Fail: Giant Metaphor For Digital TV Transition Performs As Expected

The Federal Communications Commission and its benevolent overlord, Mr. Kevin Martin, recently spent $350,000 to sponsor a NASCAR team for 3 races. The “Digital TV Transition Ford” sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission crashed during its inaugural NASCAR race Sunday afternoon, says the WSJ.

This is, of course, raising some questions about why exactly the government is sponsoring NASCAR teams as a way of “raising awareness.”

“I believe this sponsorship is an extremely effective way for the FCC to raise DTV awareness among people of all ages and income levels across the United States who loyally follow one of the most popular sports in America,” FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said in a statement last week, announcing the deal.

The WSJ says they’ve also spent $1 million advertising in AARP magazine.

FCC’s Race Car to Promote Digital TV Hits the Wall [WSJ]
(Photo: Getty)