Timberland Offering Up To $150 To Recipients Of Its Text Message Spam

Did you receive text message spam from Timberland between 2003 and last month? If so, you may be eligible for $150 in we’re-not-admitting-guilt apology money from them, according to Info World:

Under the terms of a preliminary settlement agreement, [Timberland and e-commerce company GSI] will pay $7 million into a cash fund to reimburse those who received the messages, according to KamberEdelson LLC, one of the law firms that helped bring the suit.

To sign up for your slice of the $7 million pie—pending court approval—visit www.timberlandtextsettlement.com and register as a claimant. You have to register by Feburary 2nd, 2009.

“Timberland pays out to settle text spam lawsuit” [InfoWorld via IntoMobile]

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