that’s why the one wheel never works….

    Still love Target:)

  5. i_love_life says:

    This certainly made my day a lot better. It made me crack up in the middle of my university’s library. Not cool.

  6. bball123h says:

    I enjoyed the second wave. Just when all was settled… more carts!

  7. ElizabethD says:

    Way to jump right on that situation, Target peeps!

  8. MrsLopsided says:

    Funny. But it’s fake – a set up for the camera.

    • cmcd14 says:

      @MrsLopsided: you don’t think Target has cameras on their loading docks? Of course they do.

      • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

        @cmcd14: I agree, but there is a lot of info missing from this video. There is usually more info shown on screen such as the camera # and sometimes even the store number. Also, from what I have seen of most stores security cams, they record at a lower frame rate than normal as it saves a lot of storage space, and doesn’t affect the quality that much.

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

      @MrsLopsided: Agreed. In all my years of working at supermarkets or near trailers, I can’t think of any drivers who would leave w/o checking that their doors were secure/locked.

    • Tightlines says:

      @MrsLopsided: If it’s fake, then what’s the point? To make people laugh for five seconds, then completely forget about it? And meanwhile you’ve spent all that time loading carts onto a truck and will now have to spend all that time cleaning them up? Who would do that?

    • Swizzler121 says:

      @MrsLopsided: not fake, cant shut the doors when they’re against the dock. But it looks like one employee was thinking with that board, but right before he got to place it the trucker moved, and then in the second wave he was starting to move again, just a simple case of bad dock-to-truck communication, or just a drunk trucker.

  9. jblake1 says:

    L.O.D. to the load deck. L.O.D. to the load deck.

  10. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    It had to be a swift driver.

  11. SJActress says:

    I saw this video on the other day. It looks to me like this is the DRIVER’S fault and no one else’s. Clearly, the employee with the board was trying to figure out a way to wedge it into the truck so the carts wouldn’t do that, and the driver just took off without checking if he was cleared to.

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @SJActress: Wouldn’t CLOSING THE DOOR have helped?

      • AlCzervic says:

        @Oranges w/ Cheese:
        It appears that he was about to unload the carts, so having the door open was needed.

        I think when the one gentleman was standing there staring at the back of the truck, he was looking at the brake lights. He was smart enough not to step into a truck which may or may not be about to take off. Imagine what would have happened if he had been in the truck.

      • smrtypants44 says:

        @Oranges w/ Cheese:
        Loading docks are designed so that you can open the door while the truck is backed up against them.

      • Rarie says:

        @Oranges w/ Cheese: Can’t close swing doors while the trailer is backed into the dock. Only rollup doors can be closed that way. This trailer was the type that had to be pulled out to close the doors. Closing the dock garage style door wouldn’t have kept the carts in the trailer… there just wouldn’t be this exellent video to show the result.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I once worked for this company. We did a new store once and these carts were stacked two high! Imagine unloading those off of a trailer. I have unloaded trucks my entire working life and never had a worse time.

  13. thaJack says:

    When did the back door become a “small detail”?

  14. campredeye says:

    Wasn’t this posted a few weeks ago?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can verify it’s real; I work in IT for Target, and that video’s been making the rounds internally for about a month now. Surprised it took this long to leak. Just wait until the one from the warehouse, with the sprinkler, comes out. (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it) It’s even better.

  16. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    One of my friends who formerly worked for Target says this happens all the time – not with carts – but drivers quite often will drive off with people still in the trucks.

    He said that with the loading dock still down its obvious the driver wasn’t cleared to drive off. That one guy is just lucky he wasn’t ON the truck. He would’ve experienced death by shopping cart.

  17. Raekwon says:

    This would explain why my online orders always get delayed. All their employees too busy reloading shopping carts into their trucks.

  18. teh says:

    As an exercise for the employees who never passed high school physics, we’ve set up a demonstration on inertia. You’ll notice how the objects, initially at rest, tend to remain at rest.

    • GirlCat says:

      @teh: Shh!! What are you doing?? If high school physics were adequately taught in this country, the YouTube-America’s Funniest Videos Industrial Complex would collapse.

  19. vita2us says:

    Actually, that was a good thing for the employees not to have tried and stop the carts, and I am glad that no one was hurt. I worked for a Wal-Mart distribution center when I was in college, and we had a lift driver killed when a driver pulled out of the dock door unexpectedly. Hopefully, the driver is banned from the Target it happened at, since the driver has a big shiny red light that tells him/her that the dock door is still open.

  20. Anonymous says:

    For those of you that have never been on a loading dock, you should know you can’t close the trailer doors until the truck pulls away from the dock a few feet and the driver gets out to close them. So unless this is just a good fake, it is clearly the fault of the stupid dock workers no securing the load.

    Still funnny as hell though.

  21. Chols says:

    I guess wheel chocks aren’t mandatory…

  22. MyPetFly says:

    “Bombardier to pilot, weapons drop on TARGET.”

  23. shorty63136 says:

    Two words:

    Load Retainer.

  24. Orv says:

    When I saw this on Olbermann I figured this was two guys, bored with their minimum wage job, who figured they’d found a funny and clever way to unload a truck full of shopping carts.

  25. HomersBrain says:

    on the flip side…it looks like a great way to unload carts !

  26. deleteboy says:

    This is real Walmart quality work here son, please step up your game.

  27. says:


  28. elislider says:

    so… what were they thinking exactly?

  29. Doreen DelPurgatorio says: is my new favorite website — hundreds of pages of pure FAIL!

  30. bubbledumpster says:

    Hello, Target Employees!

    I’d like you to meet my friend, Inertia!

  31. Ubermunch says:

    Actually… giggles aside….

    People die when this kind of thing happens. When you are loading a truck, especially with electric pallet jacks, lifts, etc… you can DIE when the truck pulls away while you’re loading. It’s damn lucky one of the yuksters on the dock didn’t fall out/off and break something.

    Honestly… the driver should be suspended/fired. And… they should get a decent dock release procedure (and some restraints!).

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @Ubermunch: Agreed.

      I’d be surprised if the driver wasn’t disciplined.

    • carlogesualdo says:

      @Ubermunch: Actually, I was just thinking about that comment earlier about how “this kind of thing happens all the time” and the driver drives off with “people still in the back of the truck.” If that’s true, it sounds like OSHA needs to pay ’em a little visit.

  32. Mazda Eric says:


    god that is indeed priceless

  33. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    That’s not just fail..that’s grand-epic-super-fail!

  34. BillyShears says:

    On the other hand, if you have a rig full of shopping carts and need to empty it in record time…

  35. AllenK says:

    Great video! It’s funny whether it’s a setup or not.

    On a side note, I love the new style shopping carts at Target. They’re all plastic,and they’re super easy to push. The ones in the video look to be the old style. I’d love the hear the cacophony of all those carts coming out of that truck.

    I work on the loading dock where I work from time to time. While most truckers are great guys,there are some real dandies out there too. The poor guy could’ve been worked so hard he just plain forgot to shut the door also.

  36. Froggmann says:

    This is actually a pretty common occurrence. So common that some warehouses use clamping systems to make sure drivers don’t run off with a trailer that has a conveyor, forklift or person in it.

  37. cubejockey says:

    about midway, one women gestures to someone else to get a camera.

  38. carlogesualdo says:

    Aside from the safety issues, I laughed my butt off at this when I first saw it.

  39. redkamel says:

    the sprinkler one is up. Its EVEN BETTER.

  40. Whtthfgg says:

    wow…that is classic

  41. KitHoeseph says:

    I’m guessing these guys have never heard of a load bar…