Batteries From Dell, Toshiba, and HP Laptops Recalled

35,000 laptop batteries from laptops sold from 2004-2006 have been recalled for fire and burn hazards. There have been 17 fires and 2 burns associated with these batteries, so if you’ve got one, make sure you take care of this issue.

The majority of the laptops with the dangerous batteries were from HP, but there were also Toshiba and Dell computers included in the recall. The batteries were manufactured by Sony.

For a list of computers, click here.


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  1. nicemarmot617 says:

    Heh – my BF bought an HP (against my advice!!) in 2006 that had one of these batteries. It never caught fire but it was hot enough to burn your skin. How many laptops are even still around from 2004? I feel like they don’t last very long.

    • SagarikaLumos says:

      I still use mine everyday that’s a part of this recall. Made in Aug. 2005. I’ll have to check it when I get home. There has been a recall of batteries for that model before, but it never included the expanded capacity ones, which I bought with my computer. For what it’s worth, many HP laptop models still use the battery model in this recall, though none would’ve shipped with a battery that old for quite a while.

      The notice states that Sony made the batteries, but none of their laptops are on the list for recalled batteries. Sabotage competition by supplying HP, Dell, and Toshiba with inferior batteries? Hmmm.

    • Gamethyme says:

      @nicemarmot617: My (Toshiba) laptop is from this era, too.

      Of course, I bought it because I have a friend whose Toshiba is almost ten years old and still ticking. Just very slowly.

      • nicemarmot617 says:

        @Gamethyme: I use Toshibas too! Erase the bloatware and they are nice. Mine from 2005 lasted until 2007, but that was only because I dropped it onto the marble floor. Ooops.

    • mrooney says:

      @nicemarmot617: If you make an intelligent purchase to begin with, they can last a long time! I am using a 4.5 year old laptop as my main (and only) machine, and I am a Computer Science major.

  2. idip says:

    I have an HP dv6000 which gets REALLY hot. It’s scary how hot that laptop gets, apparently there was a extended warranty on it for failing motherboards/ethernet cards/power plugs but the crazy thing (after repair) still gets really hot.

    I’m so tempted to get one of those laser thermometers to find out how hot it does get. Do they even test these products anymore for they send them out?

  3. HPCommando says:

    Note that the issue is the SONY battery pack, not the computers themselves.

    Sony has yet to address WHY their battery packs are failing, but it appears that the slurry used as the fill material (the actual compound that holds the charge) wasn’t mixed correctly or has some contaminant in it that breaks down and begins actively working up heat when charged. It seems to be a batch quality issue, where someone at Sony manufacturing did not perform proper quality assurance testing.

    The now infamous Dell Laptop Fire in Asia last year finally brought global attention to the issue, and Dell finally admitted to it being a real problem, which forced Sony to act, however reluctant that action may be.

    The same problem is also occuring with cell phone batteries; apparently, the company in China making them for Motorola was selling knock-offs on the side, using the leftover slurry mix that Sony was using.

    • HPCommando says:

      @HPCommando: Disclosure…I gots it.

      I do not work for HP, but I do work for a technical services provider to HP, and have extensive experience with HP equipment and procedures (Death to Carly!).

      In many ways, HP/Compaq does not deserve some of the crap heaped on them, and in others, they certainly do, and I will dump on them when they are in the wrong.

  4. karlmarx says:

    My notebook have been serviced at least six times for various reason, the majority for excessive heat, I have an extended warranty with HP Accidential Damage Protection, after the third service they are supposed to replace they unit, they have failed to do so, and I am not sure that I am going to ever get a computer replaced or fixed.

    • HPCommando says:

      It’s “third service” on the _same_ issue…what used to be called the “silver bullet exchange” when they still used that term. Back then, it was “any five repairs” in a year, or “three repeat repairs” on the same problem.

      Call in this order:
      1) 800-756-0608 , Option 7.
      2) If that doesn’t work, go direct: 650-857-7177
      3) And if THAT doesn’t work: 303-649-5406, and ask for Jeff Utigard.

      By all means, have the laundry list handy, tell them what’s been happening, and that you are dissatisfied with the quality and outcome of the work performed. Especially stress the fact that you have and ADP warranty throughout this whole scenario.

      They can and do track the serial numbers and work performed, and will attempt to resolve the issue.

      Provided that it is not simply a cosmetic issue (scratch or ding that doesn’t affect operation of the unit), they can and should take care of the problem either by rebuilding the unit (if parts are available) or replacing the unit (if parts are not available or if replacement is more cost-effective).

      Also, remember that ADP also has specific limits, in particular, the “one major component per year” warranty. You can lose the mainboard or the LCD panel, but not both in a single year.

  5. scokar says:

    I find it amusing that none of the batteries in the recall are from Sony laptops. I guess they only give the bad ones to other companies.

  6. SagarikaLumos says:

    Just a word of warning: there are HP laptop models that use the recalled batteries which aren’t on the list. I have an M2000, which is not on the list. HP’s page for this recall rejects you if you choose any model number not on the list. However, mine and many others use the same charger and same batteries as the recalled models without being on the list. My battery falls within the serial range, and is deemed unsafe in a V2000 computer. I know that if it’s not safe in that one, then it isn’t safe in an M2000 as they are essentially the same computer. I’ve sent an email to HP’s support on that page. I’m hoping that HP will replace my battery and add my model number to the list. If they don’t, I’ll certainly get louder around here until that happens. I’m not using the battery, BTW. Luckily for them, this happened while I was taking a semester off and don’t need the laptop to be battery-powered right now.

  7. professorjonathan says:

    Hmm, maybe this explains why my nx6125 had a ridiculous heat problem that was only managed by new thermal paste and an external fan. I wonder if HP will also fix all the heat-related damage to the faceplate.

  8. Treefingers says:

    The number listed on their contact site is off. Apparently the guy has been getting calls all day.

  9. dangermike says:

    bummer. I was hoping to see my xps m1210 on the list. 2 months out of the 1 year warranty, the battery started to show signs of aging. And by that, I mean its capacity dropped by about 50% overnight. Then another 50% in the following week. Within 3 weeks, it was down from 4-4.5 hours of uptime to 15 minutes if I’m lucky. And I really don’t want to spend $150+tax+shipping to replace it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Li Ion is not the wave of the future. I really feel sorry for those suckers buying cars running off these things.

  10. Jay Green says:

    I have a zd8230us … Listed on the recall are the zd8000 and zd8100… Put it this way: Might as well bring out the marsh mellows with my crappy laptop’s batteries, since I sincerely doubt HP went as far as they should have with this recall…

    Laptop (before it died) still overheats, and actually hasn’t been used as a “laptop” because of how uncomfortably hot it got (including the keyboard). Instead, a Logitech MX5500 Bluetooth Desktop for the “laptop”, with video out to a converter for the HDTV…

    PS: Sorry for necro’ing this thread, but HP hasn’t come close to “fixing” this issue…