Update: Orbitz Sent Reader To Collections For Ticket They Never Sold Him

Here’s some updates on the post about reader Josh, whom Orbitz wanted to make pay for a ticket they never sold him and he never used. Turns out that between when he sent his original letter to us in February and when we posted it, Orbitz sent him to collections. But now that his story got on here and Digg, Orbitz’s ass-covering machine has been activated…

His story hit the Digg front page. As it was on its way to becoming popular on Digg, a gal named Carly at Zocalogroup, apparently the PR firm Orbitz has hired to monitor blogs and maintain a Twitter presence, reached out to help Josh. An Orbitz insider said that over 16 Orbitz employees have forwarded Josh’s story to the internal customer experience team.

For his part, Josh writes, “Thank you for posting my story. I’m contacting Carly right now and will follow up with you about how Orbitz DID send me to collections, my communication with that company, and whatever Orbitz is willing to do now that they couldn’t be bothered to do before.”

PREVIOUSLY: Orbitz: Pay For Ticket We Never Sold You Or Else


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  1. SkokieGuy says:

    Aha, we know why Orbitz customer service sucks. All their people are monitoring media for negative stories instead of actually doing their jobs to prevent negative stories.

    Nice job!

    • snazz says:

      @SkokieGuy: well if orbitz did the right thing every time, they would lose so much money and not be able to tell their shareholders about record profits. It makes much better business sense to pay someone to find and clean up messes than to prevent them in the first place…. duh!

  2. Murph1908 says:

    Remember, according to the FCRA, if a company erroneously adds negative information to your credit report, you are eligible for $1000 in compensation from said company.

    Might want to mention this to Carly.

    • @Murph1908: You are “eligible” provided they fail to honor your request to verify the information as valid.

      A company can put something on the report erroneously, but until they fail to verify the item per your written request they aren’t in violation.

      The best Orbitz story of all time comes from Maddox.

      “The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make.”


      It’s three years old but I still laugh every time I read it.

  3. usmcmoran says:

    so thats where mr.wolf the cleaner from pulp fiction works now

  4. Comms says:

    I haven’t used expedia/travelocity/orbitz since my last trip to Europe. My wife was flying to a law conference in Salzburg in 2005 during the music festival and had her tickets booked 3 months in advance by her school’s travel agent. Her flight: Toronto –> Amsterdam –> Salzburg for $640 (round trip). Two weeks before her trip I had some time off and decided to see if I could find tickets for around the same time because it would have been fun to go together. I think I checked expedia and travelocity and the best flight I could find was: Toronto -> Boston -> London (I think) –> Salzburg for just under $700.

    Ok, well, it’s 2 weeks before the flight so it’s harder to find a good one for a good price, right? Well, we figured we’d call up the agent and see what she could do. She got us: Toronto –> Amsterdam –> Salzburg for $640 and sitting together.

    Haven’t booked a ticket online since.

  5. mike says:

    @snazz: But it doesn’t make sense how companies like Panera make money. Say ‘Comcast’ and you get nothing but complaints. I don’t know how a CEO can operate a company and know that he is the devil to most people.

  6. mike says:

    BTW, where the reply button?

  7. EyeHeartPie says:

    Hmmm…the reply button has seemed to have disappeared.

    The gray bar with the reply button is no longer there.

    Also, Orbitz is a good starting place, but it’s usually better to actually book the ticket through the airline.

  8. Who brok-ded Consumerist?

  9. SonicPhoenix says:

    For the amount of money they paid Bob Nardelli at Home Depot, I would gladly accept a position as the CEO of a company that did nothing but club baby seals with 2×4’s with a nail sticking out of them.

    I’m guessing that once you start making as much money as CEO’s of said corporations make, you generally stop caring what other people think of you since you can afford not to give a crap.

  10. ludwigk says:

    Here’s what I do when I travel:

    1) Look up itinerary from Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz. Find a good, convenient flight on one airline.

    2) Go to that airlines site, and look up the same flights.

    3) Purchase the tickets from their site.

    Those travel sites are great travel search engines, and often come up with flights that don’t appear from the airlines’ sites (god knows why). On top of that, the tickets are usually cheaper direct because you’re not paying a $30 “Orbitz convenience fee” or whatever crap.

  11. xnerd says: