Continental's CEO Fixes Your Frequent Flyer Miles

The CEO of Continental Airlines called up reader Ben personally and fixed his frequent flyer miles for him…

A few weeks ago, I became very frustrated when frequent flier miles weren’t posting to my account…I called every few weeks but kept getting shuffled around by the service reps. Finally, a little over two months after the flight, I emailed Larry Kellner, Continental’s CEO. I hoped at least one of his Executive Assistants would call me back. 45 minutes later, Larry Kellner called me himself. I couldn’t believe it. He was apologetic and explained why that hadn’t posted. He also told me to email him back if they hadn’t posted within a week. I logged in the next day to my OnePass account, and the miles had posted.

There are plenty of awful companies out there, but after this, I can say for sure that Continental isn’t one of them.

And once again, that’s the power of taking it to the top. Now, quick! Spend them before they’re totally worthless.

(Photo: Mark J Burns)


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  1. bsalamon says:

    why didn’t they post originally?

  2. VidaBlueBalls says:

    Awesome. I love Continental and have most of my miles with them, but I used to live in a US Airways hub city and have lots of miles with US Air…if I call Larry, do you think he might be able to put my US Airways Dividend Miles back into my account that US Air took out?

  3. I'm a tweeple too! says:

    Awesome! I hope that person sent or called a thank-you.

    The way to continue great service is to appreciate it.

  4. macinjosh says:

    Great pic. :) But how do you know it was really Larry? Was it a videoconference? :)

    • ravana says:

      @macinjosh: If you’ve flown continental & they do the recorded flight safety briefing, you probably know his voice from the intro (and what he says too if you’ve flown with them enough)

      • MayorBee says:

        @ravana: Yeah, this is off topic, but I have a confession to make. The safety announcement with him on the screen is my favorite part of the flight. He’s got a really cute smile.

        Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

  5. austinchu says:

    Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. There are trillions of unclaimed miles. Good for continental. I’m soo impressed, I don’t even know what to say. The question is, how many miles that should have been posted, don’t get posted. I know for myself, I’m not always keeping track of my miles. sometimes, I’m soo lazy I don’t bother entering my account numnber. I simply don’t care about my miles, and most of the time, there are too many contingencies with my miles. I just end up with subscriptions of US Weekly. I read more stories about Tom Cruise than anything else.

  6. stopNgoBeau says:

    I for one have always liked Larry and his group at Continental. I fly with them everytime I go West, and with AirTran everytime I go East.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. ManicPanic says:

    I heard their Vice President of Customer Experience (David Grizzle) speak at a conference in February. It is impressive first off that they have a Customer Experience department and what he said was very good–one thing was that complexity produces failure. He also spoke about companies being customer-centric or competitor-centric; they strive to be the former.

  8. TeeDub says:

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  9. TechnoDestructo says:

    Had it been most other major US airlines the headline would have read “CEO Nixes Your Frequent Flyer Miles.”

  10. CompyPaq says:

    Continental is actually pretty good and Kellner defiantly keeping on top of things. Once I had such a good flight that I decided to email continental to keep the good work up, and a week or so later I receive IN THE MAIL a signed letter from Kellner with details that showed that he actually read my letter. That’s pretty good considering the only information I gave was my name, date of flight, origin and destination, not even the flight number, and I’m not even the person who booked the flight!

  11. floridarob says:

    I was on a co flight about 1.5 years ago, had a terrible experience, called the corporate office afterhours and got the dial by name directory. I figured why not put his name in… got his voicemail, left a message.

    This was about 10pm on a fri night going from Houston to Mexico City. When I arrived in Mexico City he had already left me a message with his email address and his cell #… I couldn’t believe it, so I emailed him Sunday morning and within 30 minutes he replied… and yes it was him, like someone else said he has a very distinctive voice. Does this guy ever sleep?

    Then recently I had a problem getting on a flight to Brasil as I arrived exactly 1 hour before the flight and they wouldn’t let me check in… since I still had his cel # I called him, got his voicemail so it didnt help at that moment. So I called him the next day, and this was while there were major weather conditions on the east coast… he answered my call but the 1st 5 mins were of him trying to figure out who I was and how I had his cel number.

    After getting over that hurdle, he spent some time explaining the reasons for cut offs at check in and although we didn’t agree on why I couldn’t get checked in, I respect him for the level of service he gives to an individual traveller.

    Continental is probably the only major business in the world that the CEO would talk to an everyday customer.

  12. parkslope says:

    Larry Kellner is definitely the man. Every time his name is mentioned, I read nothing but good stuff. Talk about great customer service. When in the world can you ever talk to the CEO of the company about your problems! Good job Continental. Hey, I bet some angry people would love to talk to the CEOs of GS, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Air Force Ones, Air Jordans / Jordan Shoes, Jordan Release Dates, Nike Dunks and Nike SB Shoes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was booked on flight 467y gate c-34 departing Houstan at 8:55 pm boarding at 8:20 pm for Seattle, WA. I arrived at the gate and asked the continental rep if I needed to check in and if this was the right gate, she said yes it was the right gate and no I didn’t need to check in as I had a seat assignment. I waited and waited and when I finally got nervous I went to the continental counter to see what was going on.

    They said the gate was changed and the plane had already left. They were fairly rude and very unhelpful, they booked me and another lady who happened to be in tears on the next flight. the next day. They offered us no compensation or any offer to put us up in a hotel room. They did NOT announce the gate change and if the did so it was prior to us arriving, which was withing the time the ticket says we needed to. The departure screen said the flight was on schedule and there were people at the gate. we had no reason to assume anything was wrong.

    The counter people were very condescending and left us alone in a strange city without any help.

    My confirmation number was B22K1F my one pass # is DN406321 The lady who was also stranded is Chena Joseph and her Confirmation number is BSBJHJ

    I also had no luggage as it was sent on to Seattle without me, they also did not call out our names or make any effort what so ever to see to our needs. I was worried about the luggage and when I called Seattle was also spoken to very rudely and told there was nothing they could do to safeguard my luggage other than pick it up if it was left unclaimed.

    I belong to a single males travel group consisting of 41 members who travel together to exotic locations, 8 of which are elite members traveling 25,000 miles or more per year and 33 who are one pass members who travel 1 to 3 times per year. We stick together and will all change airlines once our miles are used up and never travel Continental again if at all possible.

    If this problem is not resolved I will forward letters from all members with motorized signatures canceling all accounts including Continental Visa’s to the appropriate Continental executives. They in turn will follow up with their own letters of support for myself as a member of our group who has been seriously mistreated.

    I was told today there will be no compensation, I will complain loudly and forever, This error by your airline cost me more than the ticket price.

    David B Bonnette