$35 Per Ticket Movie Theater Comes With Valet Parking, Blankets And Slippers

That new luxury movie theater we told you about back in March will open Friday in affluent South Barrington, IL. At $35 a ticket, you’re treated to valet parking, waiter service, individual reclining chairs, and should you require, blankets and slippers. And no, the food isn’t included.

From the Daily Herald:

The theater’s menu includes a full wine list, Dom Perignon champagne at $295 a bottle, and food items like duck tacos, Wagyu beef burgers and bleu cheese potato chips.

The South Barrington Gold Class Cinemas is the first in the country. Aside from South Barrington’s, the company has theaters only overseas in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Targeting upscale clientele and businesses looking to hold private screenings, Gold Class officials said they hope to open 50 theaters across the country in the next five years.

Luxury theater opens Friday in South Barrington [Daily Herald]
(Photo: Getty)


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  1. sassbrown74 says:

    I would totally go to a movie theater like this. When can we get one in Ottawa? Probably not soon, but this would do well in Toronto.

    • @drgmobile: we should definitely have one in Ottawa! No one would pay that much to take screaming kids to a movie! This would be SWEET!

      • Jamaces says:

        there is one in near oakville,
        with full dinner menu’s and you sit in super comfy chairs, you have to have proper dress attire, its 19+ but the catch is your not allowed to consume alcohol in the movie theatre you have to enjoy it outside in the lounge.

        • Eilonwynn says:

          @Jamaces: Specifically, it’s just south of the QEW at the Burloak exit, but there are other locations. It’s cineplex odeon’s VIP seating (also under the Famous Players brand). In addition to those perks, it has assigned seating, no kids, and quite large leather seats.

    • Raiders757 says:


      The idea seems good, even if duck tacos do sound nasty. The thing is, it’s still not worth $35. All your getting is your car parked, a lounge chair, a movie, and a right to blow even more money on bad food and overpriced booze.

      We already have that. It’s called Cinema Cafe, and it only costs around $7 or less to get in. Sadly they don’t park your car for you (oh darn, what will I ever do). Hey, but at least you get to chug your beer while watching the movie, instead of in the lounge.

  2. SkokieGuy says:

    And because they serve alcohol means no kids!!!

    No crying babies, no teenages talking on cellphones. Yea!

    Maybe, if we’re really lucky, the high admission price will even keep out the (adults) who feel the need to talk back to the characters on screen.

    • SScorpio says:


      Alcohol doesn’t automatically mean no kids. Imagine Theaters serve alcohol and kids are still allowed inside.

    • Mr.SithNinja says:

      @SkokieGuy: UTOPIA!!!!

    • eakwave1 says:

      @SkokieGuy: Arclight in LA has a no kids policy in the alky theatres. I’m in!!! I also think (I hope??) those willing to pay that much are more likely to shut up and enjoy the movie without bothering others.

    • Indecent says:


      I’ve an AMC theater here in Columbus that serves alcohol and allows children :) The part that actually sucks is that you have to purchase it separately, so you have to stop at BOTH concession stands.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      @SkokieGuy: whole chain of theatres in raleigh NC that serve beer and wine – kids are allowed, no problems. i would guess that for weekend matinees of cartoon movies – the beer is a big benefit for the parents

    • opticnrv says:

      @SkokieGuy: Kids are allowed. Yes, alcahol is served, but, same situation as dining in a restaurant that serves alcahol, children are allowed.

    • BrianDaBrain says:

      @SkokieGuy: IF they had a “no kids” policy, I’d be all over it. $35 a ticket might actually be worth it in that case. Getting rid of the folks that talk at all during movies (to the characters or otherwise) would also be worth the price of admission I think.

      Besides, duck tacos sound oddly… delicious.

    • johnnya2 says:

      @SkokieGuy: i am guessing at $35 a head most parents aren’t going to bring their brats in anyway.

    • pbwingman says:

      @SkokieGuy: I LOVE my local Northern Lights Theatre Pub. It’s refreshing to be able to order a wrap or pizza and watch a movie whilst sipping on Arrogant Bastard for only 3 dollars admission. NLTP FTW!!! In fact, I’ll be there at 8:30pm tonight!

      • samurailynn says:

        @pbwingman: I wasn’t at Northern Lights last night, but that’s where I usually go for my movies. The dinner theater with alcohol is nice, but what keeps me coming back is no kids.

    • Raiders757 says:


      Yea, nothing like paying $35 just to avoid children. Why not just buy the DVD, grill a steak and buy some good beer? It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper.

      What have we all become, when we’re willing to pay $35 just to a seea movie, and $100 to a see a rock concert? The answer damn sure isn’t a smart consumer.

  3. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    I happen to think that regular movie theaters cost too much as it is.. I think I’ll stick with Netflix.

  4. jeknee says:

    Considering I go to the movies about once a year, it’s not that bad a deal, and I think it would make for an interesting experience.

  5. superberg says:

    I’m all for theatres that allow for a better (read: quiet, undisturbed) viewing experience. I’d pay $20 bucks a seat for that.

    The valet parking and blankets, however, is absolute nonsense. You’re looking at at nearly $100 for a three-hour date. No way.

  6. DeafLEGO says:

    Just imagine… now be prepared…. but those blankets are not going to be washed between showings so you can imagine what some idiot was jacking off to some nudie part in the movie and left a load… excuse me while I go vomit my lunch.. BLAHHH! BLOAAHHQIFHdff!!!

  7. As an occasional thing, I don’t have an issue with this.

    • muffingal says:

      @TracyHamandEggs!: The food isn’t even included! I can not even imagine how overpriced the food will be. I will stick to parking my own car, sneaking snacks in and if I am lucky sneaking into another film.

  8. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I like the idea of individual chairs and getting dinner with a movie, but I valet service and duck tacos? Meh. How about $15 for the individual chair and a regular burger?

    On the other hand, everyone is broke so the timing for this kinda sucks.

  9. Alucinor says:

    There’s a similar type of theater in Seattle and Redmond, WA: http://www.thebigpicture.net

    The Seattle one has a smallish screen, but very spacious seating, and you can’t put a price on being able to preorder beverages to be brought out to you at specified times.

  10. VidarTortoise says:

    That’s funny. When I was traveling in Asia back in July, they offered the same type of “VIP” theater experience at most of the theaters in Bangkok.

    There was free valet parking at the mall, and choosing the VIP seats in the theater for 300 baht (about $8.50 at the time) included being able to order your snacks on the way in and having them delivered, HUGE recliners, that reclined all the way back, blanket and pillow and you could order beer and wine, but they did not offer the “gourmet meal service”.

    For $8.50, I would do it again. For $35? You must be joking…

  11. Malachi says:

    I would definitely go to this fancy shmancy theater. It would be a nice date with the Mrs. And I’m assuming that with the expensive ticket price you would get a top-quality sound system and HD quality picture, right?

    • Super_Kitten says:

      @undefined: That’s funny that you say “HD quality picture,” because HD quality is worse than film. Whenever possible, avoid digital projection in favor of film projection theatres, if you want it to look the best. I say that as a professional at a post production house. HD is a lot of hype for what amounts to middling image quality- i won’t get into the details, but it’s true for a number of reasons.

  12. Notsewfast says:

    One of the biggest things I miss about Living in Austin, TX is the Alamo Drafthouse. The tickets are not unreasonably more expensive, but your a decent meal and a movie at the same time.

    If I had the time, I’d open something similar here in Colorado.

    • Notsewfast says:

      @Secret Agent Man:

      “but your a decent meal”

      That should be “you get a decent meal”

    • nate4096 says:

      @Secret Agent Man: Yes the Alamo is awesome but you forgot the best part. Get a pitcher or a bucket of beer and it’s the best movie experience ever. Except that at the end you have about 50 people stampeding to the bathroom.

    • MayorBee says:

      @Secret Agent Man: Totally agreed. They have something similar in Houston called the Movie Tavern. Tickets are just above what the regular theaters charge, you can get semi-decent food (think Chili’s), and beer and booze, too. They take complaints seriously (no, really, they do), and will kick out unruly kids. I rarely go to the movies, but I’ll make the 45 minute drive to the closest one rather than go to a traditional theater.

    • BrianDaBrain says:

      @Secret Agent Man: Open something like that here in Colorado, and set an age limit of 21 or so, and I’d be tempted to never leave your theater.

    • ret3 says:

      @Secret Agent Man: The Alamo also has awesome special shows: sing-alongs, quote-alongs, midnight features, sports screenings, and the Mystery-Science-esque “Mister Pancake” events, themed premieres (they had a topless burlesque troop perform before the Betty Page movie), gourmet food + film pairings, cult movie actor appearances, events with and/or by Ric Romero, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino, events put on by Ain’t It Cool News, and all kinds of assorted film festivals. Plus, microbrews and craft beer, sangria, a real wine list, and a threat to “take your ass out” if you’re unruly during a film.

  13. scoobydoo says:

    Silly to ask for $35 for this. Chicago already has a premier theater (Muvico) where you only pay $7.50 for valet parking, preassigned seating (with online selection), free popcorn and an entirely separate entry area (the whole premier is 21 and up only).

    I’m guessing they planned this thing in Barrington when the economy was doing better and they thought most suckers would fall for this.

    • cottiescot says:

      @scoobydoo: Muvico is a FL based company. My Gf says the quality in IL isnt the greatest, I would have to agree. I would give this place in South Barrington a shot, since the Valet and the assigned seating is nice. The only thing that is sorta a scam with Muvico is that the premium seats are the same theater as normal admission, only the balcony seating.

      If you choose general admission at Muvico, you need to arrive 45 mins before a show, as there is only 1 elevator, in a 6 story parking structure for 3 other hotels. Valet all the way.. and for the cost of premium ticket you get bad popcorn. Food is meh.. and overpriced silliness.

  14. Jaynor says:

    I would pay a lot more than the normal ticket price if it meant that there would be no-one under the age of 18 in the theater. I would pay even more if I could go punch the face of the 14 year old throwing Jr. Mints from the back of normal theaters.

  15. JustinAche says:

    Um, nobody has said anything about the $ 300 bottle of Dom? Hell, Hooters used to sell wings and a bottle for $ 150, so I don’t even get plastic boobs in my face for that 3 bills?

  16. Brine says:

    We have Cinetopia here in the Portland, OR area. Extra-wide leather reclining seats, more leg room, digital picture and sound, and food and alcohol (not included in ticket price) that you can take into the theater if you want. All for $10.50 (or $15 for the Living Room auditoriums).

  17. Propaniac says:

    As I said when news about this first came out, one of the biggest problems with this idea is that the movies that might be worth paying $35 for are not the movies with the biggest audiences. You can view their current showtimes at goldclasscinemas.com — are there really a lot of people who want to pay $35 a ticket for [i]My Best Friend’s Girl[/i]?

    That being said, it does sound nice and if I lived near such a theatre, I can definitely see myself going there a few times a year, for the movies I’m really looking forward to.

    • Grive says:

      @Propaniac: I might.

      The price is about the comfort and the experience, not just about seeing the movie.

      Over here, we do have VIP lounges, with leather recliners, wide armrests with a small table to put your food (usually sushi or crepes). It’s about two times the normal ticket, and you can get a waiter of sorts to run to the store for your foodstuffs.

      I don’t actually go there, because it commits the cardinal sin of a movie theater: Remember those nice armrests with a table? You can’t actually raise or otherwise hide them to make a double seat. How the #”$”#$”#%!!!1!one! am I supposed to hug my girlfriend?

      Anyway, if this place takes this into account, I’d be well willing to splurge on it for an occasional outing when we feel like getting pampered.

  18. nataku8_e30 says:

    I hate valet parking

  19. KeelyDana? says:

    $35 is ridiculous for that. In Wichita, KS we have two theaters with oversized seats (they don’t recline) with armrests that go up, waiter service, and booze priced just like any other theater (~$9 per ticket). With the added service of valet parking, reclining seats, and blankets and slippers, I would expect it to be a little higher, but not four times the price.

  20. TemporaryAphasia says:

    Meh, if I want blankets, I have them on my couch at home. The fridge is about eight feet away from the couch, and I don’t have to stop watching something to make food. My TV is big and shiny, there are no screaming children, nobody drumming on the back of my seat, no cell phones ringing, and nobody in front of me constantly poking their friend and loudly going, “WHAT? What did he say?! Who’s that guy?! I thought he was dead!!”

    Besides, $35? I went to a theater in the Dallas area once that didn’t have the valet parking and slippers, but had the seats set up with a small table area in front, kinda like a bar, and had wait staff that would come by and see if you wanted anything. The food was a bit more pizza and burgers than duck tacos, but the ticket price was normal, the service was nice, and it was fun. That I’d go to for movies that are better on a huge screen, but my duck taco better come wrapped in a $20 if I’m paying $35 just to see a stinkin’ movie.

  21. AMetamorphosis says:

    Hell, Congress could have added this in as yet another Pork Barrel project on the bailout package and we could have subsidized this business venture too !

    I won’t pay 10+ dollars now to sit in a theater … even if I could afford 35 dollars I’m not willing to dispose of the few disposable dollars I do have in that manner.

  22. nsv says:

    I go out to the movies about once every two years, so if I get to not stick to the armrests and actually hear the movie without listening to the asshole directly behind me on a cell phone, sure, why not?

    Of course, if it’s a once-every-two-years option for everyone, these theatres won’t last long.

  23. Blitzgal says:

    I will stay at home and snuggle on my own couch with my own blanket and slippers while watching on my affordable flat screen tv, thank you very much.

  24. selianth says:

    There’s an AMC Premium Theater in Framingham, MA that is just about right, I think – $18.50 for cushy, preassigned seating, unlimited popcorn and soft drinks. Food and alcohol are extra. The best part is that it’s 21+. There are some movies (especially the popular PG-13 movies, when they show them) where it is TOTALLY worth paying the extra to not have any teenagers in the audience.

  25. Spooon69 says:

    I would rather just splurge on a good sound system, a nice TV, and an HD source rather than curse at myself for being 10 minutes late to the theater that charges $35/ticket… and I *would* be late cause my friends are never on time and the traffic gods are always against me.

    Wait, I already did spend too much getting a nice home entertainment system… I’ll stick with Netflix, gotta love being able to pause the movie.

  26. xredgambit says:

    mmmm duck tacos
    Thats all I want
    maybe they will have pop cavier with butter made from the milk of mountain lions.

  27. CountryJustice says:

    I think it’s a fine idea for a once-every-now-and-then kind of thing. On a regular basis, though? No thank you.

  28. ARP says:

    Ugh- South Barrington. South Barrington is a suburb of McMansions with new rich, who think that money buys them class.

    Here’s an example (can’t find link): A family bought a house next to his son’s high school, so his son could park in the driveway and walk to school. All the student parking spots were taken.

    BOT- I think some of the extras (slippers) are frivolous and don’t add real value to the experience. If they can drop the price into the high teens or low 20’s it might be worth it.

    • Haltingpoint says:

      @ARP: As someone who lived in North Barrington and attend Barrington High School (where South Barrington kids go as well) I feel I am qualified to weigh in.

      First, while South Barrington has the McMansions on small lots of land, there IS a lot of money out there. However I’m guessing the real market for this will the be families from neighboring Barrington Hills where the families own the REAL mansions and the properties to go with it. There’s just no commercial land out in the Hills.

      The family you mention had a kid in my grade. There was another family who bought the land across the screen from the school and made it into an open lot for their daughter and her friends. This is a school that has kids purchasing two parking lot spaces for their hummers.

      I moved out here from Chicago w/ my family at the end of sophomore year in high school and lets just say that the families who actually have money don’t really care if it buys them class. They just care that they have more money than you.

      There are families with some SERIOUS “fuck you” money out here, but please keep in mind there are many that are like my family where we are well to do, but have a reasonably modest house and land, and are not snobs. The majority of people who grew up in Barrington though are very much like that though. Thank god I came from the city.

  29. Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

    We have a “Premium Cinema” here in Massachusets, about a 20 minute drive from our house. $15 a head gets you leather seats, two of your own armrests, a tray table, THX spec theater, a full bar (for pay, not included) and included soda and popcorn. (I was going to call it ‘free soda and popcorn’, but it’s not really free, you pay for it with your ticket.) On the rare occasion that we go to the movies, it’s either the PC or the IMAX theater across the street from it. $15, to me, is a small price to pay for a kid-free environment, filled with patrons that paid a premium to see the movie, who are far more likely to sit quietly and watch, turn their cell phones off, and generally act more like human beings than the great unwashed at the mall gigaplex.

  30. betatron says:

    i might pay $35 to have a nice, enjoyable time with my schmoopie, but for $35 dollars, the movie better be beyond awesome.

    Bottom line: no matter how great the “experience”, this concept will crater unless the quality of their movies is uniformly excellent. Based on a quick perusal of the last 50 films to have nationwide distribution… not gonna work.

  31. jwm1314 says:

    $20 for that, max. I’d pay good money for good food and some nice tables to eat them on (opposed to my lap), but $35 + food for just a movie is crazy. Give me more than just the movie. Like no ads, maybe a short feature, etc.

  32. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    I’m up for it only if that $35 includes bouncers with a borderline-nazi-zeal for rule enforcement. If I’m spending $35 to watch a movie with some amenities, I better not be expected to put up with people talking to the screen, loudly to each other or to whoever they are on the phone with.

  33. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i have a super favorite movie theatre near me. second run movies and some special events [serenity on the big screen for charity!!]

    tickets: $4.50

    serves: beer, wine, wings, burgers, pizza, subs, ice cream, cheesecake

    seating: comfy rolling padded swivel chairs and individual tables in a tiered layout so you don’t have anyone’s head in your view

    and my personal favorite [waits for the lambasting] : smoking section for all shows starting after 9pm

    no, you don’t get brought a blanket, but you could bring your own. and you’d know it’s clean if you washed it yourself

    as for the theatre in the article? for $35 i better get to take the plastic wrap off those slippers and take them home when i am done. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty

  34. jojo319 says:

    The only thing I would personally pay extra for is an ENFORCED no talking policy. So when they put a price on “Shut the hell up!”, let me know.

  35. opticnrv says:

    I used to go all the time in Australia. The main selling point isn’t emphasized in this posting. The best thing about this is the individualized waiter service (you can tell then how many minutes into the movie you would like each item served) and the WONDERFUL huge spacious Lazyboy style recliners. Well worth the price for special nights out on the town, or that movie you’ve been waiting to see for over a year! Watchmen? I’m so there!

  36. sleepydumbdude says:

    Drop it to 25 then I’d go, 35 is too much unless I get Popcorn and a drink or something included.

  37. scoosdad says:

    Now if they’d show a current Broadway show on the big screen in high def in this kind of theater once in awhile, it might be a reason for people who don’t normally go to movie theaters to get out and do it. Seeing “Cheaper By the Dozen 4” here won’t cut it.

    I read that the recent telecasts of the Broadway musical “Rent” in movie theaters recently was a huge success.

  38. Fly Girl says:

    I just think… $35 isn’t that much money for a movie now-a-days.

    Fly Boy and I don’t go to the movies often, but we went to see Choke last weekend. (We liked it.) Two tickets? $21.00. Ouch.

    Then we went to the concession stand to buy two small drinks and a medium popcorn. The kid at the counter was all, “Would you like to just make that a combo?” And I was like, “Sure, yeah, whatever.” The combo was, apparently, a LARGE popcorn and two MEDIUM drinks, so a little bit of an upgrade from what I was originally purchasing but I didn’t think it would make a huge difference in the price. Also, for some reason, movie theatres don’t have to advertise food prices… You order, they prepare it, and then you get a nice big *surprise!* at the end. I guess I was naive, but I wasn’t too worried about the cost… How much could two fountain drinks and a bag of popped corn cost? SEVENTEEN DOLLARS! WTFWTFWTF?! At that point, I damn near passed out, but I was too embarrassed to be like, “Thanks, but no thanks (on that Bridge to Nowhere)!” So I paid it and left the stand with my ridiculously overpriced food.

    In addition, we took the bus to the movie theatre to avoid having to pay for parking, and the bus is $1.75 per person per direction. So… We spent $22.75 per person for a movie, a fountain soda, a SHARED popcorn, and a bus ride. Plus, we still had to deal with crappy seats, sticky floors, and annoying people. Would I pay an extra $10.00 for a QUALITY experience?… Ya. I guess I would.

  39. chrisjames says:

    So you get some extras and a waiter? We have a dinner-and-movie place here that’s $5 a ticket. It’s goddamn cheaper to go to the upscale theater than any dirty, crowded, alternative-babysitter theaters. It works because you’re going to get dinner while you’re there, you’ll be too tempted (it’s fantastic food).

    Basic business: When the price of everything else is high, you eat the ticket costs to attract customers.

  40. pixiegirl1 says:

    I see like 1-3 movies a year and I wouldn’t pay that much money for them and almost always go during matinee. South Barrington is pretty posh suburb. Do they even have a home for sale under $600,000? I don’t think so but I could be wrong with the current real estate market you have to be rolling in the benjamins to be able to live there. I’ll just stick to deer park theaters matinees lol.

  41. econobiker says:

    Will they still have 10 minutes of advertisements before the main showing?

  42. henrygates says:

    I’ll just sneak in my own bottle of Dom Perignon, thanks.

  43. EYESONLY says:

    At first I thought the last word in that headline was strippers.

    Which would’ve made a lot more sense, no?

  44. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Are the blankets going to be as nice as the ones the airlines provide????

  45. This is a losing battle for the theaters. Given the drop in large HDTV prices, the proliferation of solid home theater equipment, and the shrinking window between theatrical release and DVD/BD release (and, ahem, torrents), the relative benefit of seeing a movie on the big screen vs. watching in on my couch has all but collapsed. I’ll take the free food and drinks, the ability to pause and pee, and the assurance that no one is going to be answering their cell phone or kicking my chair over a $35 crap-shoot any day, even if it means that I have to wait a couple of months to see a flick. It doesn’t help that 99% of the crap that’s been put out in the last few years isn’t worth $1, let alone $35.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @AtomicPlayboy: I totally agree with that, though there are certain movies that I gladly went to see in the theater..namely Iron Man and The Dark Knight this year. Those movies are simply better enjoyed with audience interaction and energy.

      I’ve had to deal with kids screaming in the theater, and I’ve had to deal with unruly adults as well. It’s sort of a gamble, but generally I have never had a movie-going experience absolutely ruined.

    • Barney_The Plug_ Frank says:

      href=”#c8132844″>AtomicPlayboy: I couldn’t agree w/ you more–well said!

  46. vision4bg says:

    I used to go to Gold Class in Australia all the time. I can’t go back to normal movie viewing now… just awesome and totally worth the price.

  47. FSugino says:

    If you go there, be sure to check out the $695 dessert wine. Have you checked out their menu? It’s completely nuts, even for South Barrington!

  48. orange20854 says:

    My only concern is when it comes time to sneak into a double feature…its one thing if the theatre seats 150, but how am I supposed to blend in when the theatre only seats 15, and everyone there is in a tuxedo?!

  49. BytheSea says:

    I’d try it once for something really special, like a birthday, but I wouldn’t go again. It’s for the elite, folks. Not us.

  50. navstar says:

    It better be a good movie! No Dane Cook romantic comedies ever!

  51. WRXChick says:

    We’re getting one close to us, in Fairview, TX. Cinemark and Studio Movie Grill (much like Alamo Drafthouse) are within a few miles, so people will be able to see the same movie for less than $10 per ticket. And, well, Studio Movie Grill serves alcohol and decent food (all you can eat pizza nights FTW) for less than that $35 ticket.

  52. SalilaAliquippa says:

    Not unusual in the UK. Its ruined normal cinemas for me now, couldnt possibly go back. I pay £12 for a leather reclining armchair that almost goes flat, 42 people (over 18’s only) in the cinema max (you cant even reach the next person easily) free popcorn & soft drinks, quality audio and free parking. Honestly, you havent lived.

    I’d tell you where mine is but then you’d go and frankly you can all fk off its mine!

  53. wellfleet says:

    I would absolutely pay more for a luxe experience. I would pay that much just to not have to choke down my rage when some asshat answers the phone IN THE MIDDLE of Michael Clayton and proceeds to talk like it’s nothing. And no babies or teenagers or asshats. Def worth the money.

  54. Quilt says:

    But what’s a movie theater without the sticky floor?

  55. i’d probably go once… it would make for a nice date, but i still get to see a movie, and i don’t have to go to the theater with nice seats and stadium seating and an 82 health score (yes, 82. apparently, at last inspection, they had the hotdogs out on the roler-cooker at 80 degrees. oh, and this is the 3rd B-grade inspection. in a row.)

  56. chartrule says:

    i wouldn’t mind that kind of theater

    not having to leave your seat if you want food or beverages….

    especially the no under 18’s

  57. 3drage says:

    For $35 I could buy the Blu Ray version of the movie. Then for what I would spend on popcorn and a large soda, I could order a large pizza and a 2 litre bottle of soda. Not only is the movie mine forever, but better food and privacy.

  58. no.no.notorious says:

    i don’t see the point. i mean, it’s nice and all, but movies only last about 2 hrs at the most. it’s not worth it.

    my mom always tells me about when she used to be able to go to the theater and see the movie as many times as she wanted when paying the one ticket price. when any beatle movie came out, she’d sit there like the whole day and watch it about 6 or 7 times before leaving and only pay $1 or $2.

    ah. those were the days

  59. TessNarbie says:

    i have been to a few Gold Class in Melbourne Australia. It is great. No screaming kids, no crowds, good food. Not an $8 hot dog thats crap. Or a $6, 1/2 bucket of popcorn and $2 extra for butter. Not a seat where you share the armrest with someone else you dont know, or someones head blocking your view. We need them in NY

  60. dancing_bear says:

    Barrington is loaded with cash, if this can work anywhere it will work in this Stepford town. All those executives with their two years severance pay have plenty of time and cash to weather the downturn at the fancy theatre.

    Personally, for thirty five bucks, I want the chair to stroke my thigh, delicately. I also want the chair to respect me, while whispering complimentary things, about my stuff, in my ear.

  61. floydianslip6 says:

    I just hit the drive in, bring your own food, bring your own drinks, $20 a car, two movies.

  62. psyop63b says:

    Do you remember video arcades? Know what killed them? Technology in the home video game experience caught up to the arcades. Now, home theater technology is at a point where it rivals the movie theater experience. With skyrocketing ticket prices, overpriced concessions and 20 minutes of ads showing before each feature, the theatergoing experience has become less attractive with each passing year. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear these places were trying to drive customers away. I believe that in 10 years you’ll start to see theaters shutting down in droves.

  63. jcargill says:

    $35 to watch Legally Blond III? Slippers and blankets still don’t make the latest Hollywood crap palatable.

    I think I’ll stay home, thanks.

  64. MrEvil says:

    The Alamo Draft House theaters in Texas have all of that except the Valet parking, recliners, and blankets. The Alamo also has a no kids policy there except for certain shows.

  65. The same Alamo Draft house theatre that requires you to buy an entree before letting you use your free movie pass? Oh well, they ARE showing Cronenburgs classic movie “Scanners” in a few days.

  66. CharityCaecus says:

    10+ for a regular ticket is unheard of in my town. The theater I work in is 6 bucks for matinees or seniors, 6 for children, 6.50 for students and 7.50 for an adult ticket. I can’t imagine spending ten bucks on a ticket, let alone 35.

  67. groverexploder says:

    I voted yes solely for the pleasure of answering a question with the response “Pass the duck tacos.”

    I have the feeling I will not utter that very terribly often in my life.

  68. groverexploder says:

    that phrase

  69. Justifan says:

    might be a good idea for the well off. if you can afford to avoid the morons that tend to flood the multiplexs well more power to ya.

  70. gonz says:

    do not know if this has been said yet, but that movie better have a happy ending.

  71. oneandone says:

    I’ve been very tempted to bring my own small-ish blanket to movie theaters (they always feel chilly). Instead, I bring a couple sweatshirts. I worry that the blanket would be frowned upon – but now I feel emboldened!

    Drink service would be nice, but if I drank as much (soda) as I felt like it during a theater movie, there would have to be at least one bathroom break. If beer was delivered, that would be even worse. I’m all for bringing back the intermissions.