Stop & Shop is getting a makeover. The new logo features “a yellow bowl with three colorful halves that can be interpreted as bowls of fruit, bread or ingredients, the company’s spokesperson said.” She also said that the new logo “shows customers that we’re making changes and committed to providing great food and meal solutions at low prices everyday.” Meal solutions! Alright! That sounds delicious! [Boston Globe]


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  1. Zimorodok says:

    New logo or not, I have to say their salad bar has freed up quite a bit of my lunch money. I work around the corner from one and I can pretty much duplicate a salad that costs $4.75 at Wendy’s for less than $2.00 at S&S.

  2. shorty63136 says:

    Is Stop & Shop a grocery store chain in Boston or something?

    Because the only Stop & Shop I know of is in St. Louis on Chambers before just before you hit West Florissant. And you’re more likely to find 6-packs and Newport Shorts there than “meal solutions”.

  3. homerjay says:

    Its a Boston area grocery story and its way more expensive than everyone else around.
    That being said- I still shop there because I can’t stand the ummm…. atmosphere in Market Basket.

  4. Mazda Eric says:

    @shorty63136: Stop n Shop is a big north eastern chain, right up there with shop rite – all over the jersey shore

  5. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    My family HATES the new logo.

  6. YoHenYo says:

    @ Zimorodok: The Stop and Shop that I am employed at is going to be getting rid of the salad bar, according to rumors.

    I work for Stop and Shop in Bayonne, New Jersey. We had two seminars that lasted over two hours each. They told us to basically be friendlier and bend more for customers that have problems. They want us to be more customer centered.

    If a customer has a problem, the new way of dealing with it is to make the customer happy by just sending them on their way with what they ask for.

    New uniforms will be issued as well. The front end and departments(registers and baggers, meat, deli, produce, dairy, g.m., hbc.) will be wearing the yellow/orange color that is shown in the new logo. Check-out solutions (self-scan, and customer service) will be wearing the purple color in the new uniform. Aprons will become part of the uniform as well.

    Employees also receive a five percent discount on items. We also get an additional 5 percent on store brand items.

  7. YoHenYo says:

    **Check out solutions will be wearing the purple color in the new logo**

  8. homerjay says:

    WTF is a “check out solution?”

  9. mbz32190 says:

    Note: Giant Maryland (with some scattered stores in Delaware, etc.) is using the same logo with Giant in purple font. (They are both the same company)

  10. Carso says:

    I don’t get the logo. It doesn’t look to me like, “fruit, bread, or ingredients” to me. It looks like a bird (peacock, maybe) or a sailboat.

    More like FAILBOAT.

  11. Nick1693 says:

    @homerjay: Customer aggrivators. AKA self checkout.

  12. MameDennis says:

    Dunno, it reminds me of The Partridge Family opening sequence more than anything else…

  13. Nytmare says:

    Would you like paper solutions or plastic solutions?

  14. battra92 says:

    Hmm, now if the Super Stop & Shop in my town would get a decent butcher shop I’d shop with them more.

    I do prefer them over the Price Chopper since they are closer and Big Y is just a joke these days.

  15. theblackdog says:

    They’re using the same logo for the Giant stores in Maryland as well (both chains owned by the same parent company, Royal Ahold)

  16. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    Also, why does MA have THE STUPIDEST grocery store names?

    Price Chopper and Big Y as mentioned before are among the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard.

  17. tape says:

    I used to think that Stop & Shop was pricier than the other local stores, until I tried going to the Shaw’s near my new apartment. I’ll be going to Stop & Shop.

    But yes, this logo is absolutely awful. The old one at least, you know, reflected the name of the store. This one is just a boring me-too new-millennium logo that makes it look like every other company.

    Seriously, these companies should spend their time and money doing something useful like developing better products or providing better service instead of throwing it away replacing logos that are, in most cases, already distinctive and awesome.

  18. homerjay says:

    @PsychicPsycho3: oh yeah, and Piggly Wiggly is just perfect.

  19. homerjay says:

    @Nick1693: But he refers to them as “wearing the new colors.” That must be what they call “Cashiers.”

    If you’re going to try to disguise a cashier as something more important you might want to try “Financial Transaction Engineer.”

  20. tape says:

    @PsychicPsycho3: I don’t think New England is the only place with stupid supermarket names.

    King Soopers and BI-LO come to mind.

  21. tape says:

    @homerjay: Piggly Wiggly is kind of awesome, really. It’s so stupid that circles all the way past stupid and rolls back over to awesome.

  22. zibby says:

    I hate to think what they paid somebody to come up with that abortion of a logo. The old one was fine.

  23. tricky69 says:

    Don’t care about the logo. I wish that they would stop making it so cold in there that I can only shop there for 10minutes unless I bring a winter parka.

  24. Stop and Shop is still consistently more expensive than Shop Rite out here in North Jersey. The only thing that would make Stop and Shop semi-tolerable is their savings card, but the only times I ever go in there are after 9 or 10pm when Shop Rite has closed and by that time, there’s no one at customer service to give me the damn stuff for the savings card.

  25. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Meal solutions? What do they dissolve them in?

  26. rpm773 says:

    I like the PR spin logo. And by “like” I mean “find annoying”.

    Just once I wish someone would say, when questioned, “Yeah, we changed the logo because we f’ing felt like it.”

  27. chrisexv6 says:

    I used to love S&S but the one Ive been going to for the last 6 years is really tanking.

    Im sure the service is nice (Ive never really needed to use customer service at a grocery store) but the products are becoming terrible. The produce is horrible, and thats even when we’re picking stuff as they are putting it out “fresh”.

    The same products we’ve gotten forever now are very hit and miss (how many grocery stores dont have meatloaf mix?)

    Dont even talk about the expire dates for their milk. Saturday afternoon (you know, when its busy) they are putting milk on the shelves as I walk by, and it expires in 2 days. Come on.

    I never really had a problem with the prices because the stuff was good. But now that the quality is tanking, high prices for worse food bothers me.

    Not sure this logo makeover will change any of that…..I might have to start making the 10 mile trek (its a Trek at 4.00/gallon gas, even if I get 20 mpg) to the nearest BigY.

  28. Daniel says:

    It reminds of those old Pyrex bowls that nest inside each other. Cool.

  29. Etoiles says:

    I miss Stop & Shop. Oh, god, every time I have to go to Safeway here in VA (we live too far away from the nearest Wegman’s, and the local Giant is a half-sized store) I miss Stop & Shop.

    That said, the red and green logo actually made SENSE. Red is stop. Ta-da! This one looks like something left over from the 70s.

  30. Carso says:

    New realization: Stop & Shop M&M cookies are SO GOOD.


  31. zjgz says:

    Do Dante and Randal still work there?

  32. @PsychicPsycho3: We will take responsibility for Big Y…thought it is WESTERN MA, but Price Chopper is all Upstate New York.

  33. Hohoemi says:

    I am unfamiliar with this chain or their old logo, but I like the new one. However, a new logo, no matter how appealing, wouldn’t make me suddenly decide to shop at a store if my previous experiences there were bad. Changing the exterior doesn’t mean much if things inside still suck.

    As for grocery chain names, the H-E-B chain in the south always amused me, as they are the initials for the founder’s son (Howard E. Butt). I suppose H-E-B is better than “Butts” or something though.

  34. orlo says:

    @chrisexv6: “how many grocery stores dont have meatloaf mix?” Never heard of it. Never would want it. And 20mpg is not good gas mileage!

  35. krom says:

    Kinda cute how the bowl logo includes the colors red and green, resulting in red and green half circles. Still, I’ll miss the red light / green light (red = stop, green = …shop!) motif. Wonder what Staahmaahkit looks like these days. If it’s even still called that.

  36. MsCongeniality says:

    There’s a corresponding article about the logo change for Giant (the DC area Royal Ahold brand) in the Washington Post.


  37. Kaitydid says:

    I noticed this the other day, the logo was different on the credit card machine but nowhere else. I thought it was a pretty sloppy roll-out to change it in one place first, rather than getting it all done at once. It was a little jarring at first, because it’s so incongruous with the old aesthetic, which was very straight-forward.

    That being said, I can’t understand why stores change their logos after they have established a strong brand-identity. Does it really serve Walmart and Stop&Shop’s bottom line that much to have a “sleeker” logo? I feel like the change would be so minimal it wouldn’t be worth the cost of development and new signage and materials and uniforms.

    Of course, that strategy is genius compared to Electrosol’s changing their name to Finish, which I still have yet to comprehend.

  38. Grabraham says:

    @krom: as far as I know all of the Star Markets have been rebranded to Shaws who bought them out a few years back.

    There is at least 2 completely different ‘Price Chopper’ chains that are unrelated. One of them is out of the Kansas city area [] and a completely different organization run out of New york that has stores in the Northeast []

  39. Fallom says:

    @homerjay: You can’t stand the atmosphere at a cheap grocery store? Are the blacks and poor people getting you down?

  40. spazztastic says:

    @Nick1693: I love the self-checkout; my aggravation over them comes from the person in front of me who has no idea what they’re doing. If you don’t know what a bar code looks like, don’t use the self-checkout!

  41. meg9 says:

    Oh, I love stop & shop— the new look is going to take some getting used to. Nothing inside is as fresh looking as their logo.

  42. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    All I can say good for them. Stop & Shop has raised their game quite a bit with their “Simple” brand, every Simple product I’ve purchased has been AWESOME!.

    I thinks they took a page out of Europe’s book where at, lets say, Tesco, the Tesco brand is typically the best.

  43. jonworld says:

    I miss Stop & Shop. I have to deal with Dominick’s here in Chicago. I guess they’re both owned by Safeway anyways.

  44. theantidote says:

    That’s so stupid. Stop and Shop and Giant are owned by the same company and they now have the same logo! I guess they’re going to keep them each in their own separate region of the US so the logos don’t overlap in a region.

    The new logo sucks too. If a logo can be interpreted as many things, ranging from a bird to an orange to fruit to bowls to a meat cleaver then it is not a great representative logo.

  45. azntg says:

    Even with a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon the local Stop & Shop keeps mailing me, prices at my local Stop & Shop are still more expensive across the board than the Pathmark that’s two blocks away.

    I thought their old logo fitted much more with the store’s name. Looks like the new one is a perfect for a “generic” logo used across supermarket brands from its parent company.

  46. RandomHookup says:

    @meg9: The reason I hate Market Basket is the flipping crowds. I’ve seen the place so crowded they had NO shopping carts available and customers 15 deep at 20 registers.

  47. lostsynapse says:

    Actually could somebody from the northeast explain what price chopper’s logo is supposed to depict? That one left me baffled when I saw it.

  48. MsClear says:

    I LOVE Market Basket. Love love love. Stop and Shop is ok for loss leaders. But nowhere in MA has prices like Market Basket. They can be very crowded. Depends on which one you go to. The one in Danvers, MA is insane every hour that it’s open. I think it’s because there aren’t any on Cape Ann and it’s the closest. I shop at the new one in Reading and it’s not that crowded. Woburn was ok too.

    I think Shaw’s is the most expensive around Boston.

  49. pax says:

    I seem to do better at the local Stop and Shop (in Queens in NYC) than at any other store around here. I like the Super Stop and Shop in Maspeth very much.

  50. Zephyr7 says:

    “Every time you’re exposed to advertising in America, you’re reminded that this country’s most profitable business is still the manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of bullshit. High-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, pure American bullshit.”
    – George Carlin

  51. ooolam says:

    I used to go to Shop Rite, but more and more I go to Stop and Shop lately because their price is getting very competitive. And today I just went to Stop and Shop to get a pack of steaks for dinner… somehow the saving card discount didn’t show up. I went over to the Customer Service Desk to ask for a refund on the difference. The girl at the Customer Service Desk told me that I can have the steaks for free because it was their mistake, and she gave me a full refund. That’s very nice of them as the steaks are not cheap at all.

  52. homerjay says:

    @Fallom: Wow, way to find the -ism in everything you see, dude.
    What I meant was that Market Basket looks the same as it did back in the 70’s. The aisles are way too narrow to fit through comfortably. Its always crowded. The checkout lines go on forever. Every other aisle has that spill soaker-upper sawdust all over it. They never have what I want, and everything is laid out in a very counter-intuitive way.

    Nice try hunting for racism where there isn’t any, loser.

  53. GamblesAC2 says:

    @shorty63136: its a store spread mainly throughout the northeast

  54. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    @MsClear: Ever since I saw the guy in the deli sneeze into his hand and then just stand there waiting to serve meat to someone, I’ve never been back to the Danvers store, ugh.
    SS new logo has clearly affected the circular this week, everything is $.50 higher.

  55. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @homerjay: The “atmosphere” of a Market Basket store can vary from “unpleasant” to “pretty decent” depends on the store. The newer NH ones seem to be in much better shape then the older ones.

    Market Basket looks the same as it did 20 years ago..maybe 30…it says “Get your cheap groceries and get the hell out!!!” Fine with me….it’s a matter of spending $50 at Market basket, $70 for the same stuff at Hannaford’s, and $100 at Shaw’s.

    The Stop & Shop I went to in CT was ungodly expensive, but some of that is just Connecticut.

  56. radiochief says:

    I used to work for S&S Quality Control, back when they had a QC lab, a dairy and were owned by Americans.

    This is a major bummer, the chain has a lot of history here in MA and New England in general. The red light/green light always made sense. This weirdo fruit bowl motif is blandly pleasant corporate logo that means nothing.

    Now as far as prices go; there are several things to consider– pricing strategies… One model is “EDLP” Every Day Low Prices. The other is the regular coupon-based structure.

    Shaw’s and Hannaford follow the EDLP model. S&S follows the ‘traditional’ model.

    Usually in my shopping, Hannaford and Shaw’s are always less than S&S by 15% or so. Now S&S has double and triple coupons and an aggressive pricing for specials. So, there what ends up happening is, the typical consumer spend more than they want because the specials are so good. So, you might spend more, but you seemingly get a lot more stuff.

    Both strategies can be worked by you, the consumer as long as you are prepared.

    What is interesting is how they (Shaw’s and S&S) now tout how they monitor ‘local’ prices. Which is roundabout way of saying, “Uh-oh, we gotta account for Wal-Mart now…” And they’re the big beast. We drive down once every two weeks to the local Super Wal-Mart and even when accounting for $4/gal of gas we still come out $30-$40 ahead of Shaw’s/Hannaford…

  57. Aresef says:

    Giant-Landover employee here. The changeover is mostly cosmetic. $30 million in signs, sales, coupons, new uniforms, and, granted, some real streamlining.

    One of the failures of the last few years is that sometime after Ahold merged GL and S&S, they lost track of what made the chains the best. Giant’s whole philosophy was that customers would pay a little more for a quality product. They always made a point of not being Wal-Mart.

    Giant had a great reputation for community commitment, one they still fulfill through Bonus Bucks, Triple Winner, or individual stores passing out $20 gift card to pretty much any good cause that asks. But they don’t promote it!

    Giant, too, has 70 years of history in the area. I’m not sure how all this is going to fly with customers.

    (And Ahold’s other problem, owning another chain also called Giant just to the north, is still a problem.)

  58. RhodyDave says:

    I shop at Stop And Shop, and use the store bonus card all the time – typically save at least $5 per trip. Of course, I am very careful about buying things that are on sale, or that the card reduces the price on. Somethings are $1 or more off with the card. I like S&S much better than Shaws, which is the other large chain around here.

    There is a local chain called Dave’s which blows all these other stores away, but they are pricey. Worth it, but not for everyday items.

  59. SuffolkHouse says:

    I live on Long Island and must say that S&S has the most ridiculous prices in my area. Even their specials are outrageous compared with the every day prices of other local stores or Wal Mart.

    There is nothing special about Stop and Shop, and it provides every reason to avoid shopping there.

  60. chrisexv6 says:


    Agreed!!! 20mpg stinks!! But since I live close to everything I need to get to, my driving is almost all city. And I have a V6. Im not complaining about the mpg, but fact is that 10 miles each way = 1 gallon of gas (and even if I got 30mpg its still about 3 bux in gas)

    And….meatloaf mix is a mix of ground veal, pork and beef. Wife uses it for meatloaf and homemade meatballs, and it sure is good.

  61. chrisexv6 says:


    And speaking of gas, the only real advantage to S&S around here is the gas program……every 50 bux spent in the store = 10 cents/gallon off at their gas stations (located in the store parking lots). But alas, “current promotion ends Sept 4”, and I dont know if that means the discount program altogether, or if they change the points tiers. If the program goes away altogether, the only real reason to even think about shopping at S&S is the proximity to my house……which is nice, but if the food stinks, its not worth it.

  62. Baron Von Crogs says:

    I spent a long time working for supermarkets in my youth, with my carrer taking me from Stop and Shop to Shaws. All I can say is that I’m so lucky I jumped into loss prevention before the aprons became a big deal for cashiers to wear.

    I mean seriously, being a cashier is the.worst.job in the fucking store. Why make them dress like assholes? What function does an apron serve someone who deals with money? If anything its just another place for them to pocket cash :P

  63. veronykah says:

    @Nick1693: Are you serious? I LOVE self check out! Fresh and Easy and Ralphs here in LA both have them and I would prefer them to a cashier anyday. Its people that can’t figure out how to use them that F it up everytime.
    I wish they were everywhere, seriously.
    @paxetaurora: I miss the stop and shops in Queens, the nature’s promise store brand of organic or healthy or whatever is SO good. They had some amazing bread. The grocery stores in LA are eons better than most any of the ones in NYC but they are EXPENSIVE. I stick to the “ethnic” markets now…

  64. scoosdad says:

    @lostsynapse: It’s an ax stuck in a.. in a… in a…. log?

    One of the local Price Choppers here in my city went for weeks with the light behind the “e” in “Price” burned out. Ouch!

    Whatever Stop and Shop’s logo looked like before the change, it couldn’t have been that memorable. I just went to look at their site to remind myself what it looked like, and it’s been changed already. Guess I need to dig out my loyalty card to see. I chuckled at their site– “You talk. We Listen. Your needs have changed, so we’re changing too.” Yeah, I can just hear all those consumers shouting, “YOU NEED A NEW LOGO!”. How much do you think it will cost to change out all the signs, store branded packaging, repainting all the trailer trucks, etc.? And who pays for that, stockholders? Right.

    New logo to me looks like a grapefruit half squirting three different colored juices at me.

  65. noncomjd says:


    Agreed. Even on sale, their prices on most things is still higher than other stores regular prices. This is the second time in the past year they have announced a “New Lower Price Policy”. I rarely shop there. Shoprite, Waldbaums are better. Shopping in Walmart is like a cross between shopping in the Old Soviet Union, empty shelves and seedy people in the store.
    Bring back Edwards, better yet bring back Finast.

  66. theysaidwhat says:

    Good to know that the Stop&Shop prices are coming down. It’s the nicest and most easily shopped store in my area, but it’s also the farthest away and wasn’t that cheap. But I just may kill myself if I have to endure the limited selection, long lines and impassable aisles of my ShopRite one more time. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve just abandoned a full cart in line and walked out because it was such a circus. Thrilled that ShopRite might actually be getting cheaper!Everything about it has always been better!

  67. RandomHookup says:

    @Grabraham: Actually, there are still a few Star Markets (or Stah Mahkits), all in Mass. They are basically Shaws inside, but use the different name. Some of them are pretty close to Shaws, for some reason.

  68. ElizabethD says:

    Stop & Shop is big in Rhode Island.

    Last week I noticed one that I frequent no longer had a salad bar but in its place (prominent; near the entrance) was a display of “meals” — ready-to-eat packaged sandwiches and ready-to-heat entrees. I was so mad that the salad bar was gone!

  69. Antediluvian says:

    I thought the new S&S logo looked like various slices of citrus fruit — an orange and a lime which make sense, but the others were off. Maybe a ruby-red grapefruit, or a blood orange, but the purple one doesn’t look like any citrus I know. So I thought maybe a plum, but still, I think the new logo looks stupid.

  70. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    Did we already address the Price Chopper logo? Were you kidding or does it not look like an ax chopping a penny. Price Chopper.

  71. LVP says:

    Did they approve this logo before or after they decided to paint the store walls light diarrhea?
    @Grrrrrrrrr: What part of CT?

  72. DerangedRoleModel says:

    As an employee of this store, it’s basically business as usual. Sure, they added a discount, but it isn’t much. None of the new uniforms have come in either (supposedly because of a delay in…what a surprise – China.) They didn’t change anything except signs.

    What they need to do is try to pick a genre it’s trying to be in. Their current job of mixing EDLP and weekly sales is pretty bad, as nothing makes you say “Ooh, I’m shopping here this week.” Whoever lays out the prices listed in the flyer should be fired. Either lower the EDLP prices while highlighting the actually good EDLP bargains (and risk shooting a salvo towards Walmart and Target), or return to the traditional weekly sales plan (and be like all the other supermarkets).

    Their aim towards the prepared foods is a bit off, too. If they need to look to see what they should be doing, they should take a look at stores like Wegmans, Uncle Giuseppe’s (a local mini-chain on LI) or Fairway (another mini-chain). No one cares about refrigerated uncooked foods in unappealing plastic. Have a department in the stores where employees can cook foods up for the customer (like the previous three I mention do) and make people say “yum, I want to try this.”

    Also, the new logo is generic. A fixing up of the old one (to what you see on most newer stores) would have been just fine, and wouldn’t have pissed away a recognizable logo.

    The only thing that Stop and Shop does better than most of its competitors is having new technology. They were the first ones around here to have self-scan, and they have a system where you can place an order for deli items without waiting. They’re also introducing a scan-as-you-shop thing called EasyShop in more stores, but I have no idea if it will be rolled out near the NYC region.

    Ultimately, Stop and Shop is middling, mediocre, average. It’s not as bad as people say, and it’s not as good as people say.

    @SuffolkHouse: King Kullen is far worse, and Pathmark and Waldbaums can be worse too if an item you’re shopping for isn’t on sale (but they have better sales than S&S). Since Pathmark got merged into the A&P company (of which Waldbaums is a part of), their sales have gone downhill and they’re still the usual ghetto Pathmark.

    I’d like Shoprite, but I’m not driving 15 to 20 miles to one. I’ll just have to wait until they open one here.

  73. DerangedRoleModel says:

    @homerjay: Their original choice of Final Solution for the registers was rejected.

  74. cacic says:

    Until S&S figures out how to provide customer service, baggers, a clean store and bags that don’t rip, I will continue to drive past them to get to Big Y. We have a Super Stop & Shop that isn’t super at all unless I need something in a pinch. I have shifted all my grocery $ to Big Y.