Morning Deals

  • Valve: For $99, get EVERY single Valve game (including Left 4 Dead – save $134.82 – if you already have some of the games, you can gift them to your friends through Steam
  • Finish Line: Up to 75% Off Clearance + 20% off via coupon code 20PERCENT: Men’s Shoes From $16, Women’s Shoes From $20
  • Amazon: James Bond Ultimate Collector’s DVD Set for $89.95 Shipped

Highlights From Buxr

  • DeLonghi 1500-Watt Utility Heater for $18.50 w/ Free shipping
  • Ralph Lauren: 15% Off Printable Coupon
  • Aeropostale: Take 30% Off Clearance Items w/ Coupon Code: WKDCLEAR

Highlights From Dealhack

  • B&H Photo: Toshiba 15-inch LCD HDTV with integrated DVD Player $285 Shipped
  • Office Depot: AOC 32-inch LCD HDTV $450 Shipped at Office Depot
  • National Geographic Store: Free March of the Penguins DVD with All Orders + Other Discounts

Highlights From Dealnews

  • CompUSA: APC UPA9 Universal Power Adapter for $40 + $8 s&h
  • DeepDiscount: LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS for $19 + free shipping
  • Unlisted Men’s Rest My Case Moc Toe Oxford for $18 + $5 s&h


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  1. ThatShortGuy says:

    To add to the list:

    -Woot has 2GB Kingston MicroSD card w/adapter. $8 after shipping. Meh.

    -Sellout Woot: “Polaroid 7″ Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Weather Station” $40 after shipping. has a fairly extensive list of video game-themed Black Friday deals. Best Buy, Circuit City, Dell, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, Sears, Target, & Wal-Mart are all listed. Good if you don’t want to try and dig up individual sales stories.

    -Dealhack’s also got a 10% coupon for Musician’s Friend. Every little bit helps with MF’er.

    -Buxr has a 40% off coupon for any single $20+ book at Borders.

    -Dealnews features something for the NewEgg Newsletter subscribers: two 1GB sticks of Corsair XMS2 2GB PC2-6400 Memory for $10 after a $5 coupon code and $30 MIR.

    No, I totally did not plan on e-mailing Ben or Chris with these prior to seeing this post >_>

  2. ultimatecardsfan says:

    Hmm, can’t get the 20PERCENT coupon code to work at the Finish Line.

    And I was really looking forward to some sweet kicks! Maybe I’ll grab ’em even w/o the 20% off unless someone can tell me what’s going on there.

    • ultimatecardsfan says:

      @ultimatecardsfan: A little followup after some Web research — looks like the 20PERCENT code expired yesterday. But if you use ORDERCONFIRM, you can get $15 off any order of $75 or more.

      Mine’s at that weird threshhold where if I go below $75 on the order, I don’t get free shipping, though. So by using the coupon code, I save $15 but incur $7.99 in shipping. But hey, an extra $7 is still $7. Can’t beat a $110 pair of shoes for $78, shipping and tax inclusive.

  3. savvy9999 says:

    Wow. Half-Life! That was my first PC FPS game. Good times.

    I’m sure my wife and kids (which I most assuredly did not have when HL first came out) wouldn’t mind me taking that $99 deal and disappearing into my computer for about, oh, 6 months…

    • Suttin says:


      I would have pounced on the valve deal, But I already own all those games but left 4 dead.


      • Xerloq says:

        @Suttin: Ditto. What I’d like to see from Valve is a way to buy custom game packages from the “My Games” list that would package based on what I already own so I wouldn’t end up with extra copies. It burns me that I can’t sell those.

  4. orielbean says:

    I will say this about the Woot deals. 5.00 shipping may be extreme for cheapy items, but for the above deal of 2 gig micro sd cards, you can get 3 for a combined total (w/ shipping) of 12.00. That is bad ass and comes with the larger SD adapter as well.

  5. debcon says:

    The 20% off coupon code for Finish Line didn’t work for me either.

  6. TonySoprano says:

    crap that finish line code would have been sweet

  7. Corporate_guy says:

    @Xerloq: Can’t you sell them via gifting?

    • LiquidGravity says:

      Right from []

      May I sell or trade gift subscriptions?
      Steam Gift Purchases can not be sold or traded. Attempting to sell or trade a gift subscription is a violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement and may result in your account being permanently disabled.

      • Moosehawk says:

        @LiquidGravity: It’s a real shame too. I own all these games but Left 4 Dead and Ricochet (which I have no idea why they’re charging for it now? Nobody played it when it was free).

        These valve deals are sweet. You can get every id. game ever made for like $80. Quake1-3, Doom1-3, wolfenstein, etc.

  8. krom says:

    How long is that Valve deal going on? I may have to put it on my Xmas list. That, along with “shitloads of free time”.

  9. MacMasterShane says:

    if anyone is planning to do the valve pack, and already has alot of the games (say you bought the orange box already…) you may want to hold off….

    i already had copies of the orange box, Half life 2, CS:S, and various others.

    figuring christmas is near, and i can give a bunch of those away as gifts to some family members, i just hought the whole pack…. well only HL2: Ep 1 is showing up as having an extra copy available for gifting.

    i’m going to open a ticket with valve support, just as soon as i get my login confirm email from them. but if i just bought the same games over again? i’m gonna be pissed.

  10. MacMasterShane says:

    Well, steam just responded to my support ticket.

    according to them, purchasing a package containing a game you already have, will not yield you gifts for the games you already have.

    from the email from steam support:
    “The only exceptions to this are purchasing The Orange Box or the Half-Life Episode Pack when Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One are already on an account. This will *only* yield gifts for Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.”

    I’ve emailed them back, requesting that they de-authorize the valve package and refund my money.

  11. cellardoor (quickly swingin' shut on Bush's term) says:

    Here are two reviews from Amazon for the DeLonghi heater. Unless you are looking for a yuletide fire, you may want to pass on this item.