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Bank Of America’s site has been down for several hours today. Coincidence? Related to its purchase of Merill Lynch? Outcome of market turmoil? Uncertain, but it is certain that BoA customers can’t do any online banking right now. UPDATE: It’s back up, but so slow as to make it practically nonfuctional. [cNet]


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  1. meske says:

    Last I checked, ML wasn’t scheduled to close till Feb ’09, I’m sure nothing is being done at this point to integrate the sites.

  2. Hawkins says:

    It’s back up, but dog-slow.

    In probably unrelated news, B of A stock (BAC) lost almost six percent of its value today: [] .


  3. photodesign says:

    Hey, I’ve been having problems with it all day, and I though “If is really down, I’d probably see it on Consumerist”

    And voila! Thanks for the info.

  4. howie_in_az says:

    Maybe there’s an electronic run on the bank?

  5. stacye says:

    Well, pings to the site come back relatively quickly… and a tracert completes with no latency issues…

    So it’s got to be their own servers that have a problem. No problem with the internet connection.

  6. stacye says:

    A huge link comes up for a Low Res of the site.

  7. midwestkel says:

    The site is working just fine for me.

  8. tankertodd says:

    Mondays are bad days for banking technology in general. Releases are done over the weekend and Monday is the first day the changes are load-tested. ML has zero do to with it.

  9. Triterion says:

    I think someone should make a site that reports if BOA is down or not… It seems like online banking is down several hours every couple of days, and this report confirms that it’s the bank that has the most outages: []

  10. ViperBorg says:

    Hmm… not loading for me. Not concerned though, as I don’t bank there.

  11. emilymarion333 says:

    I just logged in a few mins ago…. and was able to transfer funds..I did not try to access it earlier today though..

  12. Nenne says:

    I was able to get in after refreshing but apparently you can’t even log onto your account if it’s in GA.

  13. asynja says:

    There have been routing problems today on the east coast getting west on Level3 via Atlanta and Dallas…Dallas being where the server is actually located.

    The same thing happened Saturday night, as well.

    I’m not saying it’s UP, I’m just pointing out that you may not be able to see it from where you sit on the net’s topology at the moment.

    • paleck says:


      What we noticed earlier today is tha XO Communications was having some severe problems. Some providers could get to XO and others couldn’t. The disruption went as far as disrupting an in-town T1 circuit.

  14. johnnya2 says:

    BOA is doing lots of updates folding in their LaSalle accounts. It is expected their will be some issues foing this.

  15. NotYou007 says:

    I just logged into my account and the site is running just fine. I’ve never had a single issue with the site though. I’ve never seen it down or have I ever seen it run slow.

    I know most hate BOFA but I love them. Free checking account, nice phone reps and the tellers at my local branches are awesome.

  16. Exek says:

    I just noticed over the weekend that they added a feature where I can see an image all the checks that were part of a deposit. So I wonder if that could be why it was slow earlier.

  17. lawnmowerdeth says:

    I still can’t get into my account details once I’m logged in. Glad the bill isn’t due right now.

  18. conn88h says:

    Down again for RI accounts, according the the website.