Insider: Smart Shoppers Are Going To Circuit City Stores That Aren't Closing

An employee of one of the closing Circuit City stores tells us that they were offered “big bonuses” for sticking around until Dec 31 instead of looking for a new job — but when the liquidator showed up the “bonus” was $0.75 an hour. Ouch. Oh, and yes, the liquidator is raising prices according to this now disgruntled employee.

L says:

When we were told we our store was be closed, the liquidator told us that we would get a big bonus for sticking around until Dec. 31st instead of looking for a new job. Of course all the associates were very excited. The liquidator told us we would find out in about a week what that bonus is. We we found our on Sunday. They lied to us about it being big. It is only 75 cent an hour. If you are part time and work 20 hours a week, that is about $120 over two months before taxes. If you are full time and work around 40 hours a week, that is $240 over two months before taxes. Calling these big bonuses are an insult to the employees who are busting their asses while the stores are finally busy again, because of the liquidation.

After our manager heard that, he decided to give everyone unlimited hours, since he does not report to Circuit City anymore and to screw with the liquidator, since they are paying us right now. I’ve heard the horror stories about this liquidator in this forum before, but this is a new low to deceive the front line employees who have nothing to do with the mismanagement of this company that ultimately brought it down.

By the way, the liquidator raised many prices. True TV’s are 10% off the MSRP, but in many cases Circuit City was already selling them for 30% off the MSRP. Smart customers are simply going to the Circuit City 5 miles away which is not closing and offering lower prices.

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