Budget Gaming 101: Tips For The Broke Gamer

Reader Ozzie points us to video game developer Ashley Cheng’s blog post about budget gaming. The tips are basic, but it’s good advice nonetheless.

Here’s a quick summary of the tips:

  1. Be patient. If you must have the thing on the day it comes out, you will pay more.

  2. Wait for a sale. “Retailers will put the title on sale (like toysrus’ annual 2 for 1 game sale) or you can wait a year for the reissued compilation edition of the game that is usually cheaper and has extra bonus content, as well. See Oblivion’s Game of the Year edition that comes with extra content that came out a year after it first shipped.”
  3. Buy used. Got a friend who beats everything and then sells it back? Buy it from him! Or check out places that sell used games, perhaps on the internet.
  4. Rent. Video stores rent games, and there is also GameFly, which is similar to Netflix.
  5. Employee Discount. Get a seasonal job in retail and use your discount to buy games.

How do you save money on games? Share your frugal gaming tips in the comments.

Gaming on a Budget [Ash the Blog] (Thanks, Ozzie !)
(Photo: C. Barr )

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