Update: Orbitz Sent Reader To Collections For Ticket They Never Sold Him

Here’s some updates on the post about reader Josh, whom Orbitz wanted to make pay for a ticket they never sold him and he never used. Turns out that between when he sent his original letter to us in February and when we posted it, Orbitz sent him to collections. But now that his story got on here and Digg, Orbitz’s ass-covering machine has been activated…

His story hit the Digg front page. As it was on its way to becoming popular on Digg, a gal named Carly at Zocalogroup, apparently the PR firm Orbitz has hired to monitor blogs and maintain a Twitter presence, reached out to help Josh. An Orbitz insider said that over 16 Orbitz employees have forwarded Josh’s story to the internal customer experience team.

For his part, Josh writes, “Thank you for posting my story. I’m contacting Carly right now and will follow up with you about how Orbitz DID send me to collections, my communication with that company, and whatever Orbitz is willing to do now that they couldn’t be bothered to do before.”

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