Dell: We Can Only Send You The Wrong Kind Of Battery

Dell charged this guy’s daughter over $200 for replacement batteries that don’t even match her laptop. When her battery died, Dell sent her the wrong battery. Since she was out of warranty, Dell insisted that they could only continue to send her the wrong battery. When she asked why, Bill says the a supervisor repeatedly said, “I don’t know ma’am, that’s not my problem.”

As a company trying to turn around its image as being customer-service indifferent, “that’s not my problem” should not be in any customer service rep’s vocabulary. A self-described “computer guy,” Bill used to recommend Dell when people asked what kind of computer to get. After this experience, detailed more fully on his blog, no longer. Now he recommends Lenovo, and buying your batteries on Amazon.

Dell Laptop Battery Support Problems [Bits From Bill] (Thanks to Catherine!) (Photo: Ben Popken)

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