Morning Deals

Highlights From Buxr

  • Amazon: American Lawn Mower Company 18-Inch Reel Mower for $59.04 w/ Free shipping
  • EVGA GeForce 8500GT 512MB 128-Bit DDR2 PCI-E Video Card for $24.99 after $30 rebate w/ Free shipping
  • Staples: 10% off customer appreciation printable coupon

Highlights From Dealnews

  • OldNavy: Old Navy Men’s Tees from $2 each + $7 s&h
  • Q-See Professional Dome Color Security Video Camera for $44 + free shipping
  • AirTran: AirTran Unforgettable November Fares: 1-way flights from $49

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Genius G-Pen 4.5×6-inch Graphics Tablet $32 Shipped
  • Amazon: Save on 20 Bestselling HDTVs Priced at $499 or Less
  • Tiger Direct: Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater System $220


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  1. boy says:

    No mention of the woot-off!?!?

  2. akacrash says:

    What!? No mention of the Woot-off?

  3. TVarmy says:

    Reel mower? Ben, the price of oil is down! This is our cue to gorge on cheap crude. The market demands it! Is there a lawnmower attachment for my Hummer?

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

      @TVarmy: Some people have lawns so small that a gas mower is a waste of space when it comes to storage.

    • catskyfire says:

      @TVarmy: Yes…you attach the reel mower to the front of the Hummer.

      …I actually have the reel mower. Great for my teeny yard. Can’t afford the hummer attachment, though.

  4. xnihilx says:

    I own a reel mower, that I purchased about a year ago. I LOVE the thing. It is considerably lighter then gas powered mowers and easily lifts around wherever you need it to go. I bought a 21in cutting width and can get my small yard done in half a hour. Not to mention that reel mowers are better for your grass. No, they are not difficult to push if they are new. The only thing to watch is that you cannot let the yard go too high. Although mine will go from 1in to 5in height, my crab grass got seed heads on it one time due to wet weather for a week and those things just wouldn’t come off because of the height and angles. Otherwise I have no complaints and recommend them to everyone. They’re especially good if you have grass allergies as they don’t kick up all the dust like a power mower does. I moved once with a gas one and was sneezing the whole time and I never do with my reel mower. My mowing with a power mower was quite commical as it was “self propelled” you would’ve thought I was Amish for my lack of getting the hang of the noisy smelly contraption.

  5. AlexTNOA says:

    Tiger Direct: Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater System $220

    Wasn’t that a Woot last week? I’m pretty sure it was more expensive there, too!

  6. Brazell says:

    Just incase anybody is wondering, I flew AirTran to Vegas from Boston last Spring and had a pretty good flight. No bells and whistles, but no hidden charges, no problems really with the flight. Flights were delayed on the way home, but that was it. Other than that, a pretty painless travel experience, and one of the flight attendants was very nice on the way over, despite me being a douche bag and asking her to set me up with one of the other attendants. Overall, if anybody is thinking of purchasing tickets with AirTran because of the savings but unsure of the flight, they get my consumerist stamp of approval.

  7. michellebrown says:

    Oh cool. I always dig Old Navy sale, they have cute winter clothes. Also since me and my boyfriend are online shopaholics, we just found a great deal for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from that my boyfriend is buying for me. Worth checking out, thanks for the tips!