Disgruntled Ex-Employee Wants To Tell The World Not To Shop At GameStop

A disgruntled former employee of GameStop calling himself “WhistleBlowerZero” has created a 9-part YouTube video series which explains quickly, but in exhaustive detail, the many reasons why you, Dear Consumer, should not shop at GameStop. It’s modeled after the popular “Zero Punctuation” game reviews, a fact that will probably be lost on anyone who doesn’t already know the many reasons not to shop at GameStop.

The videos have slightly NSFW language. Here’s the first one.

(Thanks, David!)


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  1. Dude… enunciate.

  2. GC says:

    I spent 90 minutes watching this whole thing last night.


  3. pine22 says:

    it made quite the comment storm on kotaku. most gamers know not to shop at gamestop anyways, im assuming the consumerist crowd knows this too. better deals/stores are everywhere

  4. MercuryPDX says:

    Nothing new, but it’s delightfully animated.

    • crichton007 says:

      @MercuryPDX: I agree. Nothing new but fairly entertaining to watch. I bought an original XBOX and was looking at a place to buy a cheap copy of a game I wanted and realized that at the price the used game places charge (and I called more than just Game Stop) I would be better served buying it new because I already knew I liked it, wanted to keep it, and would rather know what I’m getting and save myself hassle.

  5. DuncanBleak says:

    He sounds like the talking machine Stephen Hawking uses.

  6. Quatre707 says:

    I’d rather spend 5 minutes at Gamestop, trade in an Old Xbox360 game for $20, and buy a used one $20, after the trade-in discount, than trying to advertise my old game for $35+ on Craigslist or eBay, having to spend far too much time reading through bullshit emails, managing illegal bids, dealing with potential returns, shipping items, or meeting people I don’t know in person.
    And as far as reserves go; I fail to understand how anyone has anything negative to say about game reservations. Last time I went into Gamestop to reserve a game, the employee told me I had $5 down on a game from a year ago, and he simply transferred the reservation for me, and gave me a receipt for it.

    • Bauer22 says:


      If your time is worth that much to you then I guess GS is perfect for you. For me, I’d rather wait a few days to sell my 360 for $300 dollars in cash then get 100 dollars in store credit at Gamestop.

      Also I have mixed feelings about pre orders. I hate to hand $5 to some random joe in hopes that (after many delays) I’ll get my game on launch date but then alot of developers have bonuses to their games that make you reserve there if you like the game. Im on the fence now if I want to pre order Resistance 2 since you can get in the beta that way.

    • mewyn dyner says:


      Well, the last time I tried to reserve a game I had put money down for it, and then went to pick it up on release day I was told “We’re out”. I was livid. Why would you take reservations for a game and not have sufficient stock to fill reservations. The guy behind the counter told me it was happening more and more, so since then I’ve not even tried to reserve a game. I just wait until I see it available in a store. Besides, going to other retailers than GameStop/EB I’ve almost always have been able to get my games the day I went to pick them up (release or not).

      Although, I may want to try the reserve thing again if there’s a Wrath of the Lich King collector’s edition (the supposed penguin pet is cute! :)

      • MercuryPDX says:

        @mewyn dyner: They usually get a few “extra” copies for people who walk in on release day and they have NO qualms about dipping into the “reserved” copies when those run out. The “instant $54.99” from some guy off the street trumps your “$5 now, $49.95 later”… because you’ll be back when they get more copies later in the week.

        • mewyn dyner says:


          Indeed. I kind of suspected something like that. Hence why I asked for my money back and decided to wait to get a Wii (it was the GC version of Twilight Princess that I ordered).

          But lately, I’ve found no need to preorder, but then again, I’ve stopped needing something on release day. But as I said, the WoW expansion will probably change that. :/ I have a love-hate (not in the proper sense, but more of the I love it and hate it) relationship with that game.

    • Tickthokk says:

      @Quatre707: Half.com is WAY easier to sell and buy games on. It’s owned by Ebay, but it’s a buy-only system.

    • SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

      @Quatre707: You are their target market.

      @Bauer22: I agree. And note, they don’t cover discs for damage in that, you can get a better condition game if the one that leaves the store comes back unplayable.

      @kingmanic: Oddly, yes, some folks will pay less thinking they are getting more! Isn’t that the premise of Gamestop?

      Hey, I sold my “refurbed and returned RRoD 360” to a friend for a few bucks less than I bought it for. Then I bought an Elite.
      By the time that RRoD’s (it might…it has froze up twice), I suspect the Elite will be $300 new.

      Seriously, Gamestop has a market on taking your games and giving you less worth. Atleast you have a choice (there’s Walmart, Amazon, Buy, Newegg, Play, GameFly,…).

  7. Jeneni says:

    Wow this guy missed a crucial point as to why Yahtzee is funny: Delivery.

  8. Adisharr says:

    Ha nice job and so true :/

  9. exkon says:

    Never really understood the hate for gamestop…I guess it’s the:

    – shitty trade-in values
    – “bad” customer service

    Nearly every time I’ve been into a GS, it’s been a enjoyable experience, well at the my normal one anyways.

    • samurailynn says:

      @exkon: I agree, I’ve never had a bad experience at Gamestop. They never want to give me very much money for my trade-ins, but I also usually bring in games that are 8 years old.

      I guess the worst part is that when you go in, it always seems like a bunch of high school aged kids just standing around talking to people… but then again, it is a video game store. It’s not like I expect guys in suits.

    • stre says:

      @exkon: agreed, my experience has always been good. of course the workers were fellow college kids, so that helps. i always waited to sell games back until they had one of their specials where you get an extra $10 for trading in 4 games. hmm, let’s see, a giant pain in my ass trying to get rid of 20 games on ebay or waltzing into gamestop and having them give me $50 on top of what the games are “worth” to them. seems like a no brainer to me when the games were old and wouldn’t go for shit on ebay anyway.

    • @exkon:

      I second that, exkon. I’ve never had a problem at either of my local locations, though I don’t do trades there when I can just as easily craigslist my games and make money back.

      Oh well, some people just like to complain about things I guess.

    • Dyscord says:

      @exkon: I have never had a bad experience at gamestop either. The only thing I hate is the trade in values. But given that it’s the only place around here to trade in games short of a pawn shop. *shrugs*

      Plus I’ve reserved plenty of games there, usually the Smackdown series when it comes out every year. The most pleasant experience I had was when they sold me a game case for $0.10 since I didn’t have one for one of my games. Having the case shot the trade in value by a few dollars.

      I’d definately say all the hate comes from the trade in values.

    • Etoiles says:

      @exkon: That’s the thing about GameStop: how well one runs, and how well a customer will make out there, TOTALLY depends on the manager.

      The chain makes a point to try to squeeze as much as possible out of each location while giving as little as they can. Hours are scarce and pay raises / promotions are hard to get authorized. As a result, the average employee is about as intelligent as a pop-tart.

      Now, there ARE exceptions. I worked at GameStop for the better part of a year and our store was brilliant. But I would rather go there, across all of NYC, to shop, than to go to any of the ones near where I lived, because the ones in my neighborhood were staffed by degenerate teenage potheads.

      My manager was, to this day, one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. And yes, I’m glad to have gotten out of retail ’cause it don’t pay the (grad school student loan) bills, but he really was phenomenal. He also left the company and after seeing how the district and region treated him, I don’t blame him one bit.

      • Ajh says:

        @EtoilePB: You’re very right. There’s 2 gamestops in the local mall, and one in a shopping center near here, but even if the shopping center one was further away I’d still go to that one. Maybe the games aren’t well organized but it’s clean, not smelly, with nice management and staff that knows what they’re talking about. I refer people to that particular store all the time.

        I do use them for reserving games, because a majority of the games I want won’t get shipped to them otherwise, but I don’t generally buy used games. Just new stuff and accessories. This store’s slowly seeing more business as people realize it’s a better store than the other two.

  10. Subliminal0182 says:


    • Subliminal0182 says:

      @Subliminal0182: Damn, hit the enter button..

      Anyway, Gamestop (and most trade-stores like it) are only good for buying oldskool games under $10.00. It’s horrible for trading in your console/games, as you can get substantially more through Ebay, Amazon, CL, etc.

  11. stacye says:


    On his last point tho… I bought a used Guitar for Guitar Hero from Gamestop, and the strap smelled like weed so bad that I had to wash it… it was pretty gross.

  12. m4ximusprim3 says:

    Yah, I pretty much just go to gamestop when I know what I want and don’t need much in the way of customer service. As far as prices go, saving $4 on a $55 game is not an overriding necessity in my life.

    Plus, it’s someplace to go when my wife goes into victoria’s secret at the mall.

  13. DigitalMariner says:

    Did my beloved Consumerist really pass on an opportunity to print a list of things? Anyone feel like doing the bullet points (or a link to the points)? Thanks in advance!

  14. knyghtryda says:

    Here’s a question though… is it company policy for GS to collect a bunch of personal information about you prior to trade in? They wanted name, address, phone number etc. I ended up leaving after they couldn’t show me proof that 1) It was necessary and 2) There was even a written company policy about it. They even called corporate and they couldn’t read one line from any manual/rulebook saying that its GS policy to collect personal information on all trade ins.

    • MayorBee says:

      @knyghtryda: I think there are legal requirements to take in “trade-ins” in a lot (if not all) localities. It’s like a pawn shop in that respect. If someone’s trying to fence some stolen games and they don’t have to provide ID, it makes it impossible to trace them if the police find out the games have been sold to GameStop (or wherever).

      On another note, I’ve never had a bad experience at the GameStops I’ve gone to. The guys working there are polite, they don’t bother me when I’m just browsing, and if I have questions, they’re more than willing to help.

    • wickedpixel says:

      @knyghtryda: I believe they do that to cover their asses in case the games you’re selling them turn out to be stolen. (don’t ask me how one would identify a stolen video game.)

      • evslin says:

        @wickedpixel: (don’t ask me how one would identify a stolen video game.)

        I worked at a store like Gamestop many years ago. If somebody brought in a recently-released game with a Blockbuster sticker on it, or a huge stack of shrink-wrapped games, and they want cash, we turned them away.

        We had been burned by trade-ins like that in the past and simply elected to err on the side of caution anytime something smelled funny.

        • lol_wut says:


          We had a guy that worked at Target that would come into the store at least once a month and we’d pay him $250 (by check) each month for the games he delivered. Many of them were still shrink wrapped.

          When I was let go by Game X Change and went to work for Funcoland, I informed my new managers of this man’s practices. When he arrived to test out the waters at Funco, he was none to pleased that the stores in the area had been tipped off.

          And Blockbuster stickers (or any other labels for that matter) meant a definite no when I was checking in a customer’s used games. I didn’t want to bother with the assumed risk the equipment might be bad. I had to take down DL info from anyone that sold us games and equipment and wanted cash back. (In the event it was stolen property, etc)

    • LoganRage says:

      @knyghtryda: Technically, GameStop’s are considered a pawn shop in legal terms, so as with pawn shops, ID is required, just like the person has to be of legal age to consent to the sale.

      These videos were a waste of time. It sounds like he wasn’t that great of an employee, got fired or quit, and is now taking the time to rail about the things he never liked about the company, while tapping into the large demographic of judgmental people with 1 bad experience with a GameStop. Personally, I’ve had one, didn’t go back to that location, instead found one a bit closer with nicer individuals, then called the district manager about the behavior of the other store…which ended with a phone call and an apology.

      Guess it’s all down to the humans working the counter to make the experience…

  15. ajlei says:

    My worse experience at a Gamestop was when I (a 19-year-old girl at the time) went in to purchase Madden 07 and the employee ringing me up asked if it was for a brother or boyfriend and I said “no, it’s for me” and he started laughing loudly and telling his coworker this super-hilarious story (I was not amused) loud enough for anybody in the store to hear. After he said something to the effect of “don’t worry, you don’t have to say it’s for you to look cool, we like ALL girls that come in here”, I decided not to go back.


    • blockbustarhymes says:

      @ajlei: i guess you could say they really put the “game” in gamestop.

      They also put the stop in gamestop, though…

      Haven’t gone to gamestop in a long time. I’ll horde my old electronics that aren’t worth a dime and use online retailers to buy new stuff, thank you very much.

  16. duffm4n says:

    I used to work at a GameStop, and there are some pretty shady stuff going on. People doing whatever they could to sell reservations and subscriptions. The used games are basically a scam, you trade a brand new game in for $35, and they resell it for about $54.99, and you get an excellent 10% discount for the little card you bought, great.

  17. maztec says:

    @exkon: Bad customer service. I dislike places that do not stock new product, instead “reserving” all of it. I realize it is their business model, but it is not one that works for me. I really dislike “reserving” a copy for purchase, i rarely pre-pay, pre-buy anything.

  18. BrianDaBrain says:

    Enunciation is key to people grasping the message. What I could understand was passably funny though.

  19. thewriteguy says:

    ajlei: Interesting story. Not to defend the creep/guy at all, but most gaming males are too cynical to believe that there are any real, living women who actually play video games. Most really would like more females to be involved in gaming — but they don’t believe it’s the norm for a young woman to be into gaming for her own reason. At the average GS, there’s definitely a “comic book store guy” vibe about the places.

    But at the GS I occasionally stop by in, they have female employees who sound to be quite personally knowledgeable in the latest games.

  20. kingmanic says:

    I haven’t had much problem with their subsidiary “EB games.” Their workers are inconsistent in the amount they know about the things they sell but generally returns, purchases, reservations etc… have been alright. They do have the widest selection of games. They carry stuff many other shops wouldn’t as well as carrying a decent variety of used games. Pawn shops tend to have stacks of MaddenXX and little else.

    Where I live there are few other options. Amazon keeps being unable to mail me games (I get a refund though) and I’m not aware of a Canadian online game seller. Even the major chains only carry a very restricted set of titles if I want an atlus game I have to go to EB.

  21. bjcolby15 says:

    I bought two old school games for my PSP (Activision Hits and Midway Arcade Treasures) from two different GameStop stores – no problems whatsoever, and the prices were reasonable for used ($10 and $13, if memory serves me correctly).

    Last time I went Best Buy, however, I got the scratch protection upsell pitch and magazine offers. Declined both offers – and from all the stories proffered about BB, I won’t buy from them.

  22. lemur says:

    A few comments suggest that the author of the video clip should speak slower. Are they missing the fact that he’s purposely speaking fast to imitate Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation? I agree though that he ought to enunciate better. If you’re going to speak that fast you better make sure your enunciation is impeccable.

    Still, all the enunciation in the world won’t make his clip funny. Every now and then people post in the Escapist forums that Yahtzee is not funny, blah blah. They should watch this guy’s clip. He has demonstrated how it is possible to take Yahtzee’s concept and run it squarely into the ground.

  23. khiltd says:

    Somebody get that guy some speech therapy.

  24. edrebber says:

    I like to buy used DVDs and gameboy advance games at gamestop.

    They usually have good deals on the DVDs. Buy 2 get the third one free. Big savings if you can find 3 box sets you like.

    The gameboy advance games are usually around the price on ebay and no waiting for the mail.

  25. iambeaker says:

    I watched the entire 9 part series at work, and during my lunch, I went to Gamestop and canceled 100.00 worth of preorders… So his message hit one person

  26. bravo369 says:

    the only part i felt where gamestop is really wrong is in video 5 when he says that employees are paid onto a card instead of a check and/or cash. that can’t be legal. if what the video says is true, and employees end up having to spend money just to get the money they are owed then gamestop needs to be sued into submission for that.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @bravo369: it is true – many retailers are doing this now (paying onto prepaid debit cards instead of paper checks), but it’s important to note that you ALSO have the option of direct deposit into a bank account.

      of course, who uses those these days?!?

    • mac-phisto says:

      @bravo369: oh, & i meant to say that i investigated the legality of this with my state department of labor & they seemed perfectly ok with it (despite the numerous fees that often exist with the use of these cards).

      & i live in a state where (supposedly) an employee can still demand cash on the barrelhead. evidently, plastic card = cash these days.

    • Suttin says:


      It is true. The part he got wrong, at least for the store I worked for, was that they give you a shit fest of a time setting up direct deposit.

      My manager told me to bring in a voided check or my routing number for my savings account on my first day of work, and my first check was direct deposited.

      Other than that, everything is accurate.

  27. Robobagins says:

    Pre-orders are only worth bullcrap when by doing so you get something extra like a crappy artbook or something.

    Anyways, as much as I hate the practices of Gamestop the Corporation, my local Gamestops and EBs are preferred over just about any other retailer. We all know we’re getting reamed on used games. But the time and effort wasted on squeezing out a little more on a game from 5 years ago isn’t worth it. Certainly getting $1.50 on a trade in is more then goodwill will give me. Plus when they do the trade in bonus plus the edge card deal, you can seriously come out on top.

    I should know. I’m a CAG.

  28. trujunglist says:

    I always feel ripped off going to Gamestop. That being said, I always buy games from Gamestop. Why? Because the games I trade in are basically crap and no one will take them, and I never buy new games (with a few rare exceptions). I never trade in good games because well, they’re good, and I want to keep them. What’s the point of letting go one of your favorite games and getting 50 cents for it? Sounds stupid; may as well just throw it in the back of the closet.
    My friends and I have made it a habit to pick up old games rather than new. I’ll often go there and buy a used game for $5, and we’ll play that for a few months. It’s a good deal for a whole crapload of long-lasting, good entertainment, and I don’t feel as ripped off if I go back in and trade it.

  29. trujunglist says:

    I also wanted to add that just because a game is new doesn’t mean it’s good, and just because a game is old doesn’t mean it’s bad.
    The worst offenders and automatic money wasters are the EA sports/any sports series of games. You buy a title for $60, and 2 months later it’s worth $0, because the next iteration is coming out. Your best bet is to buy last year’s game or any year before that. I just bought FIFA 2002 PS2 for $6 for a friend, and it’s by far the best iteration of the game I’ve played (except for 2002 World Cup, which is not available for PS2). He just picked up College Football 2007 for $7. Why buy the newest one for college anyway when they use generic names and numbers?

  30. goodkitty says:

    As a new fan to ZP, I have to say this little bit was well done. Quite funny, and contrary to others’ opinions I think the brilliance of the ZP animation concept shines here even with less than stellar source material. This guy could have a great youtube career just doing ZP like parody skits if he would just talk normally.

    But, the moral of the story is nothing more than what David Hannum said over 100 years ago (“There’s a sucker born every minute.”) If WhistleBlowerZero’s stories are true, then this isn’t a GameStop issue. GameStop is just providing a service akin to pawn shops and payday lending. It’s the critical failure of humanity that is behind everyone allowing themselves to be fleeced like this. Everyone who has two brain cells already knows or can figure out the horrible value GS’s services provide, so I can’t see who these videos are going to help.

    I’d rather be concerned about what’s going on that allows companies like GameStop and Countrywide to be profitable in the first place.

  31. darundal says:

    Yeah, I haven’t really had an unpleasant experience dealing with GameStop/EBgames at all. Last time I bought something from a GameStop (a few weeks ago), it was a new DS. I get home, and any contact with the top area of the touch screen causes the screen to move back a bit and click. I can’t find the receipt, but a day later (after I decide that the clicking is going to be an issue for me) do call and ask if they can process an exchange from the units serial number. They say sure, I go in, walk out with a perfectly functioning DS.

  32. ZukeZuke says:

    I liked the animations but damn he mumbled too much.

    p.s. He said “man-flower”, huh huh…

  33. Ubermunch says:

    Recently I bought a Wii bundle and Wii Fit bundle from GameStop online. Even with the dang “Handling Fees” the purchase was a lot cheaper than eBay and/or trolling bricks and mortar stores (as if!).

    Both bundles came brand new and packed well. The Wii bundle was particularly good since it contained everything I wanted to get (thankfully).

    I’d probably never go into one of their stores… and will probably never buy a game from them (Amazon Prime is better)… That said, I appreciate the good service and price I got on hard to find items.

  34. Shevek says:

    There are two reasons why GameStop no longer gets my money:

    1) They open their first copy of a game so they can have a display case. When they have sold all their copies of a game, they will sell the display game, but claim it as new.

    2) They will not stock what has not pre-ordered. Twice I tried to buy a new release at one of their stores and was told that if I did not preorder, I was out of luck, and they wouldn’t have any copies for at least a week. In both cases, I went to my local box store and picked up a copy with no hassle.

    So, if you like to shop there, that’s fine. But I want to buy product that they don’t sell, so they don’t get a dime from me.

  35. UniComp says:

    lol, I love this guys graphics.

    “RIP Funcoland” Ha!

  36. yikz says:

    I buy used games. I rarely buy anything new. I wait until I read reviews and see what people have to say about it.
    As such, I do stop in the suburban Gamestop stores. The stores located in most bigger malls aren’t worth it. The employees have bad attitudes. The managers don’t care. The selection is terrible at in the mall stores.

    Find a Gamestop in a neighborhood strip mall, preferably one that has a high school or college within a few miles.

    The last point… if you run into bad employees, it’s usually a direct reflection of the management. Good management will hire (and keep) good employees, and they won’t tolerate bad employees.

    • shockwaver says:

      @yikz: Very true! There is an EB Games in the mall, and it sucks – like, really bad. There is one across the street from the mall in a strip-mall setting, and it is pretty good. Less people, better employees, more games, etc.

  37. shockwaver says:

    EB Games and blockbuster are the only stores that I can get used games from here. Now, for the most part, I only buy used games when they are >$10 off the price of a new one. Yes, I can use ebay and get a game for $35, and pay $15 in shipping to Canada. Amazon will not ship games to Canada. When I’m buying a game, I generally want to play it right then, if I don’t, I’ll wait till I can grab a good auction on ebay and snag it there.

    Of course, EB Games shafts you for trade-ins. I’m lucky to get $5 for a game I’d trade in (Granted, they are mostly shit games as I keep the ones I like!), but I find Blockbuster is very reasonable, and often times they will give you a minimum of $7 or so when EB Games was going to give you $1.50.

    But yes, the local EB Games here has a habit of selling games that run for $59.99 new, for $54.99 used, without the case or the manuals. Whereas blockbuster took the art, manuals, and disk out of one of the 360 games I traded in, and put the game I was wanting in it, so I’d have an actual case. I realize this is down to the person at the register, but I will probably do a lot more shopping there.

  38. dangermike says:

    I stopped shopping there for several reasons:

    foremost, I bought an xbox360 game that was supposed to come with a 48 day xbox live trial that wasn’t present in the package. They open all the packages as a “theft prevention” policy (the discs and manuals are stored in cabinets behind the sales clerks).

    Next, I found a used game that was marked with a price $5 higher than the new copy two shelves below it. I asked first if the price was right on the used one (manager said yes) then pointed out the new one, and the price was revised to $5 below the used game. It should have been more. I didn’t buy the game.

    They usually don’t offer lower prices when used games are missing manuals, original packages, and whatnot, and their price tags are nearly impossible to remove from used games without marring the packaging. Minor gripes, sure, but I’m a little anal and like my collection to look good on the shelf.

    Finally, their used game prices aren’t very good. I’d rather just buy from ebay or gamefly. (and retail prices on new games are just retarded. If there’s ever a game that I absolutely must have when it comes out, however, I have a few connections that are moderately high in the command chains of well-known dvd and video retailers that don’t mind occassionally sharing their employee perks with me)

  39. sonneillon says:

    I got a 20 minute attention span could someone just sum up the hour and a half?

  40. Comms says:


  41. kenboy says:

    Do they have Battletoads, though?

  42. guroth says:

    How about the fact that they will sell a used copy of a game for more than a new copy because they mark down new games over time but not used ones.

  43. SuffolkHouse says:

    Someone needs to go yell near the sea.

    Is he rolling a snot in the back of his throat while he speaks? I can’t only hear the last word of each sentence and “dick” and “shit.”

  44. TravisOnPhonics says:

    At everyone saying you’ve never had a problem, he’s not complaining about the way the Game Assistants act, or anything that would be obvious from a visit to your local GameStop. He’s giving insight to the way the company is run, and he’s spot on. I worked there as well, and I saw some really shitty things happen to naiive customers, and especially my fellow employees. One of my coworkers was pinned with stealing an Xbox 360 when if you had talked to the guy for 15 minutes you would know he would never do anything of the sort, and it was simply an excuse to fire him so they could bring on a new staff who lied better than the people that trained me. I could go on forever about the things I witnessed there. Terribly run company. And the higher up you go the more shady shit gets. I’m not looking for something to complain about, I’m actually a very forgiving guy, but I will stand up for what this guy is saying, because it’s the honest to God truth.

  45. Twoje says:

    The main reason I shop at GameStop is because of CAG16 + EDGE Discount + Free Shipping (SAVER) on used games.

    Other than that, I get the games wherever they’re cheapest, or most readily available.

  46. Con Seannery says:

    I’m fine with buying new at GameStop, but I hate the used games thing, no matter where it is. I mean, you get the game, someone else got the game, the store got the cash twice, the developer got payed once. If they want to stop losing money, forget piracy, go after used games.

    • TechnoDestructo says:

      @Con Seannery:

      “Go after” how? By getting rid of the “first sale doctrine?”

      • mugsywwiii says:

        @TechnoDestructo: I’m not sure why Con Seannery has a problem with used games. Yeah two people got the game, but at different times. If selling used games is bad, then Blockbuster rentals are the equivalent of pushing old ladies into the street!

        To answer your question though – the way they can, possibly will, but hopefully won’t “go after” used games is with downloadable games. Everyone says downloads will be big next generation, but as long as they’re selling the download for full price I’ll buy the physical version. They have to keep selling the physical version, because a lot of people don’t have fast Internet.

  47. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    Video no longer available? :(

    • The Stork says:

      @DePaulBlueDemon: YouTube has site maintenance warnings right now, so it might just be their hiccups.

      Watched them all earlier, and enjoyed it. Not being a big time gamer (of my six Wii games, three have “Mario” in the title and a fourth features him) I’ve never done business there, and knowing about their shadiness before I didn’t plan to. But this spells things out much better.

      And that debit card payment plan is just bogus, even if there is a direct deposit alternative.

  48. OwenCatherwood says:

    Youtube is doing maintenance/upgrades.

  49. lol_wut says:

    I’ve worked at Funcoland, Toys R Us, and a lesser known game store called Game X Change. With so many tools out there for the average joe to peddle their own inventory to the world, why bother with GameStop or any other store like it. They are nothing more than glorified pawn shops. It’s sick how much they can make off a [used] game after a trade.

    However, working for either store is great. Working at Game X Change it was in the company manual that employees could buy used games at cost – so many rare gems were no more than $20.

  50. dragonfire81 says:

    As a former gamestop employee and avid gamer I will tell you there is a certain class of gamer who will ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to buy used games.

    There are even some still who will only buy new games STILL IN THE WRAPPER.

    As for me I’m a bit of both. On certain big titles I will always opt for a new sealed copy, but I also buy older used games for cheap just to give em a whirl.

  51. tankertodd says:

    Now I know what fast-talking Spanish-speaking people sound like to other Spanish speakers.

    GamsStop ripping people off while buying and selling property?!? Ever heard of pawn shops and car dealerships? Guess not.

    /Nothing new here, except a white dude who talks like someone on Telemundo, only in English.

  52. Woofer00 says:

    The GameStop system works out for the gamer who is only there for the sake of games that are a year or more past the release date. It absolutely doesn’t for the gamer trading in a game that isn’t in high demand or who wants to buy a used copy of a new game. For my own purposes, I abhor the institution that is eBay due to a series of failures of the PayPal fraud system, and CraigsList is so hit or miss that I can’t afford to spend an hour waiting on a meet up just to make an extra five dollars. GameFly works out, but requires much more effort, and you can’t inspect the games you get prior to purchase.

    As for people who don’t like used games, what’s the problem? After the advent of the optical disk-based gaming system, aside from physical scratches or cracks, there’s no diminished quality to fear.

  53. budboyy2k says:

    I heard him just fine – it’s called living with girls. But I’ll admit that it was difficult to listen AND read the text at the same time.



    I know too many people who have been burned by Ebay and Craigslist to trust them any longer. As for Gamestop the problem is mostly due to it being a huge chain store. Some stores will be good, some bad, and most will be mediocre.

    I’ve personally never had a bad customer service experience beyond a mild preorder or club card sales pitch. When the game I want is out of stock, 90% of the time the guy will ask if I want him to call around to the other stores as there are. If he doesn’t it’s usually because the store is swamped with customers.

    Of course a lot of this may be due to competition pressures where I live. Each Gamestop I’m aware of within a 20 minute drive of my home has at least 3 competitors within walking distance. Whether its rental places that also sell used games, other chain stores, or big box retailers and media stores.

    Hell, the one I usually visit has to compete with an FYE and a KB Toys store in the same mall, a Circuit City and a Toys R Us next door to the mall, and in order going in the other direction down the road over a two mile stretch there is a Blockbuster, a Target, an EB Games, and a Walmart. There also used to be a Media Play and a Hollywood video.

    As video games continue to go mainstream competition will keep increasing, and customer service will start mattering more and more.

  55. MSUHitman says:

    For all those commenting about the speed of the speech of the video, this person is using the exact style/look of the “Zero Punctuation” video reviews, and those have the same insanely quick speech through the videos, except it’s done by a British fellow.

  56. Spiffmeister says:

    I think its a shame he went the “fast talking” route, because he nailed the animation so well, it just detracted from the whole experience.

    He really goes into good detail about the operations and why its a stupid place to shop, but alas, it will be lost on 90% of the viewing audience.

  57. Justifan says:

    i watched some of his other videos. i was surprised at the shady way that company pays its employees, nickle and dimming them even as they pay them.

  58. fisherstudios says:

    I guess there’s a sucker born every minute

  59. dancing_bear says:

    I am amused, I don’t care about the marbles in his mouth, it gives him character.

    Kids would be better off donating their games to a local library and creating a free pool of mind numbing fun. I am sure the local librarians would embrace any effort to turn on the youth of america to free books and media for two weeks at a time.

  60. harlock_JDS says:

    I don’t see the issue with trade in values at gamestop. For example i took back GTA 4 a few weeks ago and got 35$ for it a game i paid 60 for about 4 months ago). That comes out to a cost of 6.25$ a month to rent the game which is a lot cheeper than any other way to rent the game i can think of (gamefly would be 12.50 a month and tie up one of my game rentals the entire time).

    Granted i can see the problem if you only own a game for a week and take it back but that’s true for anything.

    As for the rest of the videos it sounds like they just aren’t doing their jobs and other generic ‘retail sucks’ complaining.

  61. YamiNoSenshi says:

    So, now I’m not supposed to shop at GameStop, and there’s plenty of lamenting about Best Buy and Wal-mart on this site as well. As a gamer/geek/otaku, I have an addition to release dates. So I ask, fellow consumers, where the **** should I go to get zero-day games. I’m pretty sure we all have to just accept that retail chains suck, and shop there anyway, being sure to protect ourselves by being informed.

    • Erwos says:

      @YamiNoSenshi: Amazon, basically. Unless you’re into pre-ordering, GameStop sucks for release day games anyways.

      • harlock_JDS says:

        @Erwos: when i preorder at gamestop (which is rare i usually get games at taqrget or somewhere) i do so the weekend before a games comes out. That way i know the game is actually coming and don’t ‘forget’ about it. Plus i know I’m not going to be out of town or unusually busy when it comes out and i can target the store i know I’ll be close to during the week so i don’t have to go out of my way.

        I also pay the full amount when i preorder so they are damn sure to keep me a copy and i don’t end up with a open copy being sold as new.

  62. Caswell says:

    If you take your new release in and get $25 on trade-in and turn around a buy another new release used for $55, you’re doing it wrong. You’re like the “angel” in Best Buy’s “angels and demons” customer breakdown. You want to be a demon.

    Sign up for their newsletter, or simply check the forums at places like CheapAssGamer.com. They frequently have coupons for 25% off of a particular platform, which stacks with their 10% discount card (which can be purchased for $3 w/o the magazine subscription). A few times a year they’ll do a buy 2, get 1 free sale on used stuff. If you’re not getting a significant discount like those, simply don’t buy there.

    Same thing with trade-ins. They frequently run promotions for extra trade-in value, such as $10 extra value or an the extra $15 for three 360/PS3/Wii games they’re offering now. I’m not much for trade-ins, but when I do them I usually manage to get near the orginal value of the game.

    If you’re on a site like consumerist you’re probably making an effort to be a smart consumer. Arm yourself with the discounts and you’ll save a good bit of money there.

  63. Mr_D says:

    My only problem with Gamestop was that they wouldn’t take my first-day release copy of GTA: San Andreas. Due to all the Hot Coffee shenanigans, they can’t legally sell it. Actually, I was more amused than upset.

    Other than that, I burn through way too many games to deal with cragslist or eBay. Gamestop may not give the best values, but when I buy a game, I don’t view it as an investment – I view it as a night at the bar. I don’t expect to recover any value from it, and if I do, great.

  64. LouSir says:

    The YouTube video is gone.

  65. VOIDMunashii says:

    I rarely shop at GS due to an actual case of false advertising (they has an entire display for a game in the window with each box marked one price, and then charged a higher price. The manager refused to even come out and talk to be about it), but I found this to be really enjoyable, if not at all surprising.

    The part about customer behaviour sounded just like my experiences working for a toy store (customers insisting fictional products exist, using the store as a daycare, etc).

  66. Jevia says:

    I’ve had both good and bad experiences at GameStop and it is totally dependent on the employees/manager. Because of that, there are some stores I won’t patronize again and others I will.

  67. The video is gone, I really wanted to watch. BOOO!

  68. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    These videos = awesomeness

    I love the “NO ALL MINE” picture of GameStop management holding the pile of money.

  69. HogwartsAlum says:

    I don’t game much, but I’ve never had a problem there. I got all three of the last Myst games and just bought Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm. I always buy new.

    I’ve been to three GS stores here and the people have been really nice. Maybe it’s just that I live in the urban equivalent of Mayberry.

  70. majortom1029 says:

    Where am i supposed to get my video games? Gamecrazy is just as bad then there is walmart ,target and best buy.

  71. Teki says:

    Videos are no longer up

  72. closed_account says:

    where they go?!

  73. Phydeaux says:

    And so it begins.

    Anyone mirror them before they went down?

  74. banmojo says:

    The Gamestop in my town is staffed with friendly knowledgeable people, and the prices beat anything else in my town. Craigslist is nearly nonexistant (yes, in MY town) so all in all, I use GS all the time and have no complaints. They ARE generous with their trial period for games – not may other stores do that.

  75. dvdchris says:

    I was wondering how long these would be up. Dude, you need to make the same videos but have ‘Game Go’ or ‘Game S–t’ as the business name.

  76. MrEvil says:

    The only reason I go to frigging gamestop is because every other store keeps the games under lock and key and finding an employee to get one out of the lockup for you to take to the register is like finding the Holy Grail. I wish that one day Wal-Mart, target, Hastings (Reigonal chain), and all the other stores keeping games behind plate glass would just cut the crap and install a freaking vending machine that dispenses games.

    At gamestop you grab the empty case off the shelf, hand it to the employee and he puts the disc in the case for you. No having to hunt an elusive employee down to go on a further fool’s errand to find the guy with the keys to the lockup.

    Ok, Best Buy doesn’t keep their games in lockup (at least not my local store) but their selection for all three consoles extend to pretty much titles that have been released in the past 2 weeks, past three years of Madden, and Guitar Hero and Rockband accessories.

  77. PalmBayChuck says:

    In case you can’t find it anymore on YouTube, you can still find it at one of the Consumerists sister sites….


  78. PalmBayChuck says:

    Sorry, use this direct to story link instead…


  79. Spen says:

    I’ve had problems with faulty information from Gamestop in the past. Imaginary expansion packs and fictional in-game content. I’ve had problems with the price of used games changing somewhere between the shelf and the counter.

    Recently I learned of their return/replacement policy. I bought a $200 Guitar Hero World Tour band kit from Gamestop. What did I receive? A drum kit with non-functioning cymbols and a guitar that misreads frets.

    I boxed it all up and according to their receipt I luckly kept, I was eligable for a replacement within the first 30 days.

    They refused to take it back claiming, “We can’t. Sorry.” Their manager is on his “day off” for the next 5 days. I could not get the instruments replaced, or refunded. I was stuck with $200 of broken equipment.

    I had spoken to Activision, the makers of the game, prior to Gamestop. I was told of their no refund/no return policy and was instructed to go back to the store that sold me it. They sold me a broken kit, they replace the kit.

    Well, Gamestop didn’t. Half an hour of me refusing to step away from the counter until my $200 stopped being a waste, I gave up before the cops they called showed up.

    I talked to Activision again and demanded a replacement, I was sent to Red Octane where I spoke about replacing my Band Kit. They said Gamestop should replace it, but they will if I send it in, pay for shipping, pay a 15% restocking fee, and wait 30 days.

    What?! I paid $200 for nothing, and have to pay MORE to make it work the way it was supposed to?

    When the Gamestop manager comes in, I’m going to stand my ground again even if cops are called. I’ll show them the receipt’s terms and my issue.