Personal Finance Roundup

6 Ways to Save on Beer, Wine and Liquor [Smart Money] “Here are six ways to save on your favorite vintage, malt or brew.”

Tips for Getting into a Top Business School [Yahoo Hotjobs] “”The chance of getting into a top business school is 10% to 15%. If you make good choices during the application process, you can up it to 80%.”

12 ways your home can be a cash cow [MSN Money] “With home studios, room rentals, pet care and 9 other kinds of enterprises, you can make money from home while cutting your taxes.”

12 money-management tips for college students [Bankrate] “Here are a dozen tips to help you manage your money so the last two months of the semester aren’t spent munching stale potato chips in the dorm room or scanning the sidewalks for dropped change.”

A Simple System To Keep Financial Records [The Digerati Life] “Tired of your old shoebox? Here’s a simple system to keep financial records in order.”

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  1. UnicornMaster says:

    How freaking annoying– the SmartMoney link has a video with a high volume that plays automatically. It took me 30 seconds to find where it was coming from to turn it off.

  2. floraposte says:

    The MSN one blithely tells you to sell baked goods you make in your home kitchen. Which very few jurisdictions will let you do without a license and inspections. Sounds like wheel-spinning to generate copy.

  3. junip says:

    The tips for college students looks like it’s geared towards spoiled kids whose parents have plenty of money to spare. SUV? Ask the ‘rents for $2k? My parents didn’t have enough money to help me with any school expenses, and still insisted on claiming me as a dependent until I reached the legal age where they couldn’t claim me anymore. How about tips for college students with blue collar families? Or maybe the author just doesn’t think that blue collar families produce college-bound children?
    And I never understand why some kids spend their whole college education in a dorm when it’s 2-3 times as expensive as an apartment with 1/4 the space.

    Tip #1 for poor college kids, find some students to share an apartment with. You’ll have loads more space in your budget and more freedom too.
    Tip #2 FAFSA (if you’re lucky your college might have some no interest loans)
    Tip #3 eat at home and only buy what’s on sale at the grocery store
    Tip #4 if you need new clothes, go to a thrift store
    Tip #5 get a part time job!

    There ya go, just saved you lots of money.

    • mythago says:

      @junip: #1 can end up costing you more money unless your fellow students are unusually responsible. Nothing like getting stuck with a roommate’s unpaid bills to make one rethink the “savings” on having roommates.

  4. Justafan says:

    I save on beer all the time. I buy a six pack of imports and a 30 pack swill. I chug the imports quickly. I then switch to the swill because the need to continue the buzz outweighs the need for good taste.

  5. oneandone says:

    Forget business school – become a geologist! You’ll make more money, and what’s cooler – moving digital money from one place to another, or blowing up mines to find gold?

    Seriously, your starting salary will probably be higher as a geologist, according to Bloomberg: []

    And if oil & mineral markets keep going the way they are, or if they slow down to half of the recent trends, you’ll be set for a while.


    • thelushie says:

      @oneandone: How about going to a regular (not big name, no $100K tuition) b-school. When I looked into my future occupation, I was told that a big named school may help for the first 6 months but then you have to perform. That is more YOU than the school you attended. It is amazing how many students from top schools just sort of fall off the radar after a year then you have some who went to no name schools who become rising stars.

  6. DeltaTee says:

    My Tips for Saving Money on College
    #1. Get an on-campus job. Preferably one that allows you to learn something or allows you to do your homework.
    #2. Don’t spend money. See how long you can go with spending zero cash. I made it about two months after writing my Dad a bad check. i just didn’t have the money.
    #3. Classroom != Fashion runway. If it sort of fits and covers the important parts, it should be fine. Looking like a fashion plate is not a requirement.
    #4. Get involved. Though organizations may cost money to join, if you get involved, they can keep you busy enough to not go out and mindlessly spend money.
    #5. Do not get a credit card. You do not have the willpower to ignore temptation.

    The best advice I got regarding college was from my high school Calculus teacher who noted: “College is a game. You win if you get a degree.” There is some value in attending a big name school, but once you’re in the working the college you attended won’t be that important–just that you were able to complete it. (Ff you’re looking to get a C-level job at a Fortune 100 company, having an MBA from a top college *might* be different.)

  7. dancing_bear says:

    I use to be a beer snob, but now that I have lost my job, I buy Heilman’s Old Style in 16 or 24 ounce cans. While it will never be a Red Hook or Newcastle, I think it is better than Bud or Miller products, dirt cheap, and reaffirms my Chicago guy image.

    I am not a can fan, so I pour it in a tall glass.

  8. statenisland says:

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