Consumerist's 4 Most Frequently Given Ways To Kick Ass

There’s four things we say over and over to readers writing in with problems who have gotten their legitimate claims spurned by regular customer service. They just keep working! They’re EECB, Executive Customer Service, Chargeback and Small Claims Court. Inside, what these tools mean and how to get started using one.

1. Executive Customer Service – How to get routed to a high-ranking exec’s secretary who will pass you off to the secret elite customer service squadron. They need to be able solve any and all problems, lest you persist in escalating and interrupt someone’s golf game or steak dinner. Get Started.

2. EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb) – Sending a email blast to as many high-ranking execs as you can. The trick is figuring out the corporate email address format and combining it with publicly posted lists of company execs. Get Started.

3. Small Claims Court – For just a few hours work and under $50, you can get a judge to make a company give you what you’re owed. Get Started.

4. Chargeback – Pay with a credit card and if you don’t end up getting the goods or services you ordered, you can reverse the charge and not have to pay for it. Get Started.

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