Applebee's Food Comes With Delicious "Use By" Sticker

Reader Jamie’s Applebee’s dinner came with an interesting ingredient: an expiration date sticker. Understandably grossed out, Jamie asked Applebee’s for some new food. They agreed, fished out the sticker and brought the old food back. Ick.

Jamie writes:

Me and my 4 other military friends were enjoying our appetizers when our food arrived. After eating a few bites, I noticed a “food good until” date sticker cooked in with my food. I did not know a date was required on my food…

Anyways, we called the waiter over to show him what was going on. “Well,” he said, “Sometimes the food bags and stickers can be mixed in with the chicken when cut up.”

WTF! He said he is sorry and is there anything else he can do? Yes you can sir, you can get me another bowl of my food, cooked new. Well, he took the bowl back and about 2 min later he brought out another bowl… 2 min to cook a new bowl?

It looked exactly the same. My fork was still in the bowl. I told him I wanted it to go. He said he was sending the manager over to talk to me. Well the manager came over and said he was sorry and “any drinks need to be refilled?”

Jamie says he didn’t get new food, nor did the manager take the sticker pasta off the bill. You stay classy, Applebee’s!

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