Reach Bank Of America Executive Customer Relations

With stories like this,this, and this, it’s not hard to imagine why someone might need to kick their Bank of America problem all the way to the top of the dung heap . Here’s some executive contact phone numbers:

Executive Customer Relations general line: 704-386-5687

Nancy M. Condos
VP/ Customer Advocate
Executive Customer Relations
Office of the Chairman is bouncing)

Martha Dominguez, Executive Customer Relations Specialist: 714-792-4264

Corporate Headquarters: 704-386-5972 / 704-386-5681
Operator: 800-900-9000 (press 0 twice)

Corporate Headquarters (Bank of America):
Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

You can always write the CEO:

Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis
100 N. Tryon Street.
Mail Code NC-1-007-18-01
Charlotte, NC 28255

Several other readers have and they’ve gotten satisfactory resolutions to their complaints.

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Man Gets $280 Back From Bank Of America After Writing CEO
Bank Of America Manager Escalation Line

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  1. I’ve e-mailed this post to everyone I know and have printed it out for future reference. Even though I’m about three months away from dumping Bank of America altogether, it’s still nice to know that I’ll be able to kick stories of their incompetence up to a new level! Yee hah!

    Bank of America sucks monkeys.

  2. MyMoney says:

    Success, everybody! After holding a BofA Visa card for 5 years, I applied for an AX card but the contemptuos little so-and-sos (rather high up the food chain, too!) wouldn’t lower the balance transfer fee. My other cards are much more appreciative of my business (like Citibank) and cut me slack all the time. I called BofA’s Executive Customer Relations at 704-386-5687, and told “Amanda” (an Executive Relations Officer) that I was ready to roll over my balances elsewhere. Voila! She cut the balance transfer fee in half! Warning — I had to be pretty tough with her! These guys are sharks!

  3. camcam says:

    I am so glad that there are other people who have been driven to the point of insanity by Bank of America (though I freely refer to them as the Bank of Satan). The credit card I never should have gotten from these dastardly thieves has been reported as a late payment three times in six months (it wasn’t), and I have been mislead, disconnected, and condescended to by their ill-trained “account managers.” Yesterday, when I asked for a number or address AGAIN–this has been going on since January–he hung up on me. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.

  4. threlkelded says:

    You guys are AMAZING and so is BOA’s executive customer service.

    I’m in such a good mood now. :]

  5. amyw461 says:

    At least I m not the only one who is being taken advantage of by BofA. They are beginning to nickel and dime their customers big time. I recentlty received an overdraft fee for having a negative balance due to a “pending” debit card transaction overnight. Mind you my direct deposit was due to hit that same night. This is their new rule that went into effect this month that they “supposedly” have been notifying their customers about for months. They are going to charge you for a pending transaction that puts your account into the negative. So BEWARE! They will do anything and everything to charge you as many fees as possible. I guess this is their way of recouping the money they lost in the foreclosure mess. God forbid the executives give up their million dollar bonuses. I am so disgusted by banks and am changing to a credit union as soon as possible.

  6. MaryComfy says:

    4 overdraft feeds Refunded!!!

    I went to my nearest BOA and had no luck in getting any refund for my 4
    overdraft feeds; the only thing they were good at was telling me sorry.

    After calling Executive Customer Relations at 704-386-5687; they were
    helpful and nice. They explained my overdraft feeds and REFUNDED me
    $140.00!!! (total of 4 overdrafts), and the best thing was that the call
    only lasted 10 minutes. I was about to cancelled my account but now I’m
    a happy camper!.

    IF you have any problems with overdraft feeds, that are more than 1 feed
    save your time, don’t go to your BOA office; call Executive Customer
    Relations, they are great.


  7. valibal says:

    Thank you for posting the phone number to the Executive Customer Relations!

    I was able to speak to someone today and my issue of 5 overdraft fees for a total of $175, for 5 purchases of less than 10 bucks each was resolved very amicably. The person I spoke to was Brian O’Grady and he was extremely courteous, reasonable, and not a moron and listened intently to what I had to say. I think it helped that my situation was very much a common sense issue of fairness, but I got all $175 in fees that had been debited to my account refunded and I never had to be rude, raise my voice, or any of that.

    A million thanks for posting those numbers! 

  8. CountryJustice says:

    @amyw461: This sounds like a similar situation I had, but ended with happiness. The wife and I over-spent a few weekends ago (our fault entirely) and incurred a couple overdraft fees for credit purchases made where debit wasn’t an option (such as a gas pump). We then transferred $6 from our primary BoA checking account to our secondary BoA checking account to cover that account’s monthly fee, but because we had no money after the credit charges cleared, that $6 transfer also incurred an overdraft fee.

    I called regular old normal customer service and explained the situation. I then asked them to reverse the overdraft fee on the transfer, and the rep was happy to oblige. Easy peasy, no questions asked, no grief given. I was amazed and incredibly grateful.

    I think the key to getting what you want is a little humility. You don’t have to genuflect and grovel and kiss their feet, but a little humility and a good self-depracating sense of humor goes a long way. Customer service has gotten as bad as it has because more and more people feel like their entitled to something–whatever that may be for each person–which then puts reps on perma-defensive mode. A rep will usually go out of his/her way to help someone who initiates the conversation in a pleasant and civil manner. God knows their job sucks, so a few niceties and yuks go a long way. Whenever I hear of someone’s story about how no one wanted to help him, I immediately wonder how much of a blowhard he is/was.

  9. RhodyDave says:

    Yes, thanks for these numbers. We’ve been victims of several problems with BofA, and every time it’s been a major PITA to fix. They really don’t seem to care, and I find the sloppiness with how they handle account info very scary. I am going to find a new bank.

  10. trinidon2k says:

    I used the office of the president number in another post to get my $100 checking account bonus that LaSalle bank refused to pay out. It took two months of run around with LaSalle to get nothing done. It took one phone call to that number to get my problem solved in a day.

  11. HonestNigerian says:

    @amyw461: Mine wasn’t even overnight. It was pending negative during the day. I ran to the ATM and made a check deposit. they decided that that would pend too. So I made a transfer from another bank of america account. they took the money out, but again, they still put a pending hold on it on my account so it wouldn’t affect my pending charge. then they charged me $25 overdraft (first overdraft ever on my account) . I sent them an email and they credit it, but thte $25 overdraft had caused my account to be negative so a $3 bill that was scheduled got my charged another $35. I called the regular customer service (big mistake) they wouldn’t credit me. so i called the exec cust and the guy told me the first rep already decisioned the charge and the system wouldn’t let him credit me. So I emailed the execs and they ignorned me. I emailed them again and this time they asked the exec cust to call me back and credit me. I got my money but I’m done with BOA. I switched to WAMU. not much better, but I get a credit immediately I deposit a check and I don’t have to beg to get at least 1 overdraft a year credited. Not that I have them often.

  12. tankertodd says:

    Let’s just say that I have a close relationship with Bank of America. I can tell you that the bank fundamentally cares about customers and these posts illustrate that although the main avenues don’t always work out, in the end it looks like the executive customer service line and CEO channel makes it right. That seems to indicate some gaps in customer care or issues with empowering agents.

    Ultimately I think the bank understands that fees are the top customer issue and are a crappy way to make a buck over the long term. Look for changes in the coming years. Until then there’s a nifty website to explain fees here.

    • Nofsdad says:

      @tankertodd: Look for changes in the YEARS to come, eh? But in the meantime, continue to bend over and grasp yourself firmly by the ankles like good little sheeple about to find out there’s worse things in life than being sheared.

  13. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Tankertodd, darling, put down your Kool Aid for a moment and read this:


  14. Observer2121 says:

    If a customer service rep doesn’t give me what I want I simply call back and talk to someone else until I get what I need. I once deal with this one witch with a B and she insisted that Because my deposited check included my middle name she would not authorize a release of the funds because the name on my account was different from the name on the check. If I had been in the same room with her I would have reached across the table and strangled her. I called back 5 minutes later cause I was so angry and the guy who picked up said “Oh I’ll fix that for you right now”. It really depends on who picks up the phone.

  15. optimistic23 says:

    I’m glad to read that I haven’t been the only person dealing with BOA’s crazy fee’s. My husband was starting to think i’m not handling our money correctly. Bottom line is that for any pending item, a overdraft fee should not be charged. I went as far as reporting them to Better Business Bureau. They apparently didn’t post a deposit that was done cash at a out-of-state branch before the 3pm cut off time. This caused for my account to overdraft. The worst part was that when the deposit was made, the online system posted it as pending, then 2 days later the deposit disappeared. When i called CS, they explained because it was made out of state, i had to go into the branch and see what happened to the deposit. They also explained that the deposit could take a couple of days because it was an out of state deposit. I would of understood that if it was a check, but we deposited cash!!!! The teller also provided us with our “available” balance and the deposited cash reflected on the total available balance. About 10min later i logged back online and my deposit appeared all of a sudden as pending. This is just one example of the continuous problems i’ve had. Although, i was refunded the fees, i’m so unhappy with their Customer Service. I haven’t changed banks yet because i have direct deposit, as well as all my bills automatically deducted from my checking. I am looking for another bank that is not so fee crazy. If the account overdrafts and a deposit is made the same day, i think it’s only fair to waive the fee. Or at least that’s how it once worked(good old times). I do have overdraft protection but there’s a fee associated with that was well. Just think BOA should evaluate their processes and retrain CS. I really think they need to check their online system for bugs as well as ensure all data is on a real time basis.

  16. trlblzr says:

    On Friday, my wife and I got letters stating that 3 of our BoA credit limits were cut due to a “periodic review of our accounts” and our “sufficient balances”. The problem with this is they did this when our balances had gone down by nearly 20% from their highs, so their “sufficient balances” argument was invalid. Why didn’t they do this at their peak? Who knows…

    So yesterday, I fired off an EECB to BoA’s executives (after nearly having a stroke from the furious anger caused by the incompetent “credit analyst” i spoke with Friday) and this morning I got a call from a very friendly lady named Helen Hobbs who restored my credit card fully and my wife’s halfway. This did go a ways towards making me happier, but there are still some issues she’s going to try and resolve for me. We’ll see how it goes. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I might see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

    EECBs get results when you’re polite yet firm!

  17. HalLaius says:

    I may need these in the next few days. Had a check stolen from my mailbox (outgoing), and the thief added her name to the “To” line, and cashed it at a local branch. Fifteen minutes AFTER they gave away my money, the branch decided that it looked suspicious and called me. That was on Oct. 1, and all the bank has done so far has been to send me some forms, and imply over the phone that the handwriting looks like mine, the implication was that I’m trying to pull a scam.
    Of course they include no fax number on the forms, so I’m waiting for the fraud person to call me back with the fax #, since I’m not waiting another few days for the mail.

  18. highmodulus says:

    I pray they don’t screw up my Countrywide loan servicing (which has been superb BTW).

    Otherwise I can keep ignoring them for my local credit union. The bright side is that the Big Banks now have much less pull in Congress so their attempts to kill off credit union competition through sleazy lobbying tactics are probably much less likely to work (especially seeing Credit Unions are not in massive subprime based credit swap defaults right now).

  19. rpm773 says:

    Ah…this is pure gold. The next time I get some scam mail offer in the mail from BoA, or get hit up to open a credit card account by a BoA teller, or get $16 in monthly account fees levied against me even though I have 5 times the minimum balance in my account, these clowns are going to learn what it’s all about.

    Thanks, Consumerist!

  20. calchip says:

    I’m frankly surprised that people are having good luck with BofA Executive Customer Relations, although I believe that they have different offices for different parts of the country.

    Here in California, I’m told that the highest available customer service is the so-called “Customer Solutions” group which claims to be “above all other departments” but is in reality just a call center, albeit with better-than-average trained reps. My experience is that, in general, Customer Solutions is pretty awful, the people are generally argumentative and more interested in saying “no” than listening and helping, and are and sometimes less helpful than the regular customer service people.

    Perhaps Exec Customer Relations is really a separate group that really is empowered to solve problems. If anyone knows the relationship between Customer Solutions and Executive Customer Relations, I’d like to know, because nothing about dealing with BofA, including statement from branch managers and regional managers, leads me to believe that the bank gives a rat’s ass about its customers. I’ve blatantly been told the opposite, that they are moving in the direction of charging fees for everything and finding new ways to rip their customers off on a daily basis, to the disgust of all the long-term employees.

    Again, my experience may be different than people who were formerly with BofA east; BofA West was absolutely amazing until after the merger; you could reach actual VPs and senior execs with concerns and issues were resolved, branch managers were empowered to solve problems, and it was a good bank. Not so much any more.

    Although I will say… I’d rather have an evil piece of shit bank that will at least be solvent because it makes so much money by gouging customers than a sweet and wonderful bank that’s closed by the Feds because it ran out of cash.

  21. trojanjustin says:

    I had some drama with their nasty “risk management” department decided to close my account (which I had held in good standing with them since 1991) due to a bad check someone wrote me. I was irate. While my local branch manager was understanding, there was nothing we could do, since the risk department was part of “corporate.”

    I called the aforementioned number, spoke to a good lady named Sheista and after two or three days, she overrode the risk people and restored my account just as it was. In addition, she personally deleted me from Chexsystems and apologized for the treatment.

    Oddly, she added a “main page” note on the account, so whenever somebody pulled up my account, they saw “ACCOUNT OPEN PER OFFICE OF CEO.” So people tended to be nicer going forward.

  22. GalinaMonet says:

    THIS PAGE IS AMAZING. I’ve been calling BofA til my cell phone minutes run out since April 08 (it’s not October!) to get an account off of my name. An account that is over $11,000 delinquent and does not belong to me! Let’s just say I’ve had unnecessarily bad credit for the past year. You have no idea how much problems that can cause… especially for someone who has just graduated and looking for a job and trying to get loans. So, I wrote a letter to Ken Lewis and there is now actually a whole person dedicated to resolving my case. Amazing! My frustrations will hopefully end here. Thank you, whomever created this wonderful site.

  23. SikataZehaha says:

    Why is it that Bank of America will not take telephone calls from their customers?

    Seems like they are not very customer orientated or concentric – guess they are just too big – inefficient or have more issues that can not be handled and want to insulate themselves from hearing the truth from their customers.

  24. RajaMaharaja says:

    Thanks a lot for these phone numbers, one of my friends found them to be very useful, apparently he was frustrated with the recorded messages, and this helped him a lot.

  25. mkelly85 says:

    DO NOT call this number to complain about your APR! I did, and in retaliation, they closed BOTH of my credit cards! I’ve had a Visa with them for over 4 years, and missed a payment due to their computer system paying the WRONG credit card on the WRONG day. When I complained to a very rude and intellectually challenged individual named Sherri, she decided that my otherwise stellar payment history was too much of a risk. Hmmm…you’d think that when someone asks for help in keeping their payments the same as they always had been, they’d be more responsive. It seems as though their intention is to ruin people’s credit. If they succeed in doing so, I’ll see them in court.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Bank of America has said they have no obligation to assist the Remington Company in Chicago to meet their payroll to workers. The company is closing, the workers are making a statement that before it does so, they should receive severance pay and vacation pay for their hard work over many years. I agree. BOA received $25 billion of taxpayer money with the bailout. They do have an obligation to these workers. How they respond to this call will determine whether I keep my assets in their bank.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Everyone in my extended family have closed their BOA accounts after hearing about Chicago. My great-grandparents were original depositors in the Bank of Italy in San Francisco before the earthquake (1906). They stayed with BOA after the merger in 1929. Because of BOA’s behavior in the Chicago window company closing, third, fourth and fifth generation depositors in my family have moved their money elsewhere.

    BOA should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they go broke. A.P. Gianinni must be rolling in his grave.

  28. bofacust4life says:

    Let me tell you a little story. My bank account was overdrawn by $210,and I deposited my paychecks to cover the balance. However, the next day when I logged on, my account was still overdrawn due to a mysterious hold that was put on my checks. My account said that the funds would be release the 27th. This was on the 16th, and I could not wait that long. After getting no where with the customer service (call center and online help) I googled Bank of America headquarters, looking for a number for someone higher up the chain that might be able to help me. This page …..[] up and I called the lady by the name of Nancy Condos. Surprisingly enough, she answered her own phone, and was extremely helpful to me. Not only did she immediately unfreeze my account, she also refunded to me all the overdraft fees that I had incurred WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING HER TO!!! She was the nicest person that I had ever talked to on the phone from ANY bank. She then was kind enough to give me some tips on how banks work, and good habits that I should follow in order to avoid this in the future. Now, understand this, her boss is Kenneth Lewis, who is the CEO of BofA. She is one of the top people there, and she took the time to help me and was extremely kind to me.

    This just goes to show that there are still people out there that truly care about others, and are there to truly serve the public. I commend Nancy Condos for the way she treated me, even when she didn’t have to.

    Oh, and by the way, I will never go to another bank ever in my entire life…


  29. Anonymous says:

    This was on my BoA account statement today:

    Important Information for Your Account
    Effective 2/9/09, we are changing the Overdraft Item Fee and the NSF: Returned Item Fee. The fee is $35 for each overdraft or returned item. However, you will be charged for no more than 10 items per day. Bank of America offers services to help you minimize or prevent fees. Sign up for Overdraft Protection service to transfer available funds from your Bank of America credit card or savings account to help cover checking overdrafts. To learn more, talk with an associate at your local banking center or call the customer service number listed.

    They will be charging customers $350 per day for overdrafts. Most of which are wrongly charged. Can you imagine how hard it would be for the average person to recover from that?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for supplying these numbers and addresses. I originate loans and have had such a problem trying to get a subordination agreement from Bank of America. My client opted to subordinate their existing Home Equity Line of Credit with Bank of America (we were refinancing their first). I overnighted all the required documentation along with certified funds in the amount of $125 to process the subordination agreement. On Bank of America’s instructions it stated they have a 10 business day turn-around time for processing. I even included a pre-paid Fed Ex label & envelope for them to overnight it back to me. I confirmed that they received it on the 26th of January so I started my 10 business days from then. Well, every day from February 9th to February 13th I called checking status and every answer I got was it is still in process and they are behind. On the 13th I escalated the call to management and they still couldn’t give me an answer. The only department you can check status with is Customer Relations. Apparantely, the subordination department cannot be contacted. BofA’s internal employees cannot even contact them. During this duration I had to extend my lock on the refinance for the first loan I was doing, twice (which cost me $1417.50). On February 19th I called again and was told the same thing so I requested it to be cancelled with a full refund of $125. I faxed in my cancellation request stating the reason why I am cancelling along with specific instructions on where to mail my check back to. On the 20th I called and spoke to a Supervisor, Frank Fierro, in Customer Relations and he assured me that the cancellation will be processed within 10 business days and a full refund will be issued (again with the 10 business days). Even though he was not in the department that receives the faxes and he showed no notations on the account. Anyway, on the 24th I received a call from a representative, Phoebe Howard, directly from the subordination department asking if I wanted this to still be processed. I was livid. She gave me different information, stating that they do not refund the processing fee. I requested a manager to call me back since it was so late in the day and (of course) no management was in at that time. I have not heard back from her or anyone for that matter. I have her direct line (thanks to caller ID). and it doesn’t matter what time you call it goes directly to voicemail. So, right now I am out of pocket $1577.50 with and I’m not happy. I am writing to the COE!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    BAC has worse customer service than Dell. I tried transferring all my accounts to another bank. Trying to ensure never having to deal with a Bank of America type again I posed a simple question, “Why should I use your bank instead of Bank of America?”

    All I got was a blank stare, a stutter and, “we’re really good.”

    So I’m sticking with Bank of America. I will be a thorn in their side at ever opportunity.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday (3/4) I got a loan for $500 electronically (ACH) deposited into my BofA checking – this morning (3/5) when I checked my online account – no deposit. So I contacted the loan company to verify my info – it was exact, as I have done business with them many times in the past. I have NEVER had to wait for a direct deposit before – it was always posted next day. So, I spoke to BofA customer service who said “we have no records of that”. Again I contacted my loan company, and this time had them do a 3 way call with BofA. We again, verified the correct routing # and bank account information. The loan company can prove on it’s end they made the deposit – BofA has no clue where it is. As a result, I have a charge that will overdraft. Meanwhile, I’m out the money + the fees I will incur as a result. I was told by BofA that there’s “nothing we can do”. Nice. Well, I tried the #’s listed in this article, and got a lady in Executive Customer Relations, who was very pleasant, and who seemed ot genuinely care – although she wasn’t any more helpful about locating my missing deposit. She did however, take my info, and promise to check the account tomorrow to see if the funds made it in or not, and then call me to confirm. She also said that they’d “work with me” to offset any fees. No promises or the results I would like – but at least now I have someone further up the food chain to speak with should this get to be excessively problematic. FYI – BofA and Wells Fargo both have class action suits pending against them for the way they process debits vs. deposits/credits etc. We can only hope that eventually they are forced to do things the right way instead of the way they feel like doing to incur ridiculous fees from their customers.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the same problems with my credit limit being cut while at the same time my finance charges were increased. BOA is purposely doing this in hopes of you going over your limiit. My limit was reset to just barely over what the balance was. When they did this, it lowered my credit score and crippled my ability to buy new inventory for my business. I have banked with BOA for over 20 years. I have multiple checking, savings, and credit cards with them. No more. After I write my letter to Mr. Lewis, I’ll be moving all my accounts to my friendly neighborhood SMALL bank where I know everyone’s name and they know mine. BOA took bailout money and then bought up banks in China instead of helping their customers. They are really disgraceful.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am long term customer with BOA – My wife and I have 4 checking and saving accounts, 4 credit cards, home loan, investment account, 2 IRA account. We have never been late on any payment ( my credit score is 815). Today I got notice from bank of America that they are increasing my credit card rate!! Funny thing is yesterday I received promotion notice for same credit card with 0% rate until March of 2010 !!
    I am in process moving all my account to BB&T.
    May be bank of America need to learn few things from BB&T regarding customer service.


    I am in process moving all my account to BB&T.

  35. Anonymous says:

    After being a credit card holder of Bank of America I suddenly was told my rate would be increased by 5%. It was nothing I had done since I always paid on time and more than what was due. I was then told I could keep charging if I paid the higher rate immediately or I could have all the time afforded by my contract to pay off the balance at the old rate. After that I could use the card again at the higher prevailing rate. Well, no thank you. I will pay off the balance and not use the card again. I am so glad I was a prefered customer allowed to pay off my higher balance credit cards and then have my lower rate increased. No wonder you are in such a mess. The loyal paying on time clients (notice I did not use the word customer)
    is now told to shove off. What will you be left with? (my net worth is about 75 times what I owe in credit card debt).
    Have fun because I believe you will be one of the banks forced to go under. Keep giving the undocumented workers credit and mortgages. See where that will get you.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I’m firing Bank of America. Sometime ago, I purchased a rare, valuable collectible and borrowed money on my credit card from Bank of America at a promotional rate. I’m retired military, am an upstanding citizen and have a sterling credit rating and always pay all my bills ahead of time and always pay more than the minimum. I was notified my rate would increase to 14.99% after the promotional rate expired and I swallowed hard and continued making payments. Just this past week I was notified that my rate was going to increase to 24.99% unless I declined to accept those terms. I called the telephone number given to decline the terms. I recently sold other collectibles and have a bit of a windfall coming in and the first credit card to be paid off will be Bank of America. They will receive their credit card back in the mail, cut into pieces, along with a letter to CEO Kenneth Lewis stating that I will never do business with Bank of America again and that they ought to be ashamed of themselves. I will also tell all of my contacts and associates not to do business with Bank of America. 24.99% is usury and this after Bank of America took billions of taxpayer dollars in the bailout. Bank of America, you can go to hell and I wouldn’t bank with you in the future even if you were the last bank in existence. I hope we hear about your bankruptcy in the news soon and that can’t happen soon enough to my liking. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  37. Its_Miller_Time says:

    Just wanted to post that a co-worker used this number today to get $70.00 in overdraft fees waived due to an error with transferring from Savings to Checking.

    All is well after a 20 minute phone call.

    She (the lady at BoA) heard of the Consumerist and asked not to negatively blog about it – but I will blog…positive stuff).

    My co-worker is very greatful for this information.

  38. Rick Jarvis says:

    BofA is running a scam of overcharges….they choose the largest first then the smaller ones get them 35 each….after tomorrow I will be taking them to small claims court and using my credit union for now on. And please…anyone who says “just keep track of your money” please don’t comment as you don’t understand or care what they are doing. They have paid a 35 million dollar class action without a fight cause its pennies to them.

  39. Rick Jarvis says:

    You can always write the B of A CEO:

    Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis
    100 N. Tryon Street.
    Mail Code NC-1-007-18-01
    Charlotte, NC 28255

    • Anonymous says:

      here is the media contact- they are usually the only ones whose e-mails are available and have access to senior management. i will be e-mailing him tomorrow. i have paid these guys overdraft fees few times, gotten refunded a few times, but have no appetite for scamsters which is what they are and i have the documents to prove it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    $315 in NSF fees reversed, more out of sympathy than anything else. It was my error, but customer service handled it so poorly that I think they decided to do it because they felt sorry for how badly I was treated. Either that, or they realized that I was going to let the account rot if they didn’t do something to help about it.

  41. For what it’s worth, the e-mail seems to be down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emailed the office of the chairman 2 weeks ago and received a call today from that office. They credited back $440 in overdraft fees. Issue was my fault since i made the purchases but the merchant submitted all transactions for 3 months on one day.
      Pretty happy with the result

  42. rocket11 says:

    My wife and I were fast approaching retirement and decided to pay off all of our credit cards and other accounts. We only had the one credit card from BOA. We were also one of their platnium customers. We paid our credit card balance off, then I decided to change my PIN for extra security. When I called BOA to change it, they cancelled my card and said I could reapply later. I have been dealing with BOA for 27 years. The BOA rep was rude and basically did not care how long we were customers. We planned on transferring our 401 to BOA for investment next year. Now we cannot wait to be rid of BOA for good. Our credit is excellent. I had already discussed our investing our 401 with a BOA Rep. and the wheels were in motion. I will deal with my Credit Union for all my banking needs. I have paid my credit card off several times in the past and have never been late. This person Up until this encounter, we were happy with BOA. 27 years down the tubes….

  43. grantmm says:

    I think I found this website just in time. I am about to lose it. After more than a year of trying to get BofA to reduce the interest on my Gold Option loan because it had become unaffordable, they told me they could not. They suggested contacting a debt management company. I took their advice and contacted a debt management company and now they will not negotiate with the debt management company and told me they cannot negotiate with me because I contacted a debt management company. I have had it. I will take my banking elsewhere.

  44. yayogod says:

    Unsatisfied with the regular customer service # I found Executive Customer Relations general line: 704-386-5687 on this website. I have been a BofA customer for years and reflect the sentiments shared on this site. I must say that I spoke with, Vaughn, who was very nice and resolved my issue to an acceptable level. This was after going to 2 branches and having spent an hour on the phone with an obnoxious “supervisor”, Missy Stewart. Don’t bother with the 800# just call Executive Customer Relations general line: 704-386-5687 or your wasting your time.

  45. lrobinson744 says:

    OMG! Bank of America…where do I begin. You call the customer service line 3 times, you will get 3 different answers. You call the supervisor line it is just another call center where you must ask for a manager and you get put on mute for 45 mins. then told you can leave a vm. I was on mute last night for 30 minutes so I used 3-way and called back in. The guy (john) who had my other line on mute answered the new call. I said John this is Ms. Robinson again, and I am still on mute on you other line. I was on the phone (cell) during peak time and used 187 peak minutes. I have been paying overage charges for the past 3 months talking to them. They mailed my checks and deposit slips to an address I haven’t lived at in 3 years. A stranger who only knows where I work b/c of mail they recieved years ago, hand delivered my checks to me at work! I was on the phone with cust service when he walked up to me checking the status of my order! I deposited a check at Arvest at 9:00 AM into my sister’s account I deposited the cash into BOA 10:15 AM same day. They gave me a 35.00 fee b/c around 6:00pm THE SAME DAY the check cleared and my cash deposit was still pending. They said because I made the deposit after 10:00AM. They admitted they had NEVER seen a check clear that fast, especially one deposited into a different bank. 2 Days and 274 peak mins laster someone finally took the charge off with the added bonus of a speech about not making debit transaction until deposits have been made. Tried that, Made a deposit used my debit card to pay bills. 175.00 in fees later I was told to wait until the deposit hard posts. The deposit was made on a Friday around noon I pid bills online Sat. my deposit did not hard post until Tuesday Midnight and it was a cash deposit.

  46. blackbird123 says:

    I sent a letter to the CEO because I was incorrectly charged over $700 in overdrafts for $20. I am actually on the phone with the Executive Office of Bank of America. They are reversing 19 of my total of 25 B.S. fees. Reversing $665 in overdraft fees. Now I just have to talk to someone about those dang Paypal charges that will never stop.

  47. inthedesert says:

    The address for Nancy Condos isn’t valid anymore. I got a fast response, and resolution by sending an email to Ken Lewis (CEO) directly.

  48. benzooor says:

    This number saved my freaking life today.

    I never thought I’d say it but BofA actually went out of their way to help me when it wasn’t their fault. The line is the only reason I still have a bank account with them.

    PS they now offer opt-out!!!

  49. pansy says:

    Is anyone involved in a Short sale home purchase with BOA being the seller.I have been waiting a year now for them to approve a home that is advertized for sale.If you have any views please advise on how to get them to approve or diapprove and end our waitng

    • NHREALTOR says:

      I am involved in more than one short sale with BoA as the lender. I have had a Purchase and Sales Agreement signed and sent in to BoA since July 2009! BoA is the main reason short sales scare people. Other banks don’t seem to have half the trouble getting their short sales approved. BoA should take a lesson from GMAC, they cleared the approval for short sale in under 4 weeks! Wells Fargo has a 25 business day policy! Bank of America has a HEAD UP THEIR BUTT policy! Wake up people! As long as you’re willing to do business with them, their incompetence will continue!

  50. pansy says:

    BOA Get your shit together SHORT SALES SUCK. YOU SUCK

  51. MaryM328 says:

    People are more often then not willing to take the time to post negative comments vs positive, and since my experience was positive I wanted to be one of the few that took the time.

    I have been a customer of BoA’s for many years and will continue to be. I just want to say “Thank You” to Glenda (sorry I did not get your last name) in Corporate Customer Service for helping me through what was a very difficult situation. She was courteous, concerned, and considerate at a time when it meant more then I can say. Thanks again!

  52. ajl says:

    I had a major problem with my account. It was my partially my fault. The my fault part was I bought a christmas present for my g/f before checking my paycheck. Well, my paycheck was short a day, so i was short about $40. Well, of course they charged overdraft on 2 other things that i had purchased before this but on the same day, bringing the fees up to $105. I called reg CS, they were very nice, took a look at my account, and said she would refund me the $105. Awesome!

    So I dont think anything of it, but dont use my account for anything but gas (which with the refund, I should have enough money for that). Payday comes, I check my account, my paycheck has deposited and im already -$3 with my gas purchase still pending, plus another $35 charge for 5 days being negative.

    I call CS again, this time a different lady tells me that she sees I called in but nothing is noted about refunding the fees. She tells me how she cant do anything about it, and they will only do something if it was a bank error, or unauthorized purchase. At this point im furious because just a couple of days ago, they said they would take the fees off no problem. I ask to speak to her supervisor, which she tells me there is no point because the supervisor will tell me the exact same thing, and its not a personal decision. So that conversation goes nowhere.

    I do some searching and come across this post. Call the number, talk to Jose at executive customer service. He was very nice, took a look at my account, and said he would be able to refund 6 out of the 7 fees. No hassle at all. Took about 20 minutes. So, after talking to them, it only cost me the $35 that is orignally should have, and im back in the positive. Great experience. Im very glad i came across this!!

  53. SLB says:

    We have been in the process of getting a mortgage through Bank Of America since November 2009 and still waiting as of today 2/12/2010. Everything is good they say but processing got upset at us for calling to much to find out where we were in the process(even though they had not returned not one call until Dec 28) so they want to act like kids and hold everything up. So think you for Corporate numbers we will be contacting them.Enough is Enough.

  54. Jeff The Riffer says:

    The number 714-792-4264 is no good anymore, it now belongs to a BoA employee who has NOTHING to do with Customer Relations.

    The number 704-386-5972 is disconnected, so it is useless.

    The operator number 800-900-9000 is useless.

    704-386-5681 goes to Investor Relations. Someone there was willing to try and get me someone in the Executive Office.

  55. VorlessDarkChaos says:

    No Bank Is Prefect. I had 4 overdraft fees and i need the money really bad for i had to pay some of the rent for where i live. I called 704-386-5687 and I explain to Customer Advocate and he understood and after looking over my account he refunded me for 4 overdrafts fees that i was charged and sayed to make sure always keep track of what i spend. Bank of America does not Suck. I have been with Bank of America for 14 Years.

  56. Geefb says:

    Thanks for this valuable info. I eventually had to call:
    Corporate Headquarters: 704-386-5972 / 704-386-5681 to get any help or normal person.

    I wanted to find out if a payment to BofA was late since it was due on a Sunday [7/11] and I paid on a 7/11. But, after 4 + calls, answering numerous security questions, being told to call somewhere else, and oh, and having these dolts hang up after I got tired of answering 3,4,5 + questions; and still not being able to find out if a payment was late, I called their Corp.

    At least I got an answer – that it’s not late if paid on the Sunday due date but posted the next day. But, the Exec. assistant did say their people can ask an arbitrary number and type of questions until they “feel good”. What a good way to run a “biness”.

    This wasn’t the first time, but probably the 20th or more problems I’ve had with this taxpayer owned bank. It’s very hard or impossible to get anything through their FAT heads.

    I’m thinking they ought to just merge with GM, and become “SUCK INTERNATIONAL”!

  57. Crimson says:

    If you think Bank of America’s credit cards suck, try having a mortgage with them! Better yet, try dealing with them on a shortsale. The negotiator assigned to your case never returns emails or responds to voice mail, yet every time we call, whoever answers the phone says we need to talk to the negotiator. When I finally received a called from the negotiator, I was RUDELY told “you can’t be calling every day.” Well gee, if we would have gotten just ONE response to our inquiries, we wouldn’t have to email or call. DUH!
    There is a website we go to where updates regarding our shortsale are supposedly entered. Ours hasn’t been updated for 6 weeks. I do not recommend B of A to anybody. In fact…. let me encourage you to watch the following. It is SPOT ON!!

    If you can’t see that link, just go to YouTube and search for “Bank of America Loss Mitigation Training Video”…. I can relate to this video …. I have been there with this Bank of the Almighty Universe, where they PRETEND to help you.! LOL

  58. Cali2az says:

    You are a lifesaver to provide the corporate phone numbers. I had tried to call the Mountain View bank in California to talk with a manager I had met with the week before and constantly got transferred to a call center…I finally got a live person who nelped me with my concerns

  59. LindaNC says:

    I need some help. I am on the other end of the Bank of American mortgage fiasco. I was within two business days of closing a Bank of American foreclosure (originally Countrywide) when I was notified that “they” (Fannie Mae representative) needed an extension until October 29th because of the Bank of America mortgages paperwork not being in order nationwide. A couple of days later, I was notified that “they” needed another extension until November 19th. This could go on and on for months. All I want is a refund totalling $705 for two inspections I had done in order to close the house. Somehow, everyone in the realty industry expects ME to swallow this loss. I have called Bank of America’s headquarters and all I get is the runaround. They are sorry but don’t see how they can help. Does anyone have any suggestions?