There’s a pretty nasty e. coli outbreak going on in Michigan and Illinois — apparently “industrial” sized bags of lettuce from a Michigan company called “Aunt Mids” have been contaminated. Among those affected were students at Michigan State and the University of Michigan and some inmates at Lenawee County Jail. [Michigan Department Of Community Health & Progressive Grocer] (Thanks, Alex!)


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  1. Glad I skipped the salad bar at lunch today. Yikes.

  2. silver-bolt says:

    So the only people affected are people in cultural jail and actual jail? Hmm, I don’t see the problem here >_>

  3. bovinekid says:

    The best part is that the feed those “we’re the Harvard of the Midwest” punks the same thing they feed prisoners.

    • katieoh says:

      @bovinekid: hahahaha. people really need to learn that if your school isn’t an ivy, IT’S NOT AN IVY. i hate this “xyz of the [region]” crap. you’re not xyz, get over it.

  4. Not Alvis says:

    University and jail? I bet Sodexho’s involved somehow.

    • Needy's Body says:

      @Clold: Oh sweet Jesus I thought I was the only one who knew the evils of Sodexho! I worked as an admin assistant at the UNLV student union dining area and they were shit about keeping food safe – we had garbage guys IN THEIR GARBAGE GLOVES handling food. My boss would just grab it and put it back. And then there was the rat problem, and the faking-the-health-inspection-by-moving-the-same-four-thermometers-from-kitchen-to-kitchen incident…

    • kbrook says:

      @Clold: Sodexho took over the food at Southeast Missouri State Univ as I was leaving, and the food quality took a sharp downward plunge. And frankly, it was pretty damn crappy to begin with…

  5. Shark1998 says:

    HA! I guess they won’t be tossing anybodies salad for a while….chuckle ;)

  6. technopimp says:

    Oh good…I live in Lenawee County…pretty close to the jail actually.

  7. timmus says:

    Now how did fecal bacteria get into this latest batch of vegetables? Yet again I hear crickets from the media and health authorities.