DHL Cuts 9,500 Jobs, No More Shipping Inside US

No more DHL for you, America. They’re cutting 9,500 jobs and suspending domestic mailing operations. This leaves the shipping field back to UPS, FedEX and the USPS. However, you can still ship with DHL internationally from the US, so no need to fret that you can’t keep sending those care packages to Cuba and North Korea.

DHL cuts 9,500 U.S. jobs [CNNMoney]
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  1. azntg says:

    That’s a shame. Can’t speak for everybody, but I had a pretty good experience with DHL domestic delivery.

    For certain packages shipping from certain locations where it would normally take 3 days for delivery, I could sometimes expect it in 2 days with DHL. And I could consistently rely on the DHL deliveryman to come to my house before 5pm in my neighborhood. Oh well.

    • concordia says:

      @azntg: I’m afraid that I have to say the exact opposite. I’ve lived in two different states since DHL came onto the market and in both locations they had the bizarre honor of being the shipping company that seemed like they just *didn’t* want me to have my items.

      Requiring a signature for items a retailer swore they didn’t ship ‘adult signature required,’ packages that enter the DHL system only to get ‘stuck’ at one of their hubs, necessitating a phone call, delivery to the wrong address or leaving a box of expensive electronics on my doormat when the apartment offices were open and staffed all day; the mind boggles.

      The only positive thing I can think of regarding DHL was the time one of their employees helped schlep a table my girlfriend had bought from the local facility to our apartment in his truck. That was exemplary service and, of course, I wrote a commendation to him. Granted, that may have had more to do with Texan hospitality than it did corporate culture. :)

      In short, I hope that one specific guy has an easy time finding a new job, the rest of the company can rot.

    • downwithmonstercable says:

      @azntg: I too had good experiences with them. Fedex, no matter what situation it was, has been an awful experience. UPS has been half and half terrible/decent. Never had issues with DHL.

    • karmaghost says:

      @azntg: I think it’s hit or miss for everybody with DHL. They ate up Airborne Express here in the States, which I think was kind of a… I dunno how to explain it, but a delivery franchise? It depended on your region how good Airborne Express handled your packages. I had terrible luck with Airborne Express.

      The “hit-or-miss” goes for FedEx and UPS, too, I supposed. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with UPS, but FedEx has gotten on my nerves more often than not.

      • KyleOrton says:

        @karmaghost: Around here, DHL is known to compete with McDonalds for drivers, while UPS and FedEx drivers consider it a career. In the last 5 years or so, we’ve switched UPS guys once and FedEx is still the same guy.

        In the same time period, DHL has failed to find our office 10-15 times, failed to pick up a delivery dozens of times and ignored their local drop boxes regularly for days on end.

        It was still nice to have a somewhat cheaper option once in a while, but I’m not too sad to see them gone. I’ve been having great luck (for much less) with US Priority lately.

    • red3001 says:

      @azntg: bad experince here. IBM(Lenovo) ships parts with DHL. It got to the point where we had to pick up the shipment @ the post office. then we had to go out of state to pick up shipments. UPS and FedEX will ship to our office.

      good riddance.

    • bball123h says:

      @azntg: My only experience with DHL was when I left my keys in a hotel during a business trip. The hotel sent them to me, via DHL. They arrived about 1 1/2 years later, literally. It was amazing they even found me, as I no longer lived at the apartment the package was delivered to (and thus, the keys were useless).

      At least my landlord didn’t charge me to replace them!

    • Rocktober says:

      @azntg: While I hate to see these people lose their jobs, at the same time I’m glad DHL’s done. Count that up as bad experiences. As someone else mentioned, I’ve had things left on the doorstep which shouldn’t have been. However, and I think more telling, is what I saw in several jobs I held. In my time working in a warehouse and a security job where vehicles were inspected prior to entry, DHL was consistently the ONLY delivery company who just seemed disorderly. FedEx and UPS always had their packages smartly stored in their trucks; DHL on the other hand generally had everything practically thrown in, in a jumble. After seeing this repeatedly I refused to use them as an option for my shipping.

  2. RobinB says:

    We’ve been using them since they were “Airborne,” and really hate to see this happen.

    • quail says:

      @RobinB: Wasn’t Airborne a Texas only overnight delivery firm before DHL bought them? Airborne was sweet when I lived in Dallas. For about half the price of FedEx I could overnight a package to Houston or Austin or Lubbock or etc.

    • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

      @RobinB: i knew that DHL was a successor to someone, but couldn’t figure it out. guess Wiki could have helped me, but i just didn’t care enough

  3. bsalamon says:

    That doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. They were misleading with shipping dates and tended to be rude. But to cut 9500 jobs so easily just doesn’t seem right.

  4. SiddhimaAmythaon says:

    Good riddions. I have NEVER had a Delivery with DHL or its former self Airborne go off without a hitch. every single time someone shipped me something with them something went honorably wrong.. On 3 separate occasions they returned my package saying my address dose not exist (even thought i was 5 min away from there depot. Last time they refused to leave my package no matter what i did they said i had to be home or come to depot and there depot now closed at 4:30 Pm and was now 2 hours from my home and office.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @SiddhimaAmythaon: Not only that, but my mother had to ship legal documents across the country, and DHL neglected to tell her that the destination she chose wasn’t in their coverage area. So they weren’t going to be able to deliver her documents, BUT they accepted them, processed the order, and took her money anyway! And when she tracked it, she realized it wasn’t being delivered on the day they said it would be there, she called them up and gave them a piece of her mind and chewed them out for not training their employees to know what the proper coverage areas were.

    • downwithmonstercable says:

      @SiddhimaAmythaon: Sounds like all my experiences with Fedex.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Good riddance, DHL. UPS, Fedex and USPS do a much better job.

  6. bitgod says:

    Thank god, I’ve always hated airborne/DHL, I’d had the worst service from them. It will be interesting to see what happens, most of the computer companies I know use AirEx/DHL for their service shipping.

    • LostAngeles says:

      @bitgod: Same here. Beat-up packages, packages not being delivered, rude customer service.

      The door, your ass, no contact, please.

    • nycaviation says:

      @bitgod: “Thank God”? Were you praying 9500 people would lose their jobs?

      While it’s okay to dislike a company, I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to find glee in a big company failing unless they’ve done something truly awful like killing people with shoddy products. To my knowledge late packages and shoddy customer service are not common causes of death.

      • verdantpine says:

        @nycaviation: Not only as a “civilian” but as a business owner, I feel horrible about those folks, especially that little town in Ohio where more than half the population lost their jobs.

        Yet in the long run, in my experience this company was such a mess, no matter where you were in the US, it either needed a complete reboot or to be knocked out by its competition. That’s a small fraternity indeed, but includes Circuit City and KMart.

        When my father went through a phase of using Airborne Express and then DHL, I would dread his packages. All the complaints above – “notices” left when I was home, missing items, rude service, etc. – fit my experiences.

        The office in San Diego where I picked up packages, it was so obvious that the staff didn’t give a shit one way or another about anyone. You’d wait more than fifteen minutes just to have someone join you at the counterspace. No matter how inexpensive it was, I was never tempted to use DHL for my clients and customers, sticking exclusively and generally happily with USPS and FedEx.

        Consider this at least, the companies whose bottom line was threatened because of higher-ups’ insistence on using DHL; and people who made the mistake of sending time-sensitive or legal paperwork through DHL. Gifts that people bought with their hard-earned cash that went “missing” thanks to DHL. No, no one died in those cases, but it did affect folks for the worse and while I feel bad for solid employees who worked hard, I think ultimately the playing field is better off.

  7. Im a people person. Who drinks. says:

    Thanks God for less competition! Now we’ll get to pay more for shipping! Actually, that was probably going to happen anyways, so /rant offmode.

    (My experience with DHL as a mailroom clerk many years ago was mostly postive, they were our primary carrier, and did a decent job. That was before they bought Airborne, who was also a decent carrier, so maybe that changed.)

  8. lockdog says:

    I’ve never shipped nor received via DHL, but when those yellow Sprinters first started appearing on the roads locally I was spending a lot of time driving for work, much of it in residential areas. DHL seemed to consistently have the worst drivers of any other delivery service, or really of any other local trucks I regularly passed. Always speeding, running red lights and general reckless driving. Tolerable in commercial districts but unforgivable on neighborhood side streets.

    • hippybear says:

      @lockdog: Agreed. When DHL took over from Airborne in the greater Spokane area, it was as though they neglected to tell all the new-hire drivers about how to work with other people on the road. I would see DHL vans parked on sidewalks, parked at just any angle except the prevailing parking angle, and generally the drivers “didn’t play well” with the other delivery services in the area. And this isn’t in the neighborhoods, this was right in the middle of downtown. They quickly became the butt of jokes amongst the rest of the delivery community.

  9. catnapped says:

    I’ve never cared much for DHL either…too many instances where they “attempted” delivery and found “nobody home” but I was here the entire time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My local (home) DHL guys were actually on par and occasionally better than my UPS/FedEx guys. The guys at my workplace sucked though. They’d stick “we missed you” stickers intended for outside surfaces to finished doors, ruining the paint, and we’d have lost packages and packages that claimed to be delivered when they weren’t.

  11. rpm773 says:

    I was almost rear-ended on two separate occasions by a DHL delivery trucks speeding through my office parking lot.

    Another time IBM sent DHL to pick up my broken laptop for service. The apartment buzzer was broken and I didn’t know the DHL guy was there until he called on his cell. He was all annoyed with me for not answering the door when he had buzzed

    Maybe they had great service, but if you weren’t using them, look out!

    • 67alecto says:

      @rpm773: Heh, I was actually hit by a DHL driver in a parking lot. I was turning left down a row of cars, and the DHL driver came up behind me and attempted to pass me [i]on the left[/]. He t-boned me and totalled my car. I stupidly refused an ambulance and so the police wouldn’t come out to file a report. As such, my insurance filed a claim against the DHL office and the DHL office filed a counter claim against me (still no idea what they were saying I did to “cause” it). They refused to pay my claim.

  12. stopNgoBeau says:

    Never had a problem with DHL or Airborne Express. I guess its just like FedEx of UPS, good in some places, horrible in others.

    • Coles_Law says:

      @stopNgoBeau: Agreed. I rarely used them, but never had an issue with their service. Around here, UPS is really good and FedEx is garbage. DHL seemed OK too. My condolences to the 9500 now in the unemployment line.

  13. dreamsneverend says:

    Never had a problem with DHL, always sad to see competition go poof.

  14. Justin42 says:

    I’m definitely of the “good riddance” crowd– DHL was the worst company in my experience. Oftentimes when I was unlucky enough to have something shipped to me, they would manage to “lose” the package and instead of admitting that, they would claim no one was home to sign for something and that they left a note. (which someone WAS home and no note was left) I’d have to call over and over, sometimes for weeks, before I finally was able to get my delivery.

    Maybe it was just my local office but that repeated experience was enough to cause me to actively avoid them.

    Sorry for everyone who is losing their jobs, especially now, but I have to admit I don’t shed a tear for the company itself.

  15. Platypi {Redacted} says:

    DHL has been pretty terrible for our company’s shipping.
    *Shipping a laptop from Las Vegas to Portland OR, and DHL decides it needs to be routed through Ohio with a lengthy stay in their office there. Never mind it was 2-day.
    *Many missed shipping deadlines, particularly on 2-day shipments.
    *Incorrect/incomplete tracking info combined with useless Customer Service.

    We have been begging our corporate offices to PLEASE let us use anything else, whether it is hiring “Bob” to drive it across country in his vintage El Camino or just using FedEx. Never had anything resembling the horrific service from DHL when working with Fedex and UPS.

    DHL was slightly cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for!

  16. rachmaninov1 says:

    DHL deserves worse.

    Their drivers cannot even be bothered to knock on my door (inside of a large condo building).

    Several times now, I or somebody else at home, have heard a thumping or fumbling outside the door.

    We open it, only to see our package sitting in front of the door, and the deliveryman walking down the hall, or waiting for the elevator.


    • LuminousMuse says:


      That’s common in condos, especially if it’s a secured building. The only time ANY delivery service knocks in my building is if signature is required. Other than that I just have to listen for sounds outside my door.

    • morsteen says:

      @rachmaninov1: Yeah I don’t know how hectic ups guys’, and fed ex guys’ schedules are but when I worked at dhl we literally did not have a minute to spare waiting for residences to come pick up their package, if it was a safe location we knocked and ran back to our truck. If we had waited 10 minutes at each stop to see if there was someone there on a non signature required package we’d be out a lot of time by the end of the day. Hell, there were about 5 days in 6 months that I actually got to take my legally required lunches and breaks, and that was hauling ass to try to get everything done on time; which is why i’m no longer there lol.

  17. bohemian says:

    DHL monumentally destroyed a bunch of expensive computer equipment at work, the receiver sent me pictures. DHL’s solution was to purposely lose the claim paperwork seven times and then eventually deny the claim. Then tried to take the company to collections for not paying the shipping bill after they destroyed all of this equipment and refused to take any responsibility.
    DHL stinks, good riddance.

  18. Doctor Cathattan says:

    DHL gone? Hallelujah!
    I had DHL drivers cancel pickups on me just because they didn’t feel like coming out to my office. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call before cancelling. Always good to see crappy companies go poof!

    • EricLecarde says:

      @Simply_J: No, I think I can top that. Everytime I’ve shipped using DHL (and there is a branch in my area, I pass it on the way to work), they never deliver to my address, instead they get the USPS to ship it. This wouldn’t be a problem except they’ve charged more for shipping than what USPS would have if I had shipped with them. Its not always substantially much more, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having online tracking if they don’t know where its at after it leaves them and goes to the Post Office.

  19. Murph1908 says:

    Whew. I glad I can still ship internationally with them. I still have several financial documents I need to send to Nigeria.

  20. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I had a neutral and very bad experience with them. Neutral was a painless pickup. The very bad was a fragile and expensive item was delivered to my house. UPS normally will just require me to pick it up, FedEx seems to enjoy leaving it with my neighbors. Both regularly leave notices on the door. DHL failed to leave notice, but the package was not on my doorstep and their website listed it as “delivered”. I found it an hour later on my patio (which, the only way it was against my patio door from the sidewalk is if they tossed it.. a package marked in several places with the word FRAGILE)

  21. discounteggroll says:

    I’ve had only positive experiences with DHL and will be sad to see them go

  22. kalmakazee says:


    DHL was the WORST!! At least UPS rang the doorbell before dumping my packages at the door but no matter how much, I begged, pleaded, and screamed, I could NEVER ever once get the STUPID DHL people to at least ring my doorbell before dumping the packages at my door.


    Ahhh that felt good to have that little rant and get that off my chest. :-)

  23. maztec says:

    I have only ever had exceedingly positive experiences with DHL at rates significantly cheaper than any other company.

    Then again, I PRIMARILY use them for International Shipping – which they beat FedEx, USPS, and UPS at hands-down. Always a great experience at about a third the price of any of the other options. Plus, they ship to more locations.

    The only odd thing I ever discovered is that the Deutsche Post owns them in Germany, which made them fairly necessary.

  24. econobiker says:

    DHL was cheaper than UPS/Fedex when I had to ship 8 to 10 boxes of camping equipment from NJ to TN but they were totally wacky with the paperwork and actually getting the stuff delivered.

    It pretty much seemed that if you could sneak a package onto their line then they would ship it as the paperwork didn’t match up to what was actually tracked. One of the boxes delivered didn’t even have paperwork and kept on showing that it was in transit.

    Getting the stuff delivered was a P.I.T.A. as no one at the local place seemed to want to deliver it. Was supposed to deliver on a Tuesday but finally got to the location on Saturday after we called and called about it… The guy who finally delivered it was really nice and said that basically he was the clean up guy who got the percieved crappy jobs that no one else wanted… Good thing we were not on a time schedule to get the boxes…

  25. Papercutninja says:

    Hmm. I guess that’s why my corporate account got switched to FedEx.

  26. egogg says:

    Thanks, free market, for weeding out the crappy service. I’ve had nothing but trouble from DHL. They once delivered my late arriving bags from an airline that I won’t name (rhymes with spewnited) 3 months late, and sopping wet.

  27. Xerloq says:

    I loved DHL before they started dropping off my packages at the post office for local delivery. That always added another 2 days to my shipping time.

    • richcreamerybutter says:

      @Xerloq: That’s precisely why I loved DHL. UPS is hopeless in Brooklyn (FedEx is only slightly better), and I was ecstatic at the opportunity to pick up a package on my own time. If I have a choice in the matter, I just go with the USPS but this is not always an option.

  28. skwigger says:

    Good riddance to DHL. I have never had good service with them. Their delivery people are rude, and packages always arrived late and/or damaged. Seriously, it was like Jim Carrey/Ace Ventura style.

  29. johnfrombrooklyn says:

    Here’s a little secret from someone who has shipped tens of thousands of packages. USPS is usually cheaper, just as fast, and as reliable as FedEx or UPS. Not always the case but we shifted our shipping from Ground FedEx to USPS about a year ago when FedEx charges/fuel surcharges/delivery surcharges/residential surcharges went through the roof. FedEx started the Ticketmaster game where they advertised one rate and by the time you put the order in the system, the rate had doubled due to all the surcharges and fees.

  30. Ness says:

    In my personal experience, most packages I get from UPS are severely damaged, but FedEx and DHL packages always came in perfect, crisp condition.

    Sad to see them go.

  31. CountryJustice says:

    Dell used DHL for domestic home deliveries and I never had a single problem receiving any of my Dell orders. My orders always arrived ahead of scheduled delivery, and the mobile tracking service they offered via SMS was top notch and accurate to within 5 minutes (as far as final delivery goes).

    Oh well.

  32. battra92 says:

    Good riddance. I’ll stick with UPS and plain old EMS for international shipping. When I would get stuff from Japan a lot of times it came DHL. They were by far the worst and destroyed several items from Amazon Japan. Thank Goodness Amazon replaced the order, no questions asked.

  33. allstarecho says:

    In my 35 year existence, I’ve never had a package delivered to me by DHL nor have I ever used them to send a package. I wouldn’t even know where to go in my area to do it. They just don’t seem as accessable as FedEx, UPS or the USPS.

  34. bustyyorneekaps says:

    The company that I work for dealt exclusively with DHL for anything we shipped that was 40lbs or under, unless a different carrier was specifically requested by the customer. That is, we did up until the end of October.

    On Oct 21st, we had our account suspended by them due to a billing error on THEIR part, and we were told it would take 7-10 days to fix the error. Until then we were on a cash only basis.

    We then received an e-mail from one of our suppliers on Wednesday of last week stating that DHL was no longer going to ship hazardous materials domestically for us (we manufacture and sell raw silicone products). We weren’t terribly affected by that because we were still “suspended” and on a cash only basis and had since taken to using FedEx exclusively

    Needless to say, those of us who work at the main office were NOT surprised to find out today that they have eliminated domestic shipping of ANY kind.

    I had figured they would either be downsizing or outright folding by the end of this month.

    The only thing that sucks about losing domestic shipping from DHL is that we can’t ship products on the same day using FedEx or UPS ground unless we drive around seeking out a drop off location. But, then again, about half of the time our DHL guy who came to pick stuff up from us would miss pick ups that we had scheduled.

    This also explains why I haven’t seen our regular DHL guy around in the last week. I find it ironic that he asked me about a week and a half ago why we haven’t been shipping anything with them. When I explained to him the issue I told him that I thought something funny was going on at DHL and he should prepare himself just in case

  35. gggtur says:

    I’m somewhat surprise to hear so many people having positive experiences with DHL. My uncle’s company stopped using them 2 summers ago after they messed up a very important delivery. This was not their first blunder either. Ever since then, its been USPS and UPS and no problems thus far.

  36. GirlCat says:

    Put me down for good riddance. It’s not just that *their* service was so abysmal, it’s that they undercut the other carriers to the point that the others had to model their service strategy (speed, speed, speed: don’t ring doorbells, leave packages outside in the rain, don’t leave notes, lie about all of the above–basically do not make a delivery if it can’t be done in under 30 seconds) just to stay in the game.

  37. dip_cone says:

    I used DHL once, and it was easily the most painful shipping experience I’ve ever had. They kept trying to deliver a package to Calgary that I was waiting for in Toronto. I think they tried 3 times total even though we were on the phone with dispatch talking to the driver. They would take it back to the depot only to go out the next day. The best part was I got the package and it said the full Toronto address (with province and postal code) they just didn’t care to notice. Hey it was only off by 3500 kilometers!

  38. merekat says:

    This sucks for Wilmington, Ohio, (a town of 12,000) which is going to be decimated by the loss of DHL. I don’t care how you feel about DHL and their shipping methods, but it’s hard to not feel for 10,000 people losing their jobs, not to mention the effect this will have on supporting businesses.

    • GirlCat says:

      @merekat: Not to be stone-hearted, but it seems from this thread that a lot of those people did their jobs really badly. Much as with the subprime crisis, I don’t have much sympathy for people who are stupid, greedy, mean, or incompetent. Yeah, we’ll bail them all out because otherwise the economy collapses, and yeah, it’s bad for the economy when 10,000 people lose their jobs, but given how many hard-working people get canned, it’s difficult to “feel” for those who weren’t doing the jobs they lost.

  39. PeteyNice says:

    Good riddance indeed. When I lived in NJ I was in between two of their delivery hubs. Half my packages would go to Old Bridge (I think?) and the other half to Manasquan. Manasquan was the most incompetent delivery place I have ever encountered. They would deliver things at 11PM, hold them for days because they “were not going to be in my area until then”, etc.

    Fast forward. I live in Atlanta. DHL is delivering me a package. The tracking says “delivered”. I lived in an apt at the time so I called over to ensure it was delivered. “No” says the front desk dude. It was a fun two weeks getting that straightened out.

    So booooo to DHL and booooo to Airborne.

    • econobiker says:

      @PeteyNice: Hahahah- we shipped our stuff FROM Manasquan to TN and I saw that also. This was where I figured that if you could have gotten a package sneaked in the back to their line you probably could have gotten it shipped for free…

  40. WolfeBaazo says:

    YESSSSS!!! DHL stole my iPod, and I’ve refused to ship with them since. Good Riddance!! UPS and FedEX and terrific imo

  41. Hawkins says:

    Well, not so fast. Yes, they sucked. But they were COMPETITION for the others.

    FedEx now has lost some of its incentive to NOT suck.

    I don’t think this is good.

  42. The_IT_Crone says:

    Now I know why I got a notice last week stating that my new repair parts would be shipping UPS.

    I had been pretty happy with DHL (except that every time the regular driver was sick or on vacation, the replacement always refused to deliver because “that address doesn’t exist”).

  43. TVarmy says:

    I never dealed with them directly, but whenever something from Apple needed a repair, they’d pick it up from me, right at my door with no extra cost. Not sure if that was DHL’s low price or Apple footing the bill…

  44. cuddles71 says:

    So that explains why my “guaranteed 2 day delivery” package has been at their “global facility” for 9 days now.

    I also find it amazing that a package being shipped from Ohio to Kentucky needs to go through Georgia.

  45. laserjobs says:

    This is sad, I loved DHL. Always got my packages there early and their pricing could not be beat on ground packages.

  46. Angryrider says:

    Meh for me since I rarely see DHL. But I feel sorry for some of my neighbors, who were already laid off in the past year.

  47. Anonymous says:

    What a shame. DHL actually delivers to my home (an apartment building, where UPS refuses to leave packages) and just last week, a customer service rep actually went into the warehouse and searched for my package and made sure it was delivered the next day (with a lovely note). I had been planning to write to DHL and commend her!

  48. CrowMignon says:

    I only have bad things to say about DHL. They were our ‘corporate preferred’ carrier for a while and they sucked. If a package wasn’t late, it was lost or damaged.

    Good riddance.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness! The way DHL has operated here (a rural community) is to drop the packages off at a fly-by-night local distributor, who would do everything in his power to not have to drive outside of his local area. This meant that express packages could be left in unlocked company vehicles in his area, in the hopes that we’d be driving them back to our shop. We had to make special trips at times to retrieve packages left in this manner. Nope, not at all sorry DHL is gone.

  50. Powerlurker says:

    Never had too much exposure to DHL/Airborne Express, however, I remember the time my dad managed to drive all the way from New Jersey to North Carolina without his driver’s license (he left it in his bedroom at home) and my mom was able to overnight it to him at her company’s preferred corporate rate of about $4.20.

  51. Wyndikan says:

    To be honest, I’m glad they’re gone. In my experiences the drivers were never friendly and the service was slow.

  52. Sollus says:

    This really doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I live in South East Ohio and I have never really had great experiences with them. They seemed like they were being run by people in someone’s garage behind their house. That and most of the DHL drivers looked like sex offenders.

  53. FrankenPC says:

    DHL was great. Unfortunately, like UPS and FedEx they are suffering due to the insanely inexpensive shipping services of the USPS. This is capitalism at it’s finest.

    • Sollus says:


      I HATE USPS. I cannot understand what their logic is for sending something 3 hours in the opposite direction before they send it to my house. Perfect example: I live next to Wheeling WV. They send something from Columbus, OH down to Cincinnati, Oh then back up to where I am.

  54. zibby says:

    I am pleased that DHL will no longer be an option for anybody that needs to ship something to me. They were terrible, and I feel better knowing that nothing intended for me will be in their hands.

  55. Brunette Bookworm says:

    We used them, and the pre-paid overnight envelopes, for all our inter-company mail between plants. Our DHL deliver driver is always friendly and helpful. I told him when he delivered a package today that we would miss him. I should have known something was up when they eliminated a bunch of their drop boxes.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Good riddance. DHL is horrible. They left an XBOX 360 package I ordered from Dell outside in about a foot of snow a few years ago. Didn’t ring the bell (and I was home), just plopped the box in the snow. The outisde box was soaked, but thank goodness the inside boxes were OK.

    More recently, the nearly lost a laptop computer I had to send to Gateway for repair. They said they had no record of the package, and I was ready to file a claim. Two weeks after the box was sent out, the DHL driver came to my door with the box and said the wrong label was on the box. I only had one label! Never had these problems with FedEx or UPS.

  57. dangermike says:

    I had exactly one bad experience with DHL. It was both my first and last time doing business with them. It was a standard parcel package that USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS would have gotten to me in 3-4 days. It took DHL 2 1/2 weeks and it was smashed in transit. Funny thing is, I don’t even remember what it was. In my area, USPS is about as close to perfect as a shipping service can be. Fed Ex has also been extremely good to me — for instance, newegg merchandise which is shipped Fed Ex ground usually gets to me on the third day, even when it comes from New Jersey (I’m in California). And I haven’t had any problems with UPS in years, though that little bit of extra speed and reliability will usually tip my favor toward fed ex.

  58. Wubbytoes says:

    Not surprised at all. At the company I used to work for, we tried out DHL for three weeks, trying to ship a box overnight for Saturday Delivery. All three times the packages got there on Monday or Tuesday.

  59. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    interesting, and somewhat unexpected this close to the holiday (isn’t this when they make an insane percentage of their yearly revenue?)

    any news as to who will purchase their fleet or occupy their Distro centers?
    the accounts that they used to handle will go to someone… FedEX looking good?

  60. pterrell says:

    Odd irony…a few minutes after reading this article, a DHL driver rang my doorbell and dropped off a package. I was debating about saying “Sorry to hear the news…”

    The odd thing was I was expecting the package to be delivered on Thursday.

  61. lizzybee says:

    Saynora to bad rubbish! It sucks to lose the jobs, but the cuts couldn’t have happened to a better (worse?) company! Every time I’ve had an online order shipped to me via DHL, it’s taken four to five times as long as it would have via UPS or the postal service. Arrival dates on their website are always wrong by about 4-5 days, and they never update them with fresh information if the packages aren’t on time.

    I’ve had about three or four DHL guys try to deliver me someone else’s package in my apartment complex and they always give me crap when I try to point out they’re at the wrong apartment.

    If you’re not home when they try to deliver, they’ll fudge some signature information on their website (signed by “Receptionist” is the usual one), and leave the package on my doorstep, rather than leaving it at our rental office like every other carrier does. Really annoying.

  62. missdona says:

    I’ve had great experiences with DHL as a domestic carrier. Including a couple of huge billing errors in my favor, I’m talking billing a 75lb package as a 7.5lb package and the like. After the merger with Airborne, I could never get anyone from the billing department to solve small issues, so I just stopped bothering. It seems to have caught up with them.

  63. MrEvil says:

    Dells already switched all their outgoing service parts to FedEx. I go to FedEx Kinko’s to pickup parts and return half of them via DHL. Dell’s supposed to be 100% converted by Nov 21st.

    Kind of a shame, generally competition is better for the market as a whole. I guess DHL just couldn’t horn-in like they thought they would. Their ground rates were cheap as can be.

  64. skycrashesdown says:

    When I used to work at a comic store, DHL would routinely deliver book orders before the store had actually opened, leaving them outside the door in a busy area, sometimes a few hours before employees actually arrived. We complained several times but they didn’t actually quit doing it until someone stole a giant order of books, mostly overstock that we had ordered for the Christmas shopping season, and the delivery man had an unreadable scribble where one of the employee’s signatures should be, and insisted that someone who worked there had signed for it.

    Luckily, we got our weekly comics through UPS (although admittedly those routinely showed up in Utah instead of Seattle, so…)

  65. Sian says:

    Can’t say I’m disappointed.

    the few times I’ve been forced to use DHL, they have never been able to hit a delivery target.

  66. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Tsk. Sucks. Then again, I was ripped off by DHL because they hired temp staff during holidays (whom then ripped open packages and stole from the hub). Merry Christmas back atcha!

  67. chwebb1 says:

    I hate to see them go. They were my favorite courier, and I have had nothing but good experiences with them.

  68. chwebb1 says:

    Anyone want to guess how long it will be until UPS, FedEx and the USPS increase their rates?

  69. SayAhh says:

    I’m gonna miss though bright, yellow vans! They are a lot prettier than the silver Airborne Express vans they replaced.

    Good thing McCain lost, otherwise “DHL-gate” will haunt him in the White House from Day One! No wonder Ohio voted for Obama. Barack should send a Thank You note to Rick Davis…NOT!

  70. Anonymous says:

    The DHL vans reminded me of some child molester van or rape van. They were yellow and CREEPY.

    I won’t miss them. Good for UPS and FEDEX. Two great American companies instead of the idiotic german retards running around in the rape vans! LOL

  71. parabola101 says:

    Interesting article …

    …”So why is DHL closing its shipping site? The answer tells us a lot about how our economy works, why global financial capital has taken prominence over American jobs and the places where Americans work and live, and also about the ways of Washington…”

    “You see, the shipping site that DHL is closing used to be owned by Airborne Express, an American company with roots in Ohio. But several years ago German-owned DHL decided to buy Airborne Express. Obviously, DHL has no particular connection with Wilmington or with Ohio or even with the United States. So it’s no surprise that, a few years after the sale, DHL turned to United Parcel Service to move some of its packages, presumably at a slightly cheaper rate. UPS will send the packages through an airport in Louisville, Kentucky. That means DHL won’t need its shipping site in Wilmington, Ohio.”…


  72. P_Smith says:

    Place your bets, people.

    I say DHL merges with one of FedEx or UPS within 18 months.

  73. ZukeZuke says:

    Every package delivered by these guys had problems for me. UPS and Fedex have been superior and deserve to stay in business!