No Power On Earth Can Compel FedEx To Actually Deliver Your Package

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but reader Robbie has done everything short of hire someone to wait for his package, and still FedEx will not deliver it. Instead, despite Robbie’s best efforts, they keep leaving “Sorry you weren’t here” notes outside his door.

Robbie says:

1) I get a door tag on the door to my apartment with the box checked for “sign here for us to leave your package”.

2) The next day there’s another door tag for the same package, left right above the old signed door tag! I sign both door tags. On day 3, there’s yet a door tag, this time in the entrance hall of the apartment (this time he didn’t come up to my room to see the notes).

3) I call and ask about it, they say a signature isn’t even required (it’s a pair of shoes) and that the guy should have left it, that they will request another delivery, but “they can’t guarantee anything.” They take my phone number and say the guy will call me if he has any trouble.

4) I call back 3 additional times, getting the same response with a “we can ask the station to redeliver, but can’t guarantee anything” each time, and with them encouraging me to call back to ask again (?!)–They take no ownership of the issue or even acknowledge that there’s something wrong.

5) Finally I escalate and ask to talk to a “customer advocate”, who eventually calls the station (the other operators said they could only send electronic notices) and specifically orders re-delivery, and for them to leave it no matter what. Again, I provide them with my phone number (and the apartment door system is linked to my cell phone, so if he’d have buzzed, I would have known). I leave a signed door tag and a post it note with a request for them to leave the package, both on my front door *and* in the apartment entryway.

6) I return Saturday night to find another door tag, on the outside door to the entryway. My signed door tag and note is clearly visible from the outside door. Another door tag for another resident is on another mailbox!

7) The guy littered! The paper that covers the sticky part of the door tag is discarded on the pavement.

As a frequent online shopper, I’ve been at this place for a year and have had FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS deliver at least 2 dozen packages without incident. They all seem to have the keys to the building, and our door intercom is fully functional.

At this point I’m pretty sick of talking to FedEx. I’m tempted to email this to a senior executive (or one of their competitors). Any ideas?

If you ask me, delivery people who keep neglecting to ring the doorbell and instead leave those horrific notes are the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man.

That’s why we were pleased when Robbie sent us an update and said that he’s been getting a positive response so far after emailing FedEx’s executives. Good luck, Robbie.

If any of you are having similar issues, here is some contact information for you. And, of course, if you’ve ever had any success dealing with one of these evil, evil, note leaving delivery people, please do share your secret in the comments.

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