Firewood Is The New Hotness. Literally.

Heating oil prices got you down? Thinking of burning some wood to stay warm this winter? You’re not the only one. In fact, Consumer Reports says that firewood prices are through the roof this fall. It’s gotten so bad that people are actually stealing wood.

From Consumer Reports:

Throughout the Northeast, skyrocketing fuel costs have lit a fire under the firewood business. The demand is sparking severe shortages ahead of the home-heating season, says Sarah Smith, forest-industry specialist at the University of New Hampshire cooperative extension. “If I called up 10 folks in the firewood business and asked them for a cord of dry wood, they’d all laugh,” she says.

The firewood shortage started this summer, when soaring oil prices motivated more people to consider heating their homesâ??or supplementing their oil, natural-gas, electric, or propane heat ??with wood. “The loggers and firewood producers who were predicting and processing wood based on their usual demand couldn’t accommodate all these people, many of whom hadn’t burned wood in the past,” says Smith.

CR has some tips for those of you who are wood shopping this fall. Most important? Make sure your chimney is in good condition, but don’t get scammed by disreputable chimney liars.

Firewood and wood pellets become a hot commodity [Consumer Reports]
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