Comcast Fumbles: Connecticut Jets Fans Miss Brett Favre's Debut

Brett Favre lead the NY Jets to victory over the Miami Dolphins Sunday, but if you’re in New Haven, CT you didn’t get to see it, thanks to an error by Comcast. The cable company accidentally broadcast the wrong game, but when fans called to have the mistake corrected, Comcast told them that their game was blacked out because they lived too close to Foxboro and the New England Patriots. That is, of course, a bunch of baloney.

A viewer from West Haven e-mailed the Register to say that, when his daughter called Comcast, “they admitted to receiving many irate complaints and claimed that the NFL ordered this to happen. That is totally false! Their claim was that due to our close proximity to Foxboro, the NFL ordered the game to be blacked out.”

Comcast spokeswoman Laura Brubaker on Monday said the signal overlay was a mistake, related to the standard practice of “network nonduplication protection.”

“Due to an inadvertent technical error, Comcast erroneously overrode the broadcast of Sunday’s NFL match-up between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins on WCBS in the New Haven area. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused our customers,” Brubaker said.

You’d think after so many irate calls, Comcast would start to suspect that something was wrong…?

Comcast admits it fumbled Jets game
[New Haven Register]
(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)


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  1. GiselleBeardchen says:

    Hey at least they got to see Brady go down! True Jet fans enjoyed that even more than Favre’s debut!

    • tom2133 says:

      @GiselleBeardchen: I think that those that don’t like the Patriots and Tom Brady would like to see an injury like like Joe Theisman’s injury. Now that’s an injury.

    • Wormfather is Wormfather says:

      @Siegeman: Yeah seriously, I live in Stamford, that’s Yankee/New York team terretory, once you get to the hartford area or New London on the east you are at the boarder of New York/Boston sports line.

      Any way, Comcast does not care about Jet people.

  2. Murph1908 says:

    I despise Brady and the Pats.

    But I never like to see injuries like that.

    • @whitefang2000: It does indeed make a difference. The NFL’s Blackout rules are very confusing and in depth.

      For instance:

      Due to blackout rules, I couldn’t watch the Eagles game on FOX in Baltimore this weekend because the Ravens game was on in the same time slot on CBS. Don’t know why that is, but I’ve ordered a massive antenna so that I can get either York or Philly stations to prevent it happening in the future.

      According to the Gribblenation maps, which are 99% of the time accurate, the correct game for anywhere in Connecticut north of Fairfield County should have been the Pats game. Everyone knows that FCT is just a northern suburb of NYC…you won’t even find it on Connecticut’s Craigslist page, it’s on NYC’s.

      Please keep the flaming to a minimum when you don’t understand the cause of the problem.

      • coren says:

        Cust: Hey, you guys aren’t showing the Jets game like you’re supposed to

        Comcast: Due to your proximity to Foxboro, we’re blacking out the local game

        Cust: But I don’t care about the Pats, I wanna see the Jets! I’m in Connecticut, they’re not local

        Comcast: Ok, I canceled your account for you, anything else I can help you with?

        @RamV10: I don’t think you’re wrong, but that makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Par for the course for the NFL, I suppose

        • @coren: After reading the rules again, the reason I couldn’t get my eagles game was something to this effect…”No network may show any game in any market where the home team is currently playing in the same time slot other than the home team’s game”

          I could have sworn when I looked at the gribblenation maps Sunday morning, they showed that the Eagles were going to be broadcast in balty on fox. They definitely have Balty blacked out now.

  3. MeOhMy says:

    Maybe they knew something was wrong but something tells me it’s not that easy to just flipflop programming on the fly, in mid-broadcast.

    Of course as usual instead of admitting they screwed it up, they came up with some bs excuse.

  4. shadax says:

    i can’t stand the Patriots and their idiot fans, their cheating, the NFL’s inaction on said cheating, or their coach’s self-righteousness. i can’t say i was frowning when that happened. if there’s such a thing as karma…

    furthermore, go Indy.

    • Norislolz says:

      @shadax: thanks for the necessary, insightful post that’s completely on topic and not some stupid football rant about how you don’t like a particular combination of city name/sports team and your preferred combination of city name/sports team is the best

  5. duffm4n says:

    Is this really as bad as Comcast/TWC screwing everyone out of all of the games on NFL Network? If it was on NFL Network these people wouldn’t have been able to see it AND would have no legit complaint except that Comcast is one of the worst companies ever and the NFL screwed over all of its fans by overcharging for this new network.

  6. xwildebeestx says:

    good citizens all over connecticut are throwing themselves off of buildings as we speak, as the magnitude of this great tragedy is just too much for their battered souls to bear.

  7. JW says:

    If it was on WCBS, which I assume that is a local station, wouldn’t it be their fault and not ‘? Either way I could care less, I have never heard much good out of Comcast.

    • azntg says:

      @JeremyWayne: It would be WCBS’s fault if everyone in the tri-state area (whether through cable, OTA signal, etc.) wasn’t able to watch the Jets game as scheduled.

      From what I saw, WCBS was broadcasting the Jets game pretty well (since my brother’s a big Jets fan). WCBS’s OTA digital signal was crystal clear and beautiful.

      The cable operators are responsible for simsubbing in out-of-market regions. Comcast blocked out the Jets game in legitimate areas of Connecticut and therefore, the blame goes squarely to Comcast for the flub.

  8. lastingsmilledge says:
  9. Siegeman says:

    Come on Comcast, North of Hartford = Boston fans, South of Hartford = New York/New Jersey fans. Is that so difficult?

  10. Tiber says:

    I accept that companies make mistakes, but the difference here is that other companies might at least offer a pittance of a credit, seeing as how they already admitted fault. They’re not even “taking it seriously”!

    Comcast cares, indeed.

  11. Mr.SithNinja says:

    We can just chalk this up to reason # 14,865,739,547,883,953,001 why Comcast sucks ass.

  12. Canino says:

    This is how Comcast operates all of their units. The ISP unit works the same way. They don’t believe you when you call to report an outage. They wait until they receive some magic number of calls from the same segment before they even start to investigate.

    Of course the problem with the TV unit is that by the time they figure it out and correct it, the game is over.

    • scoosdad says:

      @Canino: And of course, the other probable reason that this couldn’t be corrected right away is that like most cable systems, they usually leave the head-ends unattended at nights and over the weekends. This kind of blackout switching is most commmonly done with an automated timer.

      I once called Charter on a Saturday afternoon to complain that their emergency notifier system (you know, the one that interrupts the audio on all channels with an annoying alert tone and urgent message to tune to another channel for further info) was stuck in the ‘on’ mode after a brief weekly test was supposed to have ended. The customer service rep I talked to claimed to not have the number of the regional head-end, and neither did a supervisor I talked to on a second call. And the test went on for another three hours. And then repeated again the next day on a Sunday afternoon. The person I spoke to on Sunday revealed that there is no one working in the head-end on nights and weekends; even if they did have the number, there was no one there to do anything about it.

      Makes you wonder how many Charter employees actually watch their own signal at home instead of using the dish.

  13. whitefang2000 says:

    Th Ptrts wrn’t vn plyng th Jts. Tht hs nthng t d wth th Jts gm.

  14. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    So… how does DirecTV use this to their advantage?

  15. BrianDaBrain says:

    “You’d think after so many irate calls, Comcast would start to suspect that something was wrong…?”

    And you give Comcast too much credit. They already knew something was wrong, they just told their CSRs to tell customers it was a blackout. I have a couple of friends who work for Comcast that told me all about it. Doing it this way was a way to get customers off the phone faster.

  16. BigHeadStu says:

    Brett who?

    Go Aaron Rodgers!

  17. papahoth says:

    The Jets game was on in DC, boring game though. And anyone that likes seeing Brady hurt is an idiot and not a real football fan. Having one of the greatest, and perhaps the greatest, QB in history go down after having the greatest single season in history is a blow to the league and CBS and true football fans that enjoyed seeing a QB have a year like I have never seen and that includes Montana at his best. The amount of money this will cost CBS and the NFL has to be close to $100 million in lost viewership. Anyone that roots or applauds this happening needs to have their heads examined and keep their moronic opinions to themselves.

    • GiselleBeardchen says:

      @papahoth: A close self-examination of the arrogant, smug tone of your comment might give you some insight as to why ALL of the country (outside of NE) took such great delight in the Patriots historic choke job in last years Superbowl and why many view Brady’s minor(in the grand scope of things) injury as just Karma.