The FAA cited three major airlines for safety violations. None of the breaches put people or passengers at risk, said the FAA. [Washington Post]


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  1. wjh31 says:

    last time i checked, safety policies are almost exclusively for the protection of people and passengers, even if its for the safety of air equipement, its to make sure the equipment doesnt get damaged in a way that would be a danger to people, so surely any safetly violation puts people and passengers at risk

  2. Mr_Human says:

    No list of the airlines here or at Wash Post

  3. regenerator says:

    “None of the breaches put people or passengers at risk…”
    I would love to learn more about how passengers do not fall into the general category of “people.” Did the airlines, the FAA, or Consumerist draw that line? Maybe all three? ;-)

  4. pallendo says:

    Am I the only one who is disturbed that People and Passengers are 2 different things? Just shows that airlines and the entire industry no longer regard Passengers as People.