This $10 silicone bib for babies is stain-proof and non-porous, and it forms a scoop (you might even say a trough) underneath baby’s uncooperative mouth, so that food items end up there instead of on the baby, table, floor, dog, etc. It can even be thrown in the dishwasher. [Cool Tools]


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  1. MsAnthropy says:

    That is cool.

    And very very similar indeed to the scoopy-bottomed plastic bibs (I recall my mother referred to them as ‘muck catchers’) my little brother had when he was a baby. He will be celebrating his 30th birthday in about 8 weeks from now. :)

    This isn’t one of those ‘blah, pointless post!’ snotty comments though, honest – ‘cos I’ve never seen another bib like that since (although granted, I haven’t looked that hard), and remember my mother lamenting being unable to find any, anywhere, when my cousins were born. I’ll be sure to tell her that Baby Bjorn is the place to go for all her future scoopy-bib needs…

  2. IrvCrapper says:

    Are you flippin’ kidding me? I don’t mean to sound like a troll, but an advertisement for a clever bib doesn’t appear to me to have anything to do with this site.

    Perhaps these are the shortcuts we take when we gut the staff.

  3. Chris Walters says:

    Ever since I’ve started posting for Consumerist, when I come across something that’s either a deal or just an interesting item, I post it–usually as a quicklink since it obviously doesn’t deserve as much attention. I think it’s okay on a consumer-centric blog to draw attention to useful/affordable items that people might appreciate.

  4. Charity Froggenhall says:

    Awesome. I have two friends who will be having babies next spring. Maybe I should get one for my niece. She has this, um, spitting up problem.

  5. PDX909 says:

    I appreciate these kinds of posts and would like to see more of them actually. Anything that you bunch of cynical creeps recommend would have to be pretty good. Perhaps we could do a separate forum somehow?

    • closed_account says:

      @PDX909: More posts like this if this site was about babies maybe

      • SybilDisobedience says:

        @chadbailey: This site is for consumers. Some of us appreciate the posts about sales and neat products almost as much as the customer service stories. One bib doesn’t mean this place is on a slippery slope toward being Hell, there are deal links for electronics every single morning here, and this place hasn’t turned into I think we’re safe.

  6. zarex42 says:

    This is pretty dumb; this exact sort of bib was worn by my little sister in the mid 1970’s. How is this news?

  7. laserjobs says:

    How about a silicon feed bag?

  8. homerjay says:

    I used these with my son 7 years ago and am using them again with my daughter now. They’re a thousand times better than regular bibs and a hundred times better than the rubber kind or the kind that snap together to form a scoop.

  9. courtneywoah says:

    i was looking for something like this for my boy! He’s a messy eater! thanks for the post!

  10. Hirayuki says:

    This one’s nice and just about everywhere (either by Baby Bjorn or another brand). We’ve found, though, that the “trough” at the bottom tends to tip outward, which defeats the purpose.

    We prefer the one on this page, though it’s admittedly harder to find (and maybe not even available outside Japan). You can use the bib with or without the trough, which attaches to the bottom of the bib via rubber “pegs”. Even better, you can roll up the bib and pop it in the trough for storage/transport; the trough snaps closed on those same pegs.

  11. EdgarAsclepius says:


    I bought mine @ IKEA
    My son started solids last week.
    The have an Alligator set with eyes on the food catcher. $5!


  12. EdgarAsclepius says:

    Re above:

    here ’tis

    $2.99 US (bought mine in OZ) for the whole set


  13. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Baby can wear that while you type up your review for Carmax…

  14. Marks2183 says:

    I’d like to see a large one for adults.

    It also strikes me as hilarious to imagine some people recycling the lunch spillings for dinner.

  15. killingdrew says:

    Now I am one step closer to bringing my baby nephew to the Haha kid:

  16. Maglet says:

    They’re cute. But, I don’t know… I’d feel lazy using them. We had about 60 bibs for my 1st son, who was a Class A drooler and food-blower. We just washed them and stain treated them, easy breezy. That was 7 years ago. I like the cloth bibs so much better! For $10 bucks, we used to be able to get about 6-7 cloth bibs.

    They’re definitely relevant and useful though.

  17. evilghost says:

    As a father of two girls these things are great. We owned two of them while my children were younger, the red an blue one. They work well, do not stain, are not very rigid. It’s easy to clean them up in the sink under hot water. It attaches around the neck with a series of flexible beads, imagine a pearl necklace type structure with a rubbery push-in “clasp” in the back.

    Fits very well under the chin/neck without being a nuisance to the children.