Backlash: Outrage Forces AIG To Cancel Second Pricey Hotel Party

AIG has decided to cancel a second pricey hotel party for their brokers after receiving another loan from the Federal Reserve for $37.8 billion dollars. AIG defended throwing a $400,000 week long bash for its top independent insurance agents and some AIG employees immediately after the bailout — claiming that these events were “standard industry practice” and that they must continue. They announced that they would go ahead with another event at the Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton in northern California. 50 AIG employees were expected to attend.

At least one member of Congress was pleased at the news:

“I am somewhat relieved to hear that AIG has canceled their Ritz-Carlton conference, which was nothing less than a slap in the face of the American people,” said Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD). “I cannot fathom how in the same day—the very same day—that AIG asked the government for another $37.8 billion loan, the company would even consider moving forward with plans to host another large conference at another luxury resort.”

AIG’s spokesperson said that the company will have to pay some cancellation fees, but admitted that the era of fancy conferences and $23,000 spa bills seemed to be over.

“We’ll certainly lose some money in cancellation fees, but it’s just beyond the point of trying to conduct these meetings given the uncertainty that’s taking place,” said Ashooh.

Outrage Leads AIG To Cancel Second Luxury Retreat [ABCNews](Thanks, WiglyWorm!)

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