Global Financial Panic: At Least We're Not Iceland…

Floyd Norris at the New York Times is live blogging the global financial panic today, and has compiled a list of how the world’s markets have performed in October. Compared to some countries, our situation doesn’t seem that bad. Which is scary.

Here’s some of the list.

In each case, I took a major index from the country in question. All figures are in U.S. dollars.

U.S., down 26%
Canada. down 37%
Mexico, down 44%
Argentina, down 43%
Brazil, down 48%
Chile, down 30%
Peru, down 42%

Britain, down 31%
Germany, down 35%
France, down 31%
Switzerland, down 20%
Italy, down 30%
Ireland, down 35%
Iceland, down 83%
Netherlands, down 35%
Belgium, down 37%
Denmark, down 35%

United Panic (liveblog) [NYT]
(Photo: stirwise )

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