Confessions Of A Shopaholic Makes Irresponsible Debting Look Fun And Hilarious

Jerry Bruckheimer turns the lens of his celluloid cyclops away from exploding airplanes to exploding credit card debt in an adaptation of Confessions of a Shopaholic. There’s a scene in the trailer where our heroine has frozen her credit card in a block of ice (see “Stop Spending By Freezing Your Credit Card In Ice“) and, stricken by a frenzy, she chops and hacks at it and uses a blowdryer to free it. Sort of amusing, although most people I’ve read about who freeze their credit card usually don’t ever crack them open. Full trailer inside.

Haven’t seen the movie or read the book. Perhaps there’s a selfless reason why she’s opening open the frozen credit card. In movieland, that’s why we call a “round character.”

Also, judging by the trailer, their version of a “comeuppance” is for Becky to pad her resume and land a job at a personal finance magazine, and then fall in love with a wealthy young entrepreneur who shares her love of Prada. (Scene: “Oh my god, you speak Prada?” Their eyes meet. Kismet.)

Tales of money struggle, definitely a ripe area to till. Though I would of course prefer something much more raw and real, and punctures the hoax that you can debt your way to the good life, none of which you’re likely to find in a Chic Lit flick.

(Thanks to Toland!)

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