Giftag: Best Buy's Retailer-Neutral Gift Registry Browser Add-On

Best Buy launched a new “retailer neutral” gift registry browser add-on Monday called Giftag. The idea is that you can visit any online retailer and click an icon to put it in your gift registry, as well as highlight specific parts of the page for potential gift-givers. In the open-source program, you can choose whether you want to make your gifts public, and shareable via social network sites and the like, or private. However, whether you select private or public, Best Buy will be able to see every purchase you make, whether you buy from them or their competition. Mmm, juicy buckets of data.

Giftag [Official Site]
Best Buy Launches Retailer-Neutral Gift Registry (Best Buy Peeking Included) [StorefrontBacktalk]


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  1. dmolavi says:

    I use for my wishlists. AFAIK, they’re not run by any particular retailer, it’s truely 3rd party.

  2. dmolavi says:

    also, if it’s truely open source, i’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone excises the phone-home-to-momma demon from the code.

    • mike says:

      @dmolavi: I came here to say this.

      The only problem I see is that Best Buy is still evil enough to include the phone-home instead of leaving it out.

      Seriously, if you’re going to do something open source, don’t do something this obvious.

    • esd2020 says:

      @dmolavi: Yeah, though you would then probably have to run your own server too. And is the server code even open source?

      Anyway, aren’t there already truly free sites that do this same thing?

  3. mugsywwiii says:

    1. Why is it so “evil” to “phone home”? I don’t care if they know what I bought.
    2. It seems to me that the “phone home” part is a necessary part of a gift registry, which tracks not only what you’ve requested, but what people have bought so two people don’t buy the same item.

    • dragonfire81 says:


      Purchases I make on sites that have nothing to do with Best Buy are none of Best Buy’s damned business and they have no right to know whether or not I do business with their competition, online or otherwise.

      My privacy is MY PRIVACY. Anyone who wants to violate it can get bent. I will never install this add on.

  4. Underpants Gnome says:

    Amazon launched something similar not too long ago, a FF plugin that lets you add things to your wishlist from any web site. At least they are mildly less evil than BB.

    • @Underpants Gnome: My sister introduced me to that and I absolutely love it. My Amazon Wish List has always been my primary wish list (I wish for books more than anything else), but occasionally when I would find a DVD cheaper at, say DeepDiscount, I’d ultimately have to add it to my wish list from Amazon and make a note that it’s cheaper elsewhere. Now, I just click “Add to Wish List” and voila, it’s there. Love it.

  5. marsneedsrabbits says:

    If my friends are any indication, a lot of people use’s wishlist.

    It sends me a reminder in time to get something for the friends who have lists there (all but one friend), they have a massive selection and good prices. You can share your list with people as you see fit, too.

    I simply don’t trust Best Buy.

  6. yourbffjill says:

    Amazon added a Universal Wishlist something like 3 months ago. I was super excited when I saw that. Best Buy? Not so much.

    Maybe Best Buy should take the programmers who wrote this (you know, the non salespeople with a handful of tech skills) and put them back in the Geek Squad.

  7. Funklord says:

    I had good results with []

  8. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    Wait – Isn’t WorstBuy the same guys that got their hand slapped for posting lower prices on their website in order to get people into their stores to pay a higher price?

    And now they want me to willingly let them spy on me?


    I trust these guys less than I trust a Bentley-driving minister.

    • mugsywwiii says:

      Fact: They posted lower prices on their website than in their store.
      Conjecture: They did it to get people into the store to pay higher prices
      More likely explanation: The different prices for online and B&M purchases reflect the differing costs of doing business for Best Buy B&M and as well as the fact that people consider the total cost of a purchase, including shipping.

      • camille_javal says:

        @mugsywwiii: I don’t think it was so much the website/store price difference (not that uncommon), but the fact that, when things weren’t in stock, there was a website you could access in the store that looked like the regular website, but had higher prices.

  9. “We’re trying something different,” said Steve Bendt, Best Buy’s senior manager for social technology. “If it was branded Best Buy, (consumers) might not feel comfortable using it.”

    Money quote of the day.

  10. DeltaTee says:

    I have had very good luck with [] for the past seven years or so. I have no idea how they make money, but I can say that I have never gotten a single piece of spam through them.

  11. rickhamilton620 says:

    I was “this” close to actually trying this, it would reduce the hassle of having to cut and paste things into gifthat. I actually thought that Best Buy was going to do something halfway decent for a change…

    Until now. Thanks! :)

  12. stacye says:

    I just use and tag stuff i like with wishlist.

  13. Jim says:

    Do I get Premier Black points for purchases through other retailers?

  14. narayan1121 says:

    Doesn’t Apple send back all your information to HQ? Doesn’t Google keep your info? The same pretentious people that hate Best Buy are the same ones that love Apple or Google. Hate whomever you want, but try not to be such a hypocrite.

  15. wellfleet says:

    Premier Black is something we’re testing in select markets. Obviously the mass e-mail was a big oops… That said you CAN earn points on any shopping on your RZ Mastercard… Such a corporate whore…

    Different prices… brick and mortar has overhead, like, you know, employees… pens… uniforms… rent… online doesn’t have the same cost of doing bidness.

  16. wellfleet says:

    and obv, I am a BBY employee!