Personal Finance Roundup

Using Your Health Savings Account as a “Super Roth” Investment Vehicle [Free Money Finance] “If you can afford to delay using your HSA funds and instead leave them invested, your payoff in retirement will be substantial.”

Winning the Battle Against Low Quality Generics While Still Saving Money [The Simple Dollar] “The next time you go to the grocery store, actively replace all of your regular purchases with the low-end generics.”

7 Nasty Airline Fees and How to Avoid Them [Smart Money] “Here are seven instances when fees are assessed and how to avoid them.”

10 ways to spot 401(k) abuse [Bankrate] “Warning signs to help employees discover if their 401(k) contributions are being misused.”

9 Things You Should Not Buy New [Crosswalk] “Here are the top 9 things you will be better off buying used.”

(Photo: Kevin Dean)

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