Dressless Brides Picket Bankrupt Millburn NJ Bridal Shop

About 10 women who paid up to $4,000 for dresses they never received picketed the bankrupt Calvary Bridal House in Millburn, NJ this past weekend, screaming and holding hand-made signs that said things like “Fraud” “Scam” and “”Bride in stress, where’s my dress?”

Owner Elga Koehler told The Star-Ledger that the store went bankrupt in August but wasn’t required by law to notify customers, or immediately give them their dresses or money back. They’ll get their money back “eventually,” she said, after a repayment plan was “formulated.” Evidently, Elga was unconcerned about how if you snatch away a woman’s wedding dress she’s picked out and paid for, it will make her very very mad— a point that the angry women, several of whom were dressed in black and wearing Ugg boots, according to an eyewitness account by Daniel Edelman, sought to drive home with their protest. Apparently, their mothers never told them how to do a chargeback.

Millburn bridal shop goes bankrupt without providing brides with dresses [The Star-Ledger] (Thanks to josh42042!)

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