This Best Buy coupon for free Apple software for students isn’t a very good deal after all—you can get educational discounts at the Apple store, and through September 15th you can get a free iPod Touch or Nano with your computer purchase. Our advice: skip Best Buy and go directly through Apple. (Thanks to Matt and yasth!)


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  1. simplegreen says:

    wont the world explode if those two evils are combined? Apple and best buy?

  2. yasth says:

    Wouldn’t this generally be a modestly bad deal what with educational discounts available?

  3. @yasth: You’re completely right. Thanks for pointing that out–I’m updating the post to be more accurate.

  4. mrafternoon says:

    I just took advantage of the free 8gb ipod touch offer, and they also were offering a free HP 3 in 1 printer ($100 value) as well with the educational discount…they are all “free” after rebate, and the turnaround time to receive the rebates was about 2 weeks. I believe you are also able to take the $299 rebate on the ipod touch, and apply it to ipod touches with bigger storage capacities.

    Pretty good deal, and I’ve been pretty impressed with the ipod touch (not to mention the new MacBook!

  5. Gannoc says:

    Just to comment: Apple is very, very good about their rebates. You get an email when they receive your rebate form, and an email when they send your check. I’ve never heard of anyone getting screwed by them.

    In fact, I’m not even sure Apple does well-run rebate programs, since it seems that the entire purpose of standard rebates is to scam/confuse/deter people from getting them…

  6. taking_this_easy says:

    @Gannoc: unless you count $299x{student} interest for that one month….

  7. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    Most college bookstores have a computers/tech section. Most of those will have some sort of apple promotion for students. So save yourself some trouble and just go to your school bookstores.

  8. Robobot says:

    @Gannoc: Yep, their customer service is excellent in that respect.

    They’re also really generous to students. I had an issue with my Mac and couldn’t get it fixed until the warranty was expired due to a small tsunami of school work. I mentioned to the guy at the “genius bar” that I was a student and he fixed my laptop for free even with an expired warranty. You don’t get treatment like that at Best Buy.

  9. wellfleet says:

    @simplegreen: They are! Best Buy will be the only national retailer other than At&t and Apple to carry the 3G…

    I would bet my hat you have never purchased anything from either company.

    As a Mac owner and a BBY employee in a college town, I bought my Mac through the university, as well as Mac Office for a great price with a student discount. BBY’s Apple product is price locked, but we did offer a $200 gift card with the purchase of a Mac and an iTouch, and that HP printer is cheaper at BBY even *with* the Apple mail-in rebate.

    I’m a big fan of shopping around for the best price…

  10. Android8675 says:

    Best Buy I frequent honors all Apple Store deals (Student, Free iPods, etc.), but I still recommend the Apple Protection Plan vs. Best Buy’s PSP, unless you want accidental damage and don’t want phone support, then go with BBY’s PSP.

    Note: the store I visit has a full time Apple rep working there, she’s a pip.