Charter Publishes Unlisted Numbers In The Phone Book

Tim enjoyed his unlisted phone number for over thirty years until Charter published it in the local phone book. Now he has two options: ditch his long-time number, or lose his cherished anonymity. Inside, Charter’s apology letter.

Tim writes:

I thought you might find the attached (redacted) letter of interest. I’ve had an unlisted phone number for over 30 years, but no more. Moreover, although I use a PO box for billing and everything else, this letter was sent to my street address, so that is probably the address that was sold and will be associated with my phone number. The worst of both worlds.

You can’t un-ring a bell, but at last Charter seems slightly sorry for the surprise outing. Other than not publishing Tim’s number in the first place, how else, if at all, do you think Charter should respond?

(Photo: Getty)

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