Microsoft Wants You To Know That They're Proud To Be "A PC"

The next phase of Microsoft’s new advertising campaign launches today, and the company is taking some shots at Apple’s ubiquitous “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” tv spots. The New York Times says that the new campaign will feature interesting, exciting people (like the dude in the shark cage above) embracing their “PCness.”

One new Microsoft commercial even begins with a company engineer who resembles John Hodgman, the comedian portraying the loser PC character in the Apple campaign. “Hello, I’m a PC,” the engineer says, echoing Mr. Hodgman’s recurring line, “and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

The commercials are the work of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the ad agency behind such familiar oddities as the creepy Burger “King.” The spots will feature celebrities, too: “actress Eva Longoria, the author Deepak Chopra and the singer Pharrell Williams,” are expected to appear.

How exciting. It’s just like the “Cola Wars”… only nerdier.

Echoing the Campaign of a Rival, Microsoft Aims to Redefine ‘I’m a PC’ [NYT]


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  1. ironchef says:

    sorry but the current campaign is lost and pointless. CPB usually does good work but when they bomb, they bomb BIG.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    “I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

    Oh no, not the victim card! This sounds like one giant FAIL.

    Apple for the win.

  3. IphtashuFitz says:

    Despite all the hype I never even saw the first Jerry Seinfeld ad, and I’m not all that disappointed about that fact.

  4. meske says:

    At the end of the day, Appl is both HW and SW, so they are selling a package. Microsoft is selling an OS, and these commercials are essentially supporting all the manufactures / users that build PC’s running Windows.

    I’m curious how much Appl has spent in marketing dollars to increase their share, while the PC market has been moving along with little more than some adverts from HP.

  5. vastrightwing says:

    Dude! You’re getting a Dell!

  6. BrianDaBrain says:

    If these commercials are anywhere near as bad as those idiotic BK commercials… I don’t know. I can’t remember the last CPB commercial that was actually interesting.

  7. Carl3000 says:

    How is the shark cage guy a PC, is he doing a microsoft excel spreadsheet in there

    • @Carl3000: Agreed, they don’t even show a PC. At least in the apple/pc commercials, they show screen shots and sometimes the product.

      As for Deepak Chopra, whenever I hear his name, I instantly hear Julia Sweeny in my head saying “Deepak Chopra is full of sh!t”, from one of her performances.

  8. lightaugust says:

    Are they sure that ‘trapped underwater in a cage, while the sharks are (literally) circling’ is what they were aiming for?

    Interesting choice, that.

  9. opsomath says:

    Great commercial! You’re right, Microsoft, having a PC is like being trapped in a metal cage. Underwater. With sharks.

  10. mike says:

    Microsoft, you lose the war when you got greedy and decided to do the whole monopoly thing.

    You can’t get out of jail until you role a double.

    I have to say that I really want a Mac because it’s kinda like linux (with terminal and all) and it will run my iphone!

    Linux can’t do that yet. That makes me sad.

    • gqcarrick says:

      @linus: You are yelling at Microsoft for a monopoly, when there isn’t such a thing with Linux and OSX out there, but do you realize Apple has a monopoly also only allowing their operating system to run on their computers? Well unless you have a hackintosh or something. Apple is one of the most proprietary companies out there, Microsoft atleast tries to play nice with other companies because it knows it needs them.

      • ironchef says:

        @gqcarrick: You can run Linux and PC operating systems on a Mac. And MacOSX comes FREE with the computer you buy.

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @gqcarrick: Google “monopoly” and get back to us? Thanks!

      • ELC says:

        @gqcarrick: What a joke – old FUD. How can they be proprietary when all of the parts they use are standard “PC” parts.

        They just put them together so much better, actually choose the better vendors instead of the bottom-of-the barrel ones (like Dell), and have a kickin’ OS to run on them. They don’t want that effort screwed up by allowing just anybody to add crap to their machines.

  11. Craig says:

    Just another case of Microsoft poorly imitating an Apple concept because they can’t come up with something original on their own. (And given that I use Windows more than I use a Mac, I really wish they would get their act together.)

  12. Craig says:

    Apple should do a commercial with a diver swimming with whale sharks holding a sign saying “I’m a Mac.” (Either that or diving the Great Barrier Reef surrounded by tropical fish.)

  13. Xerloq says:

    I told ’em not to do it. Would’ve been more interesting to replay the subservient chicken angle.

    But as the NYT pointed out they can’t sit idly by and let Apple attack, but they can’t be heavy handed. To quote Bart Simpson, “Well… you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.”

    Have a good day, all.

  14. boomerang86 says:

    Last month I finally caved and tried out a new PC with Vista Home Premium pre-loaded. It worked fine for two weeks, then pulled an OS update that caused IE to lock up the system so bad a forced shutdown was the only way to recover. Even after that, the only way I could get IE to play nice was in safe mode… NOT COOL.

    Took that PC back to the store; I’m much happier back on XP.

  15. processfive says:

    And of course, it’s worth noting that Crispin Porter is an all-Mac shop, as I understand it… so even these “I’m a PC” ads were created using Apple hardware and software.

    • Vulpine says:

      Ooooh! If this is true, this could go the same way as the old “Intel Inside” ads back in the 90’s, where the beautiful “flying Intel chip” graphic was created on PPC Macs.

  16. Vulpine says:

    @gqcarrick: How can you claim that Apple is a monopoly? Apple is a computer company who sells an integrated product, just like Sony with their Playstation and Nintendo with their Wii and other models.

    On the other hand, Microsoft had a monopoly in the past, going so far as to demand that only Windows be sold on any of a given brand’s hardware; a significant difference.

    Microsoft’s problem today is that they are almost forced to accomodate any quality of hardware a manufacturer chooses to use in their computers, where Apple at least tries to control the hardware quality and as a result the user experience on that hardware.
    And if you don’t think that makes a difference, explain to me why certain Windows application developers today publish a minimum hardware specification and refuse to support that software in any machine that does not meet those specs?

  17. Jabberslops says:

    All of you people saying “PC” and “Apple/Mac” are taking Apples bait with the TV commercials. News flash! Apple sells PC’s, Apple is a PC hardware and software company. The only thing that separates Windows From OS X
    are how they were coded. You put Linux on a PC, it is still a PC. You do the same with Windows or Mac OS X and it is also the same. When did it change? When did Apple branded computers suddenly become something other than a PC?

    • Vulpine says:


      [quote]When did Apple branded computers suddenly become something other than a PC?[/quote]

      When PC became synonomous with the Windows operating system back in 1984.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @ironchef: yeah, i have to second skwigger here. part of the added cost of an apple IS the operating system, so it’s not really free. you could easily build a mac pro with comparable (or better) components for <$1000. so what does the other $1800 go to?

      • ironchef says:

        @mac-phisto: The money went into better engineering. Macs run quieter and cooler. Plus the build quality is far superior. You have to check out the insides of a MacPro versus a typical PC. It’s night and day how much better the cabling, architecture, and design that went into the machine.

        Also macs do cost extra…but you do save it in the long run by the fact you don’t need expensive annual outlays for antivirus apps to bog down the machine performance.

    • chrisjames says:

      @Jabberslops: I think the PC/Mac distinction was only raised back when the two giants didn’t run on cross-compatible hardware or do what you describe. Now they can (sort of) so the distinction is moot, although it was inane to begin with. What remains is the post-culture that thinks Windows=PC and Mac=Cult.

      Debate=Pointless marketing hype.

    • processfive says:

      @Jabberslops: “The only thing that separates Windows From OS X are how they were coded”

      Wow. Just… wow. You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

      Until you really have a solid understanding of operating systems and computer architecture in general, I’d suggest staying out of platform-superiority discussions.

    • quail says:

      I’m prepared to be shouted down by Apple fans, but here goes: With the cost of the Mac why can’t they ship it with a 3 button mouse? Why, oh why? Or did I miss the last change over and they’ve finally stopped pushing their idiotic one button mouse? (Every Mac owner I know went out and bought better meeses.)

      I’ve been eyeballing the Mac for some time for myself. But haven’t made the switch. Maybe the beginning of next year or something.

      As far as Microsoft goes, they got into trouble with the Vista Compatible doonbongle. Remember when Vista first came out they said all you needed was 1GB of memory. Now they recommend a minimum of 2GB. Too many PCs were built that couldn’t handle the OS. Created a reputation that it was Vista’s problem when it was just as much the manufacturer trying to keep last year’s price points.

      • MonkeyMonk says:

        @quail: Macs have shipped with the 4-button/scroll-wheeled “Mighty Mouse” for at least a couple years now. Unfortunately it’s still a pretty crappy mouse, IMO, and I ended up replacing it with a new Logitech one within a few weeks.

        Overall though, I love the Mac. I set it up to run Windows in addition to OSX and i’ve never regretted it.

  18. skwigger says:

    @ironchef “FREE with the computer you buy?!?!” First, if you buy and OEM computer from HP/Dell/etc., you usually get a version of Windows with it. Secondly, as a Mac owner, the operating system is anything but free. Have you seen the price of Apple computers compared to PCs, and you still have to pay to upgrade the operating system.

  19. MrBiggles says:

    I’m a big mac user, and an even bigger engineering geek, but I kinda liked the Seinfeld/Gates commercials. It won’t make me buy a PC, but it made me laugh.

  20. Bladefist says:

    I like MS, they don’t charge the apple tax, and they make their development tools easy and free. They revolutionized the world, and now everyone has a PC at work.

    Apple makes a good product, and turned into a popularity contest. Their attacks on MS Windows is kind of lame, considering Windows works on any hardware, and apple can restrict support to hardware they certify. Apple restricts their developer network. I would certainly be a much less productive member of society w/o windows.

    They aren’t perfect, but they make a good product, and sell it for a good price. I bought 3 PC’s the other day with Windows XP Pro, each costing $175. Find me new apple that costs 175. You cant even buy an ipod for that.

    • dequeued says:

      Windows sucks, and the only reason it’s successful is that most people simply aren’t very demanding with their computers.

      Is anyone going to defend that assinine “You have unused icons on your desktop” bubble that keeps popping up?

      That prettymuch encapsulates Microsoft’s philosophy about operating systems:

      Help the user just enough to confuse or annoy them.

      I switched to linux as my main operating system almost a decade ago and I haven’t looked back.

      When I want to install the latest software, it’s a couple of clicks away in my package manager, when you want to install something on windows, you have to download some bloated self extracting binary shareware piece of crap.

      You can always always spot the dozens of “leftover” installer packages on any windows user’s desktop.

      It’s little things like that, that Microsoft hasn’t tried to fix for the last 10 years that are so annoying.

    • lannister80 says:

      @Bladefist: OS X is a trillion times better than XP or Vista. People buy Macs for the OS, not the hardware.

      Also, I just bought a pocket calculator for $5! You can’t even buy an iPod for that much! Holds about as true in terms of functionality.

      • Bladefist says:

        @lannister80: You’ll need to explain how it’s better, and in the context of my argument, how it creates jobs, and is fiscally responsible for individuals and businesses to purchase.

        Last I checked, a computer did more then an iPod, so that kills that argument. I explained the OS was good due to strict hardware requirements. That doesn’t help people who build their own machines. Yea I know you can hack OS X to work on a pc.

        Typical apple fan boy arguments ain’t gonna do it, give me something to think about.

        • dequeued says:


          You want something to think about?

          Okay, how about this.

          Just because windows is popular doesn’t make it better.

          Popularity seems to be the only thing Windows fanboys cite as being better about Windows.

          I can tell you why windows sucks, point by point.

          No software

          Software installation on windows is a joke.

          Linux is way ahead of Windows here.

          With a few keystrokes or clicks, I can have nearly anything I want installed and configured on my computer, the only bottleneck being my connection speed.

          OSX doesn’t come with a repository system by default, but it’s method of installing and de-installing apps is ellegant and powerful.

          It also works with the filesystem metaphore a lot better.

          Want to install Photoshop? Drag it from the CD into /Applications.

          In general, the file structure of Linux and OSX is superior.

          While the unix-like filesystem on linux can be intimidating at first, it is at least consistent and well documented.

          And it’s process and device filesystem interface is also very useful.

          Windows, of course, sprays all of it’s userland files and libraries in one directory.

          I could really go on all day, side by side, Windows is just CRAP.

          Let’s look at the interface shall we?

          Many windows controls have not been updated since Windows 3.0 back in 1990, and are still in common use today!

          And they look all the more awful wrapped in Vista’s tawdry plastic trim.

          Microsoft seems to think that Windows should be an “experience”, whereas Apple’s OSX is slim and fast.

          What if you want to search for a file?

          Windows will give you that annoying animated helper that takes forever to load and makes you answer one question at a time to get anything done.

          OSX Gives you an unintrusive search box that loads pretty quickly, and has almost all the options you might need on the first pane.

          But if that’s not enough, you can load more with once click.

          There are so many examples like this, but I think I have done enough for now to defend the honor of alternative operating systems.

  21. mac-phisto says:

    what a poor decision – they’re playing right into apple’s hands.

    i don’t mean to knock apple (or linux) – both are really cool operating systems. but let’s look at the reality – both have significant drawbacks in comparison to windows.

    nothing beat’s apple’s fluidity, but they’re 2-5x more expensive than comparable PCs & you may find yourself using boot-camp or wmware for the programs that simply don’t have mac alternatives. linux is incredible in its power & speed, but it’s simply not accessible enough for the average user. it’s potential is awesome, but it’s simply not packaged for joe public.

    i mean, we all know this…is this marketing agency that dumb that the obvious escapes them?

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @mac-phisto: Sigh. I’ll say this once since it’ll be posted multiple times by the PC fanboys.
      Once you winnow out the ghetto configs, and buy a comparable system (the vast consensus on the last Dell Is Hell story was, Dell Business (avoid their Consumer division like the plague), with Gold Support and when you choose the Dell config to match what comes standard on a Mac, Macs are equal or cheaper. Especially considering the attractive, useful software that comes bundled (iLife, the security stuff, etc), versus the demo/bloatware that comes on Windows.
      Leaving alone the design – if you use a computer most of your day, wouldn’t you want a thing of beauty to look at? Life’s too short for ugly, people.

      Can you buy a $500 laptop bigger than a phonebook, requires you to spend a day clearing off crap that’s infested your stock hard drive, then buy extra stuff to make barely functional and that doesn’t run the current OS? Sure.

      Do you think that your time – or peace of mind – has any dollar value whatever? Hell the hell no.

      • mac-phisto says:

        @Trai_Dep: i guess this is what you mean by a “ghetto build” (frankly, i’m not sure, b/c i frequently refer to dell/compaq/gateway as ghetto pc’s), but beating the price is actually very, very easy. here’s a quick example –> []

        add 2-yr protection plan for $100 & take your pick on a monitor. since i’m saving so much money, why not splurge on one of these –> [] & you might as well add some sound too –> []

        total build: $1680 vs. $2800. beats the crap out of your mac pro in speed, audio, video – it even has pretty lights. the only thing it doesn’t have is mac os x (perhaps gawker can help me with that).

  22. eelmonger says:

    Microsoft is really throwing money at marketing lately. I think the “Windows Mojave” commercials are a great way to shut up all the Vista haters, and this campaign seems like a good way to turn the Mac ads around. I’ll agree with the rest of the world though, in that the Gates/Seinfeld commercials are just plain awful.

    • thisisnotkathy says:

      @eelmonger: Yeah, those commercials are pretty good. I especially like how they get them talking bad about Vista first :-p I work in a computer repair place/help desk for my university and soooo many people come in for help and while we talk end up totally trashing Vista. There is no nice way to say that your system is messed up from all the shady stuff you got off of limewire or that your “friend who is good with computers” who deleted a bunch of program folders instead of actually uninstalling them is the reason your shit is so slow and having issues. I have my own issues with Vista (linux FTW!) but I don’t like it bashed by people who don’t even know what they are talking about :/

  23. randomangela47 says:

    I’ve used windows for as long as I can remember. The organization & everything just makes sense. I sit down in front of a mac and I have no idea how to do anything. For all their talk about how “intuitive” macs are, they are anything BUT intuitive for me.

    That said, windows has just thrown my brand loyalty (I hate the corporation but will stick with what makes sense to me) out the window with the latest version of office. I feel like I may as well be using a mac when I’m stuck using Office 2007… So why stick with Windows?

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @randomangela47: How much time did you actually spend with a Mac? It’s really easy to use. Really, really easy to use. I use a Mac at work and at home, and the ability to zoom out to see all of your windows saves the day when it comes to workflow efficiency. I can totally understand if everything you do is entirely Windows-based, like if your workplace does X application only in Windows, you’re just used to how things are – but Mac is really extremely easy and functional to use. It just takes a tiny amount of getting used to.

      • randomangela47 says:

        @IHaveAFreezeRay: I’ve had very limited experience with macs, but I don’t see how the “getting used to it” phase is worth it for me. My fiancee builds computers, so it’s cheaper and I get a better machine by getting all of his hand-me-downs (he’s a gamer, so “obsolete” hand-me-downs from him are only like a year old)!

        Instead I’m thinking of putting that “getting used to it” time into Linux… Anyone care to message me with suggestions on where to start & what version to install?

    • mac-phisto says:

      @randomangela47: you know i also hated office 2007 when i first started using it, but it’s starting to grow on me. it’s set up really stupid – what microsoft thinks are the “most used” functions are not at all what i need access to all the time – do they even know what their customers use their programs for??!? once i customized the “quick access toolbar”, it got a lot better. i also like that they expanded the usefulness of the right-click.

      on the downside, i don’t think i’ll ever figure out mail-merge or forms in this iteration & i still find myself fighting the system with auto-formatting & auto-tabs (i’ve been doing that for a decade now, so no change there).

      anyway, i feel your pain…

    • magic8ball says:

      @randomangela47: Hear, hear. My university installed Office 2007 in all the labs, and the first time I looked at it I could not find the damn “save” button. I’ve been using Office for over 10 years, and suddenly they want me to learn how to use it all over again? The hell with that, I might as well get a Mac.

  24. picardia says:

    Dumb to let your ad strategy be dictated by somebody else’s fabulously successful campaign. Anybody who recognizes these ads’ origin is therefore going to be reminded of Apple and told that Microsoft feels defensive about Apple. This is dumb, dumb strategy.

  25. dlmccaslin says:

    I just love some of the stuff they throw into those Mac Ads. “Macs don’t get viruses!” Yeah, because if you’re going to write a virus that takes out a lot of people, you code it to the more popular computer. My favorite is; “Microsoft Office will work on a Mac!” Yeah, really? It works on a PC, too.

    When you have to advetise that your computer does the same thing as the other guy’s, you’re in trouble.

    And quit complaining about Vista. I’ve been using it since April and I’ve never had ANY issues. Maybe it dails if you jam your computer up your ass, but I’ve never tried that, so I wouldn’t know. But be that as it may, a computer doesn’t belong in an ass, so it’s a moot point.

  26. NikkiSweet says:

    The “you can build a comparable Windows box for cheaper” argument is kind of pointless… Sure, if you want to buy all the parts, and then figure out how to put it all together, and you trust yourself not to screw it up that badly (and trust me… I’ve seen some interesting parts placements by first timers…) then have at.. build your own PC. For the other 95% of the population that doesn’t feel comfortable building their own box, they order one pre-built… and yes, those comparable, pre-built boxes are (*gasp*) comparably priced to macs.

  27. k6richar says:

    A PC is a personal computer, a mac is a PC with a macintosh operation system on it. Most people have a PC with windows on it. Nobody discusses the PC with linux on it.

  28. Trai_Dep says:

    A PC user is much like that odd dude with a Ford tatt on his arm, saying that since both the Taurus and an Acura RSX both have four wheels and two doors, Acura owners are suckers and he’s a genius.
    Or iPod vs Zune owners, for that matter.
    Midway thru trying to explain the differences between the two, you’ve realized that you’ll never get the time you’ve wasted back on a guy who can’t see the difference anyway. So you shrug, slap the guy on the back and say the only sensible thing:
    “Sure thing. Have fun with your Taurus [Zune], bro!”
    And watch everyone leave happy.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @Trai_Dep: actually, it’s more like comparing a gmc sierra to the acura rsx. sure, the acura is nicer, inside & out, but you can’t tow a camper, plow a driveway or buy a load of lumber with the rsx.

      trai, don’t get me wrong – i love macs. they are waaay nicer than pcs, hands down. but they just don’t do what a pc does.

      it’s also curious that you use the rsx as an example. acura discontinued that model…do you know something we don’t about the mac brand?!? ;)

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @mac-phisto: Loooove the RSX. It’s the perfect car.
        I have weird taste that way, I like the Prelude as well, another car that is stealthy, low-key-sporty. And discontinued (sob).

        And truth, PCs are fine, too. Let 1,000 flowers bloom. To each their own.
        It just annoys when people make apple/orange comparisons, especially the $250 laptop assembled from garage sale parts over three weekends vs a top-of-the-line MBPro, which: dishonest.
        Or, comparing something designed well with something that looks like a beige, 30lb turd, which: ewww. :)

        • mac-phisto says:

          @Trai_Dep: i agree. the rsx & the prelude are both awesome cars & it’s sad that honda killed them off. :(

          i’ll agree with your apple/orange assessment. i’ll certainly concede that mac’s are high quality, fine-tuned machines, but comparing them with a high-end pc (like a dell XPS) is not an accurate comparison. what macs have in beauty & performance they lack in versatility.

          i actually advocate for mac every time i get that dreaded question that we’ve all had to answer at one point or another: “can you help me get a new computer?i wouldn’t even know how to plug one in.”

          simple answer: “get a mac.”

          that saves me spending 3 hours at their house after work setting up the computer, initializing windows, installing updates, configuring software, blah, blah, blah. it also saves me a whole weekend 3 months down the road when someone inevitably downloads enough trojans onto their computer to conquer persia.

          @dequeued: you know, i tried linux & i liked it A LOT, but i quit. you know why? even though it makes sense & it’s fairly easy to use, many of the program offerings are extremely disorganized. take gdesklets, for example. it’s loaded with borked widgets that haven’t been removed, haven’t been fixed, or have been fixed but require the user to do a little tweaking first.

          i understand that linux is largely “volunteerware” (which explains fragmented software), but when i found myself spending hours getting something to work right, i was too tired to actually use it. that’s not how computing is supposed to be for end-users.

    • Bladefist says:

      @Trai_Dep: Considering the zune has more features, you totally lost me. It’s okay to be loyal to apple, but, don’t be in denial about other things out there.

      @dequeued: You have some good points, and I think a lot of your annoyances are things MS did to help the common moron figure computers out, while people who are a bit more savvy, just got annoyed. But that’s an important part of the software, because the people who just dont understand computers, out number us, 9000 trillion to 1. As someone who works in IT, Linux will never work, and now that every business runs windows, nor will apple (unless you want to re-train everyone (not fiscally efficient)).

      I’m not a MS loyalist. I just reconize a few major points.

      1) Price
      2) Developability (i think i made that word up)
      3) Lots of users

      Lots of users are important, because it keeps forums and user groups full of people who can help.

    • randomangela47 says:

      @Trai_Dep: “A PC user is much like that odd dude with a Ford tatt on his arm”

      You know, I’ve always pictured things differently… Most of the people I know who use windows do so for specific reasons — certain programs or games that were not mac-compatible until recently, it’s what’s cheaper, it’s what they’re used to, or it’s what’s easier to physically access (computer labs on campus seem to have at least twice as many windows machines as they do macs), etc.

      The people who I’ve met that acted like the weird fanboy with a brand logo tattooed across their forehead were all shouting for Macs.

      I just find our different experiences interesting — I wonder if it’s related to working in different areas (so regularly interacting with different types of people) or what?

  29. radiochief says:

    This is weird.

    C’mon, no one refers to a Mac as a “Leopard”. And pretty much everyone understands that “PC” means “IBM PC Compatible”…

    What is curious is how Mac has been branded not it’s OS. Macs do not run better hardware than any other particular PC, but Apple does excel at apps and operating systems. I am surprised that Apple is running against ‘PC’ when really it’s argument against “Windows”- even though everyone assumes as much.

  30. azntg says:

    Hopefully, this ad will be better than those weird Seinfeld+Gates ads.

    My younger brother and I couldn’t figure out what the ads were even about, until the Windows logo popped up at the end. Both of us were laughing at the stupidity and awkwardness of the ads.

    I can only sympathize with Lance Ulanoff’s editorial comment printed in the October 2008 edition of PC Magazine. A Mac is a Personal Computer. So are most computers running Windows, they are Personal Computers.

    Heck, whatever little physical differences (e.g.: PPC vs. x86 and small other things along that line) that existed between Macs and other PCs have been reconciled a few years ago.

  31. Trai_Dep says:

    Curious. How many people here don’t know why Win/Tel computers are called PCs and those Apple thingies are called Macs?
    Bonus question: of those, how many knew that IBM used to make computers?

  32. dequeued says:

    I work in IT, deploying windows into hundreds of workstations at a time, and I can tell you it SUUUUCKS.

    It’s complex, but only in a way that makes it more delecate and fussy.

    I have 400 Dell Optiplex 755s.

    I tried for a about 8 hours to get it so that I could install windows once, and then push the image of the installed instance of windows onto all of the computers, and then have a landing script that would generate the required unique ids and whatnot.

    But nooo.

    Windows will bluescreen if you meddle with it’s poorly organized system32 folder.

    I had to settle for letting our customized ximage installer get 98% done, then pull the plug, and push *that* image to our workstations.

    The client would power on the workstations, the installer would pick up where it left off, and finish.

    If these workstations were Linux, or Mac, it would be easy as pie, and there would be a large well organized community there to help me.

    But windows is an undocumented binary blob of an OS.

    And if you want to do anything useful with it, you’re pretty much on your own.

    Get ready to sift through page after page of broken English on sleazy ad ridden sites like!

  33. zjgz says:

    oh my. I think everyone just needs to chill out. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. It takes different strokes to move the world. This OS war going on here is pointless.

  34. jpdanzig says:

    Wow, and I thought it wasn’t possible to develop an ad campaign even more annoying than the Apple Mac vs. PC ads…

    I hate MS, but I will also say — no one is prying my PC from my cold dead hands as long as Windows is the only operating system that supports a scrollbar/wheel!

    And yes, that BK campaign is also dreadful and horribly offputting…

  35. KesCaesar says:

    I have been waiting SO LONG for Microsoft to get in the game. They’ve been taking the high road for wayyy too long and it’s damaged them.

  36. thrillwill says:

    This is a pretty heavy debate but one thing I think we can all agree on is that the perfect car does not have front wheel drive.

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @thrillwill: They make cars with rear wheel drives? Why? Well, besides the excellent alibi for why you clipped a flock of slow-moving nuns crossing the street…

  37. Cary says:

    Love it. Last comment “I’m confused. The mac I’m using…”

    Nuff said.

    Steve Balmer

  38. TACP says:

    I’ve had a Vista machine for over a year now and have tried to break it. I installed lots of new hardware and software, and ran several memory-intensive programs at once. It won’t crash. It might hang for a couple seconds, but it doesn’t crash.

  39. MisterE says:

    I beta tested Vista and bought Macs for my entire family once it went Gold. Service Pack one confirmed my thoughts about Vista being a work in progress. Hopefully, Windows 7 might fix the bugs from Vista. Thank God for Macs.

  40. Ben Popken says:

    Why don’t they just show people playing computer games on a PC and contrast that with how you can’t play good computer games on a mac?

    • Bladefist says:

      @Ben Popken: Because everyone already knows the games are on Windows. They’re trying to compete getting businesses, and home pcs that are used for surfing, paying bills, writing reports, playing music.

      My guess.

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @Ben Popken: Plus, most of the games worth playing (Activision, Blizzard, Maxis, most EA titles) are already available for OS X. For the few that aren’t (Valve, I’m looking at you), you can dual-boot or run Win in a separate window and play to your heart’s content.
      Or (oh, sweet, bitter, irony) bittorent these few, run in Cider emulation – for free – and bypass the recalcitrant PC-Only developer completely (Valve, I’m laughing at you).

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @Trai_Dep: And, just for added deliciousness, the SecureROM DRM that infects PC users who want to run Spore>/i>? It won’t install on OS X. Since it has more robust protection against viruses. So, all game, no SecureROM. Tee hee. Added bonus, that.

  41. Trai_Dep says:

    …Although, for Mac and PC alike, there still is no Edit button (even for, say, 5 minutes) for comments. :(

    • Bladefist says:

      @Trai_Dep: On behalf of apple, I’d like to thank you for your business.

      Every time you buy something Apple, you are giving me money. That should be Microsofts new ad campaign.

      A picture of me, my republican icon, some of my neo-con statements, and a message: “When you buy apple, you make bladefist rich rich rich”

  42. bmoredlj says:

    I’ve seen the ads (during football(?)) and yeah, they’re pretty bad. Not as bad as “na-na-na-na-naaaaa, I’m lovin’ it”, but pretty bad.