Purina Isn't Bothered By Dog Food Infested With Fly Larvae, Maggots

Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. After taking her dogs to the vet, Christina called Purina for an explanation, only to be told: “As soon as our food leaves our factory, it is no longer our responsibility.”

My husband and I found live maggots and larva in a bag of Purina Beneful last week. I bought it at a Petsmart in Kitchener last Sunday, and opened it on Wednesday. I had already fed our two labs two meals of the infested food before realizing there were numerous maggots and fly larva. When I called to speak with Purina about this the response I got as…”as soon as our food leaves our factory, it’s no longer our problem.” …disappointing.

I then brought this up with Petsmart’s main office, who claims it is not their responsibility either.

My husband and I are furious…our dogs have been sick for 4 days now…they have chronic diarrhea and are not themselves.

CTV picked up the story, but Purina didn’t seem interested in talking to them either:

(Photo: Getty)

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