Continental's CEO Fixes Your Frequent Flyer Miles

The CEO of Continental Airlines called up reader Ben personally and fixed his frequent flyer miles for him…

A few weeks ago, I became very frustrated when frequent flier miles weren’t posting to my account…I called every few weeks but kept getting shuffled around by the service reps. Finally, a little over two months after the flight, I emailed Larry Kellner, Continental’s CEO. I hoped at least one of his Executive Assistants would call me back. 45 minutes later, Larry Kellner called me himself. I couldn’t believe it. He was apologetic and explained why that hadn’t posted. He also told me to email him back if they hadn’t posted within a week. I logged in the next day to my OnePass account, and the miles had posted.

There are plenty of awful companies out there, but after this, I can say for sure that Continental isn’t one of them.

And once again, that’s the power of taking it to the top. Now, quick! Spend them before they’re totally worthless.

(Photo: Mark J Burns)

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