Comcast Merges With Thrifty Liquor

That would certainly explain some things.


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  1. WEGGLES90 says:

    Good thing you blocked the first phone number.. but not the other 2 :P

  2. wattznext says:

    The liquor part makes sense. However, the words thrifty and Comcast should never appear in the same sentence…

  3. British Benzene says:

    Customer Service for cable companies and liquor?


  4. Triborough says:

    Perhaps Thrifty Liquor is the parent company of Comcast. That would explain a lot.

  5. Bladefist says:

    Comcast probably assumed it would be better for you to just get drunk and forget about it – cuz, it just ain’t gonna happen.

    Timewarner did the same thing to my DVR. The new software is horrid. The old one, flawless.

  6. lalaland13 says:

    I used to go to Shreveport fairly often, so this cracks me up. At least they didn’t tell you to go to the Horseshoe Casino or something “since you’re going to lose your money anyway.”

  7. Geblah187 says:

    I *KNEW* it!

    For years, i’ve been saying “Comcast have to be totally smashed, there’s no way they are that stupid.”

    Now we have proof!

  8. xkaluv says:

    I’m going to guess that she looked up payment centers instead… I bet Thrifty Liquor is a place you can pay.

    • PinkBox says:

      The closest Post Office where I live is located INSIDE of an Ace Hardware store, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Thrifty Liquor is an actual payment center for Comcast.

      Still a little odd that they’d put one there.

  9. I can’t resist.

    It’s Comcastic! Or maybe even Comcastaholic!

  10. mike says:

    Grocery stores and most western unions can now accept payments for most utilities.

    Not sure how the funding all works but I’m pretty sure the Thrifty Liquor was legit.

  11. tmed says:


  12. Gopher bond says:

    Comcast now offers broadband hard liquors but it caps you at 250mL.

  13. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Yeah, there’s a Brighthouse payment center inside a Shell station here.. along with a Church’s Chicken and a Subway…

  14. steveliv says:

    i was on live chat, and they gave the address and phone number for Party Dollar!

  15. am84 says:

    I agree – the new Comcast DVR software sucks.

  16. dmuth says:

    Well, that would make the bill easier to deal with. Especially if Comcast threw in a bottle of rum for every 250 GB downloaded.

  17. DangerousLiberal says:

    Comcast was going to put the payment center in the adult bookstore next door until they realized that it would cut into broadband sales. The upside: more people would go unashamedly go into a building marked “XXX Videos” than would go into a building marked “Comcast.”

    As soon as Comcast and TWC figure out how to deliver liquor through the intertubes, they will kick the liquor stores to the curb.

  18. mythago says:

    I am now rethinking my previous anti-Comcast stance. Maybe I’ll call them up today and order their voice, data and cable plan PLUS a case of vodka!

  19. Preyfar says:

    Yeah, but with the Comcast Vodka Plus Plan, you’re limited to consuming no more than 250 liquid milligrams of content per month or they send you a letter telling you to cut back.

  20. Caduceus says:

    Man, the jokes write themselves.

  21. Invective says:

    I don’t find it funny. This is a tactic used by Microsoft owned utility companies. They can send you to a ‘convenient payment center’, but don’t have any actual live representatives you can talk with. This effectively allows utilities like power to use extortion techniques. PUCs are more and more being bought off so they rubber stamp ideas like this, since they have no clue and don’t care what the utilities are up to. From there they move on to back door deals without public comment and eventually the customer is cut completely out. Avista utilities does this. Microsoft’s predatory practices coming to a utility company near you. Chuckle if you like, I call it fraud. IF you own a company, it damn well better do business as a company, otherwise it’s fraud. Especially since most utilities are needed and not just a luxury item. ‘High Speed’ Internet has moved into this category really. I won’t go into why people put up with the false market power is, or why it’s legal to buy up Fuel Cell Companies and then burn them, or repackage them as backup appliances. [] (I have nothing to do with any of these companies.) Cable is a bad thing anyway. Satellite cuts out the middle person…

  22. loueloui says:

    I actually called this number. (Okay so working from home plus free long distance equals cheap thrills) They said they’re actually a comcast in a grocery store. She was kinda vague about that though. I asked her if it was thrifty liquors, and she said some other name I couldn’t recognize.

  23. xillip says:

    Yes, this is a liquor store that accepts payments for all kind of utilities. They are just up the street from me. You would not believe the number of people that pay extra for this “service” because they do not trust the USPS. The store spends so much time collecting payments it is sometimes impossible to get your liquor.