Sprint To Start Discounting ETFs Monthly

Sprint is expected to soon start making the early termination fee (ETF) decline every month, possibly as early as November 2nd. Previously, whether you canceled service 1 day into or one day before the end of your service contract, you would get a $200 fee. That fee is supposed to reimburse the company for the cost of providing you a cellphone at reduced cost. The change is expected to be only good for new subscribers and is not retroactive, so, sorry Charlie if you were hoping to go get an iPhone.

Sprint to join rivals in cutting termination fees [AP]
Sprint pro-rated ETF finally gets a date [neowin] (Thanks to Brandon!) (Photo: bryanbope)


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  1. VA_White says:

    GAAAH!!! My freaking Sprint contract is up NOVEMBER SEVENTH!!! Dirty bastards.

    I’ve been waiting anxiously for them to pro-rate ETF so we could bail to AT&T. They made the announcement last July or something. Now it is happening and gaaah!

    I’m officially stabby.

    • Taubin says:

      @VA_White: So, you are going to have to wait an extra 5 days to go with AT&T? What’s the big deal there? Or, are you talking about Nov. 7th 09?

  2. DeafChick says:

    Only for new customers? ugh my contract is up in Feb.

  3. dragonfire81 says:

    I have a few comments:

    1) WHY did this take Sprint so long to roll out? They always seem to implement things long AFTER their competition does. Not good for a company that’s trying to catch up and stem losses.

    2) Once AGAIN current Sprint customers get shafted. If they can do this on new contracts, why can’t it be added to existing contracts? Don’t think a whole bunch of people on existing contracts are going to call retention Nov. 3 and beg/plead/bitch/complain to try and get their ETFs prorated. Sprint’s short sighted focus on constantly signing up new customers rather than working to keep new ones is going to hurt them if it hasn’t already.

    3. Does anyone else think Sprint is somewhat out of touch with their customers. There seems to be such a disconnect between what the customers want and what the company seems to think they want.

    I was in a store the other day and a sales rep and her manager were trying to convince this customer to add a line to his account. His response: “I don’t think I really want to, everyone says Sprint sucks.”

    Now what do you think happened next?

    1) The sales rep and manager inquired as to what the reasons people he knew said the company sucks so they could try to address some of his concerns.

    2) The sales rep and manager stopped the sales pitch.

    3) The sales rep and manager completely ignored the customers negative response and continued to try and upsell him on an additional line.

    If you guessed number 3 congratulations you win a cookie.

    But really how dumb is that, n ot caring about how bad your company is doesn’t look good on you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not completely sure, but I think if they added this to current contracts, the contractee would be given the ability to opt out of the contract without any obligation at all (can’t change contract without permission from both parties). I’m guessing they are saving themselves the headache of people calling in.

  5. batpete says:

    I hate Sprint. They need to die
    There like that annoying bee in the summer time that keeps flying around you and all you can do is keep swatting at it with your hand to keep it off of you. Sprint is like that bee, just buzzing around annoying the shit out of everyone.

  6. sir_pantsalot says:

    has anyone used Cricket?

    • TemporaryError says:

      @sir_pantsalot: Ive never personally used cricket but it seems like a pretty good deal. $35/month for unlimited talk, no contract, no deposit. You do have to buy your phone up front, and they are only in certain areas though, but if you don’t travel much, and live in a cricket market, it seems like a great deal.

  7. mrmysterious says:

    FU Sprint for not making it retroactive.

  8. christoj879 says:

    I know a lot of people hate Sprint, and I had my bad luck when I first signed up with them (took them 3 months to credit my bill correctly), but they seem to be OK for me. The best way to work discounts and credits is via e-mail so you have a paper trail.

    I haven’t had an issue with them honoring any discounts they agreed to, and just a few days ago I got a BlackBerry Curve for $50 with a new contract – they kicked in an additional $50 (they wouldn’t do $100 and make it free) and credited the upgrade fee.

    They may also be treating me better because I have the everything plan. Even without the data/email/tv/extras, I use over 4000 minutes a month so on voice alone it’s worth it, and I haven’t been able to find a better deal elsewhere.

  9. LostAngeles says:

    The other week, I accidentally sent a text to a landline. You’d think that’s not possible, and Sprint sent me back a text saying that they can do that and there’s a service charge.

    And then I get a text saying that they’ve gone ahead and done it.

    So I call Sprint who makes me run around for a bit and finally talk to someone who has no idea about anything those texts from her company just told me. Nice enough lady though.

    Now, oddly enough, the last time I renewed my contract, they magically dropped my text plan and I didn’t realize it until a few months in. Of course, I don’t want to go battle it out because I really don’t want my contract extended.

    Well, the CSR offered a text plan and I declined for contract reasons. According to her, they no longer extend contracts when you change your plan and their website seems to confirm this. This is great. I was hoping with the recent ruling I could escape them and their random dead zones.


    +1 for Sprint, -30 for Sprint.

  10. SweetBearCub says:

    As much as people here seem to hate Sprint, I still won’t even consider leaving them until some other provider can meet or beat my current Sprint plan:

    – 500 daytime/peak minutes
    – N&W from 6pm to 7am
    – Unlimited Sprint & Nextel M2M
    – First incoming minute free
    – Unlimited text & picture messaging
    – Unlimited data (Also tethered to my PC for free)
    – Handset repair & replacement insurance

    Total, after all taxes & fees: $37.10/mo. :-)

    Plus, my contract expires in a shade over 4 months from today – I should be able to get them to agree to more discounts in exchange for me renewing the contract.

  11. shorty63136 says:

    I love that pic. lolz