Coca-Cola's Probably Regretting Sponsoring Argentina's Women's Soccer Team

Pictured above are members of Argentina’s olympic soccer team, celebrating their trip to the Olympics in Beijing. Although they’re not the first Olympic team to strike this tasteless pose, they are the first to do so while wearing their corporate sponsor’s name on their jerseys.

Oddly enough, one of the other teams that posed for a picture while making the “slanty-eyed” face did so for an actual ad for a Spanish courier company. This time, it’s not an ad, and Coca-Cola’s probably not going to be happy with this association. The photo was published August 5th, but so far, we haven’t heard anything from Coke.


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  1. badhatharry says:

    Someone should go pee-pee in their Coke.

  2. ARP says:

    @badhatharry: Well played.

  3. Why is it Coke’s problem again?

  4. bumba says:

    I heard someone say this was not derrogatory elsewhere in the world… could this just be a culture clash?

  5. @bumba: Agreed. Everyone is assuming this is some kind of racial slur (elsewhere, such as Reuters, not here, since the OP didn’t really bother giving us any kind of insight). Has anyone bothered to ask them what they meant?

  6. Um… I am so angry that these players were offensive and Coca-Cola did nothing to stop this. Coca-Cola should have known that a few of the tens of thousands of people who endorse their products might do something offensive at some time… at some point… somewhere.

    Therefore, instead of thinking the Argentina soccer team are a bunch of insensitive people who created a lot of hurt amongst Asians who saw this, I will instead be angry at Coca-Cola… because… um…

    Um… okay so what Terekkincaid said.

  7. kabuk1 says:


    That’s hilarious, I LOL’ed :D

  8. @terekkincaid: Because every company which has a logo is responsible for the actions of people who wear it. Oakley was responsible for Dog the Bounty Hunter, b/c he wore Oakley glasses. Nike is responsible for the Heaven’s Gate suicides, b/c they wore Nike’s. When will corporations start doing something about this?

  9. Why, I thought Coca-Cola was regretting the sponsorship because blue is Pepsi’s color.

  10. Does this mean Argentina is responsible too? Or just these idiots?

  11. toastydoc says:

    What? They have allergys and there eyes itch…

  12. Elcheecho says:

    @Git Em SteveDave displays attention-grabbing vanity: don’t be stupid, read the title. it has the word “sponsor” in it. while you’re at hit, try cutting back on the snark too.

  13. whitjm5 says:

    Seriously?!?! This is something to get up in arms about? **leaves computer to find something with relevance in life**

  14. Alex Chasick says:

    @terekkincaid: It’s not Coke’s problem in the sense that it’s their fault, but I’d imagine they’re not pleased that their logo is pretty prominent in the picture.

  15. Darkwing_Duck says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “tasteless.” Whenever I talk to my engineering student (I’m not an engineer) friends about how hard they have it, one of them (or myself) invariably does this. Obviously, we don’t set the standards, and some may be offended, but I think *tasteless* is a little too paranoid pc-ish

  16. I bet the Falkland Islands team has a new sponsor starting, uh, now.

  17. @Alex Chasick: No such thing as bad publicity, right? This photo is up all over the place. In countries around the world where this doesn’t bother anyone (i.e. most besides the US apparently), it’s a free ad. Hell, this might sell *more* Coke in Spain.

  18. hc5duke says:

    I was initially offended by this, but I’ve gotten over it. I’ve explained this in another forum with a bad analogy, but I think it fits, so here goes:

    Spain/Argentina made a “your mom” joke at China. America overheard this joke, and got offended, because America’s mom is dead. Spain/Argentina was like “oh shit sorry, I didn’t know.” Meanwhile China doesn’t get the joke, doesn’t get offended, so it’s all good with China. End of story, let’s stop being offended by this, k?

  19. coan_net says:

    Maybe those 4 have very bad headaches…. and sometimes pushing your fingers into your forehead there will help with the pain.

  20. dumblonde says:

    The Spanish did the same thing. Either race is not a big deal for Spanish/Latin Americans or they’re f*ing racist. I shall point you to this famous Spanish candy mascot for your review.

  21. @coan_net: Lol, reminded me of a true story. I have an astigmatism (which means my eyeballs aren’t the right shape). If I forget my glasses, I can pull my eyes back like this to flatten out my eye and see a little better (like for reading a sign). When I was in Japan, I really needed to read a sign at the train station, but didn’t have the balls to do it :P

  22. varro says:

    Thank G-d they didn’t do Falun Gong exercises or carry a Tibetan flag! That would be splittist and wrong!

  23. SayAhh says:

    If you’re Chinese, then you might’ve heard of the “chino cochino” tease/insult before. Depending on your own level of maturity, you can either dismiss it and let it go, or call up all your friends and jump the 3-year-old who insulted you. NOW who’s immature?

  24. SayAhh says:

    ¡Ojito pibe! Just thought I’d throw that in ;)

  25. Tansis says:

    I’m ok with the joke but if they added the bucked teeth that Mickey Rooney had in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” I would have been offended. []

  26. JeffMc says:

    Could we maybe have someone asian chime in and mention if this is actually offensive?

  27. @JeffMc: Ok… me no rikey.

    Disclaimer: I’m Asian.

  28. rolla says:

    its analogous to blackface (for those who dont know what that is, look it up in wiki) and yes, it is offensive. Those who dont think it is obviously isnt a minority.

  29. u1itn0w2day says:

    I thought the Olympics were supposed to represent an ideal including competition,GOOD sportsmanship,integrity,peace etc and last but not least the best a country has to offer.They might be the best athletes from that country but they are definately not the best in character.

    And Spain did this as well.Spain is older than America and they are still more openly racist?No wonder we got Texas and California.

  30. u1itn0w2day says:

    Question:What country basically settled Argentina?Argentinians are decendants of which colonial invader?

    To top it off there are many theories out there that North American if not South American Indians are actually decendents of Asians who crossed an ice bridge during one of the ice ages.

    Why didn’t they have the guts to trash talk the Chinese in front of their faces before a game? Weisals

  31. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @rolla: Offensive, yes. Not analogous to blackface.

  32. papahoth says:

    What is stupid is the Argentina soccer association or whatever they are called that runs the Olympic team. Not getting Coke’s $ in the future means they will either be out begging for more money or team not as competitive. How stupid are these women?

  33. Ookseer says:

    Add my vote to the “Do native born Asians find this offensive?” crowd.

    I have a feeling it might not be.

    When I was in Taiwan and Japan and I asked for a description of someone, the description almost always included eye shape. (Since “straight brown hair and brown eyes” really doesn’t get you very far around there.) If I was getting the description in person, the describer would often use their fingers to show me what eye shape they have, using this exact gesture when appropriate. Sure it may have been pantomime to make up for my crappy language skills, but I don’t think so.

  34. MercuryPDX says:

    @u1itn0w2day: Sorry…. I can’t hear you over all the jingoism…. USA! USA! USA!

    It’s like High School football rivalry, but on a global scale. Maybe someday it will be the ideal you describe (maybe then I will watch), but this year we’re seeing the worst of it.

  35. MayorBee says:

    @u1itn0w2day: Are you seriously suggesting that Spain is less tolerant of different ideologies/cultures than the United States?

    Perhaps you’re talking about a Bizarro United States, one where James Byrd, Jr. wasn’t dragged behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas. Or maybe one without a Vidor, Texas, until recently known as a “sundown” town.

    Maybe, instead, you’re thinking of a different Spain. One that, during the Moorish reign, didn’t allow other religions (i.e. Christianity and Judaism) to practice freely and openly. It would have to be a different Spain you’re thinking of because the one I know is much more tolerant than the US.

    In fact, the US has a few states that will grant marriages/civil unions to homosexual couples. The remaining forty-some-odd states will refuse to recognize the marriages made in states where it is legal. But that backward, intolerant Spain, where do they get off not only recognizing other nation’s same-sex marriages, they also allow their own gay citizens to marry each other.

    Also, your comment “no wonder we got Texas and California”…You know that Texas was not obtained from Spain, right? After the Spanish flag flew here, we had the Mexican flag and the Republic of Texas flag. So the US got Texas from Texas. California, as well, was under Mexican rule after Spain. So California was obtained from Mexico.

    If you don’t know simple history, or can’t be bothered to look it up, how exactly are you qualified to judge the culture of another nation? If you’re American, you’ve just proved yourself to be as ignorant as you claim the Argentinians and Spaniards are.

  36. mgy says:

    @u1itn0w2day: Spain is one of the most insanely racist countries on the planet. Watch an FC Barcelona match – they give shit to their OWN players.

  37. @mgy: @u1itn0w2day: @Mayor Bee whose reply button is broken:

    Breaking News, Tonight at 11: The world is racist and prejudicial. I’m really not sure there’s any nation that doesn’t have racist tendencies.

    But yes, that is one point behind the Olympics. It just that it takes time to steer the R.M.S Human Civilization.

  38. guidod says:

    Hmmm let me add my 2 cents here.

    I’m from Argentina, but I got the exact same reaction I will explain here when I saw the fuss over the Spanish ads. This kind of gesture is not seen, in Argentina (and in much of the world, as I would guess from the international comments I’ve seen), as offensive or derogatory AT ALL, but in fact as friendly and playful, and as a sign of being happy to be part of the olympics in China (where people generally have eyes in that shape due to genetical, we-are-adults-and-should-get-over-this reasons).

    Seriously, when major news agencies pick this as racism, you know that the world is not going well. How you or I have our eyes shaped will not ever change how we are, our rights, or our respect from/for others. A playful picture by a newspaper photographer (which was the case here) shouldn’t light this kind of alarms, there are much more serious things to deal with in China, in America, in Europe and in Argentina.

    In my humble opinion, the fact that many people think that they need to shout and defend a whole race just because someone points out the general ocurrence of a harmless, inoffensive genetical feature is harming Chinese more than anything, particularly when it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek twist in a sports team photo.

    If any Chinese friends out there find this offensive I apologize for my misunderstanding of the situation, but so far I could only see paranoia from the major international media.

  39. TechnoDestructo says:

    So do the Chinese kind of push the corners of their eyes inwards to make fun of non-Asians?

  40. dianabanana says:

    @Zadaz: Uh, it’s one thing calling someone fat as a description, and another to make fun of them for it. It’s all about the context, and let’s be honest, this picture does not look like Spain is trying to describe the way Chinese look. It was a racist insult; plain and simple. Whether it’s a big deal or not, I think depends on the individual.

  41. lingum says:

    This is a gigantic SO WHAT?

  42. @MayorBee and the reply button that really isn’t working: After the Spanish flag flew here, we had the Mexican flag and the Republic of Texas flag. So the US got Texas from Texas. California, as well, was under Mexican rule after Spain. So California was obtained from Mexico.

    As I cavalierly understand the history of my new home state, annexing the rebel state of Texas was on act of war in Mexico’s eyes. But they lost, so the “sold” us the rest of the land we wanted (including California) for $65m. (Although not much later, we decided we needed Tucson too and paid handsomely for it. What was that about?)

    But I think his comment about “no wonder we got Spain” was in some sort of jest that I don’t get, more so than saying the we literally got the land from Spain.

    Finally, “the other guy is more racist then we are” might actually qualify as racist. Kind of like posting to call someone a troll is in fact trolling.

  43. @Michael Belisle: Did I say $65 million? I meant $15 million.

  44. MayorBee says:

    @Michael Belisle: I agree, the history of how Texas became a state in the US (via it’s independence) is a sordid affair. The US basically populated the areas in Texas with Mexico’s blessing. Of course, the Americans were only invited in because the Mexicans were tired of getting beaten up by the Indians (Native Americans, whatever). The Mexicans didn’t like it too much when the Americans changed their fighting style to beat the Indians, and got pissy about it. Then Texas declared independence from Mexico, then a ways down the line joined the US.

    I don’t think he was kidding when he said that we got TX and CA from Spain. I really think he believed that.

    I’m actually taking the reverse stance…I believe that the US is one of the most racist, bigoted countries out there. Both through official governmental actions (and inactions) and the actions (and inactions) of the citizens.

    Maybe I just have a severe case of “the grass is always greener”…but I think the US can get better, so maybe that counts for something. :)

    Unrelated note, I dunno why the reply button on my post doesn’t work for you. I pressed it and it put the appropriate stuff in my post for the reply. Strange.

  45. gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

    yah know normally I’m like the world is so over-PC blah blah stop being so sensitive and overreacting but damn that was offensive. I mean really there is no other way to interpret their poses. It’s not like they can say oh we were just making silly faces. Anyways sure hope Coke comes out and denounces their actions while wearing Coke team clothes. I think I could be a little more forgiving if they weren’t in China right now partaking of what the country has to offer and participating in the Olympics. It just seems a little like going to a school for mentally handicapped people and calling people retarded. It sucks when it happens in public in general but would unforgivable in the environment of the mentally handicapped students. Anyways the Argentina team needs to grow the hell up.

    — gc3160

  46. smint says:

    Asians in Hispanic countries are about as common as black people in Japan.

  47. @MayorBee and the reply button that really isn’t working:

    I believe that the US is one of the most racist, bigoted countries out there. Both through official governmental actions (and inactions) and the actions (and inactions) of the citizens.

    We’re first at everything!

    USA!! USA!!!


    Every country in the world has their own fair share of ignorant racists. I don’t think one country can claim “the lead”.

    Malcolm Gladwells book Blink shows an interesting experiment that reveals the fact that pretty much everyone IN GENERAL is a bit racist.

    But, since we are talking olympics,


  48. quartets says:

    Just some actual observations to inject into the wild-theory milieu that seems to be choice for this article’s comments :) I’ve lived in Argentina and can quite honestly say that the racism there is not nearly as actively malevolent as many US incidences of racism seem to be. However, there exists a racism born of simple ignorance which is quite significant and pretty hard not to notice for an USA observer.

    Their ignorance is due to a lack of the “melting pot” effect we see in the U.S. The last major period of immigration seen by Argentina ended in the early to mid 1950s. At this point, darn near everyone there looks/behaves/thinks of themselves as more or less belonging to the same ethnic group: Argentinian. I saw ONE black person in my time there.

    Argentina is a very inward-focused nation in many regards. Many ethnic groups are considered inferior simply because they are not Argentinian. What you have to understand though, is that this is a default, passive and assumptive belief. There is very little to no active hatred, as far as I was able to witness. (If you want a little insight into Argentinians’ opinions in general, remember that 90% of this nation defines its work schedule around a siesta in the middle of the work-day.)

    While attitude can’t excuse action, I think this “comparative racism” I’m seeing is a bit of a stretch as a logical pursuit. Apples and oranges are both fruit, after all…

  49. Justifan says:

    its really weird that this is seen as acceptable normal behavior in south american countries. there was an incident in spain as well. whats with the spanish?

  50. race says:

    I’d have to disagree with a lot of ‘yous’.
    That being said in my opinion AMERICA is not just more PC than other nations. America is a country where people are more understanding of different cultures/ethnicity. Hell in europe, they throw bananas unto the field when black players get on the field to play soccer.

  51. kyle4 says:

    I think it’s in poor taste anyway as these are Olympic athletes. Way to make your country proud!

  52. race says:

    < korean by birth AMERICAN BY CHOICE!

    Its just plain stupid. I would like to see it taken down and an apology and the person that made it be caned BANGKOK style.


  53. corbyz says:

    Wow… Argentinians go to China… and offend Americans.

  54. centraal says:

    I showed this to a friend of mine here in Seoul, South Korea. Her response: “Well, they seem to be joyful.”
    Plenty of Chinese get offended over Tibet, plenty of Koreans get offended over Japanese territorial claims. Mocking “slanty-eye” pictures from foreigners? This isn’t going to cause any protests.

  55. race says:

    Koreans don’t care about korean people, just how they hate japan and america (a big importer of korean stuff}.

  56. glennski says:

    “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these…”

    Do little kids still do that stuff today. Or was I just raised to be a bigot?

  57. bohemian says:

    @terekkincaid: The visual image of you possibly doing that in a train station while puzzled locals walk by wondering why you think eyelid shape is condusive to reading Japanese text almost made me choke on my coffee.

    Has the Onion done a Coke ad with that picture yet?

  58. Nick1693 says:

    @terekkincaid: Thats when you like, Pprretend to rub your eyes for a long enough time to read the sign, but not long enough so its suspicious.

  59. Nick1693 says:

    @Nick1693: I meant to say pretend but it came out as Pprretend. Weird, because spell check didnt catch it.

  60. dako81 says:

    Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore? Pretty soon nobody is going to be able to poke fun at anyone….

  61. WhirlyBird says:

    @dako81: Not in America, and certainly not at the Consumerist.

  62. dougkern says:

    I think everybody wants to be way more offended by this than anyone actually is.

  63. hubris says:

    @WhirlyBird: If it were *funny*, I’d give it a pass. But it’s just about the easiest *joke* in the world. Add that to the poor taste, and it’s just stupid.

    “I’m not offended as a Jew, I’m offended as a comedian!”

  64. hubris says:

    Plus, doesn’t the third girl look like she *is* Asian? She should move her fingers so we can tell.

  65. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @dako81: Please explain how this is funny instead of just stupid.
    Offensive or not this isn’t funny. That’d be like thinking someone tugging on their ear is funny or dragging their hands down their cheeks is funny. It just isn’t.

  66. Veeber says:

    @terekkincaid: When I worked for Apple we were warned not to wear our apple branded clothing out to bars or events as people may perceive that apple is sponsoring the event. The other concern was that if we got really drunk then you would see it in the paper “Apple employees are alcoholics”

    As I hear often enough from my boss “Perception is reality”

  67. Bladefist says:

    @dougkern: It’s always the people who are not in the group being offended, that are offended. And the ones who are in the group to be offended, haven’t said anything (that I’m aware of)

    Also – Come on people. Calling a group of people bigots, is uhhh, bigotry?

  68. peonia says:

    I’m Asian, and I find this offensive and stupid. Inappropriate behaviour by ignorant people who think they are just making a little “fun” doesn’t make the act any less offensive. I’m not personally insulted by it, but it’s pretty surprising how in this day and age people still think this type of behaviour is acceptable…

    To the people saying it’s no big deal, yeah, sure, on the grand scale of things it’s no big deal. But since when did it become okay to mock other another race’s physical traits? It’s just like when some non-Asian comes up to me and says “Ching chong chang ching chang – Does that mean anything in Chinese?” To which I’d just roll my eyes because even though it’s offensive, it’s also too moronic to dignify a response.

  69. ladycrumpet says:

    Are we seriously arguing whether this is racist? Because it is. I’m not going to set fire to anything and loot a store in protest but it’s not ok to say “so what?” You go make slanty eyes and say “ching chong ching chong” to an Asian and see how they feel. I can tell you it doesn’t feel good.

  70. ZenMasterKel says:

    I have a feeling that the actions and statements which would truely offend the Chinese, we don’t know about. It’s a completely different culture and I doubt they would think twice about these shenanigans.

  71. backbroken says:

    If “being offended” were an Olympic sport, Americans would take Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  72. meg9 says:

    rolla at 12:12 AM

    its analogous to blackface (for those who dont know what that is, look it up in wiki)

    Wow, it would be really cool if someone didn’t know what that was and actually had to look it up :)

  73. meg9 says:

    Of course this is racist. Let’s make fun of an ethnic characteristic! That’s racist.

  74. TideGuy says:


    I believe he was being sarcastic

  75. TBT says:

    “Everyone’s a little bit racist…”

    Thanks to this discussion, that song is now stuck in my head :/

  76. Mary says:

    I don’t think you really get to decide what is offensive to the Chinese unless you’re Chinese.

    You can say “I find this offensive” or “This offends me” but you can’t say “That’s offensive towards X” because you can’t speak for them.

    I’m not saying you can’t be offended if you aren’t part of the group being made fun of, you can. But really, people have kind of lost all touch with what the word actually means these days.

  77. dmbbnl429 says:

    ha i have the same thing, just got to work and forgot to put my contacts in and would you know it works!!!! Thanks for the tip!

  78. LancerReiNi says:

    I’m Asian and although this slightly offended me, growing up in the US I’ve managed to also grow tougher skin. I’ve had to deal with racist comments and jokes quite a lot so it didn’t phase me as much as I personally think it should. Let’s not make this into a nationalistic argument on which country is less racist.

    This is one of those things that you see once, get a little pissed about and then move on. I don’t think Asians will get into any big uproar about it. There’s really bigger things to deal with and worry about in life. While I don’t think the Chinese people are pleased about this incident, it’s not going to ruin their day.

    It would be nice if Coca-Cola stop sponsoring teams such as these but in the end it’s all about money.

  79. randomblabble says:

    As an Asian, I shamelessly mock Asians whenever the opportunity arises (and they arise a lot more often than you’d expect…). But it’s kind of true that if you’re not part of the group, it’s really not ok to make fun of them. But at the same time, the pictures could be a result of a) racism or b) no one giving a shit about racism.

    I’m not grossly offended by the series of these pictures, but I am kind of offended in some way, but I can’t really name why. Kind of how the concept of Kung-fu Panda offended me. But I feel that’s largely a result that you SHOULD be offended, even if you’re not, because I was raised by PC-ness.

    Maybe one of them having an Asian friend would help…

    And @hubris: ya, she does look Asian.

  80. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @Meiran: I had a teacher like that. She automatically became a member of whatever race/ethnicity was the butt of a joke or comment in the classroom. “Your cousin’s sister’s mother’s former roommate’s uncle was Filipino,Ms. ________? We’re so sorry!”

  81. thancr says:

    The Chinese describe Caucasians as having big noses and there are jokes about that. What’s the difference? We’re too afraid in the US that people will always be offended.

  82. iatacs19 says:

    In South America, especially Argentina this gesture is racist and derogatory towards Asians. This is a fact, no matter how they try to spin it. It is shameful and should not be condoned.

  83. malvones says:

    I agree that this was tasteless. But (a) despite the total racial insensitivity I can tell you that it was not meant as a deliberate insult and (b) I can also tell you that despite said insensitivity racism in countries like Spain or Argentina are by no means better or worse than in the United States. Examples: []

  84. Darkwing_Duck says:

    But I do this around my Asian friends, they’re cool with it. If the games were in Italy, I’d be doing my best Marlon Brando/Don Vito impression

  85. Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

    “The Spanish did the same thing. Either race is not a big deal for Spanish/Latin Americans or they’re f*ing racist. I shall point you to this famous Spanish candy mascot for your review.”

    First let me point the dumbness of dumbblonde in the way she encases the spanish and latin american people as if they had the same customs when in fact they are separated by thousands of miles phisically and culturally.

    Racism though is still latent in many of latin american countries, even the ones that have a predominantly black population. It is just like here in the US… the lighter skinned racists get to discriminate all the darker shades of people.

    This happens everywhere and it is not a matter of race, but of difference. Where there are differences between people, there will be discrimination.

    The difference is that these latin american countries are not in the state of fear of “political incorrectness” that the US is in; Therefore they don’t make a big deal out of it.

    There is a similar occurrence here in the South Texas Border (which is predominantly hispanic populated). Hispanics will frown upon Mexicans that cross the border to generate the commerce that keeps these otherwise useless areas alive. A decent portion of South Texans (not all of them, mind you…) have a total disregard for the mexican culture, or their “Mother” culture… because lets face it we are not brown because we live under the Texas searing sun, but because of our hispanic ancestors.

  86. forgottenpassword says:

    Iwonder what would have happened if it was turned around & an asian team was making a “round-eye” depiction of westerners?

  87. MayorBee says:

    @forgottenpassword: I don’t know about you, but this round-eye would have laughed.

  88. vladthepaler says:

    1. What is tasteless about this picture?

    2. Argentina’s soccer team is HOT.

  89. forgottenpassword says:

    you, my friend are a self-loathing “round-eye”!

    FOR SHAME!!!!!

    lol , just kiddin! :)

  90. race says:

    Round eye has been done in south park. I agree, this post isn’t about WHOS MORE RACIST ROUND ONE! Its about it being racist or not.

    Tell you what some locations are more racist than the other but REPRESENTING your country in an international sport and implying an insult about the host and surrounding countries.

    Is just STUPID and should slap themselves across the head.

  91. hellinmyeyes says:

    I’m not sure if it’s offensive or not. Personally, I’m leaning to the side that it is. The point is that these athletes are put up on the world stage to compete and represent not only their own countries but also the high state of human athletics. Making these kinds of jokes and jabbing at other cultures are pointless and disgraceful ways to spend those fifteen minutes of fame.

    One side note (I wish I could find the original article) is that the Spanish, who started this whole slant-eyed BS this year, are supposedly notorious for jeering black and African soccer players to the point of true disgust.

    I’m not a fan of political correctness by any means, but there comes a point where your group/culture is actually intentionally going after another, and that’s the point it never should reach.

  92. RayDelMundo says:

    I’m offended that people are offended.

  93. Alex Chasick says:

    @backbroken: Not to knock my own post, but you’re both right.

  94. ElleDriver says:

    Fuck this bullshit! I’m Asian, and yeah it’s offensive. It reminds me of the kids who used to make those “ching-chong” eyes at me (their term, not mine) when I used to be the only Asian kid in my class. (And I grew up in Canada! We’re suppose to be tolerant here!) As an impressionable 8-year old back then, are you telling me that I was being “overly sensitive”? That the kids “didn’t mean any harm?”

    Yeah, kids can be stupid and mean at a certain age, but shouldn’t a grown adult KNOW better?

    And I love it when I read things like: “it’s okay because I have Asian friends and they’re cool with it!” It’s akin to saying: “I can use the ‘n’ word because I have black people as friends!” As if being “friends” with these people gives you a free pass to say and do dumb things. (And you know what? Your “friends” are probably just humoring you. Barely.)

    Pardon me while I go play with my abacus and practice my karate-chops.

  95. OPRAH says:

    Haha it’s sad how people come to offense so easily. I am Cambodian and even I do that to make my eyes when I think of Asians.

  96. JoshMac says:

    Oh knee jerk reactions.

  97. Moose82 says:

    People are asking if it’s offensive to Asians. As an Asian-America, I will say heck yes, it is offensive. Do you know how many years we’ve had to live with the “slanted eyes” joke?

    In Korea, people get eyelid surgery so often that it’s as common as getting your teeth cleaned. They think the Western look is more beautiful. I think pictures like that add fuel to that flame, and screams the message “slanted eyes are ugly!!”

  98. MayorBee says:

    Well, that cinches it. I’m never drinking Coke products again. Or having “relations” with Argentinians. Hear that, Argentina? I’m boycotting you sexually. All of you.

  99. shufflemoomin says:

    I’m from the UK, not Asian, but I do know the reaction when a member of our royal family told British students in China ‘not to stay too long, or they’d get all slitty-eyed’. Some people just don’t think about their actions and how it can be perceived but posing for this image shows a lack of cultural sensitivity and knowledge, which is surprising considered they’re among the culture they’ve just insulted. Simply, to do this, you’ll either be considered racist, or an idiot. Or both. Some people can find a funny angle to this though…

  100. ElleDriver says:

    @OPRAH: You’ve got deep-seeded issues.

    @JoshMac: What? Really? Well you’ve convinced me – I take it all back!

    (I’ll make sure to call my relatives in China to put a rush on the production of those Apple iNanoPhonesPods you re-ordered – post haste!)

  101. describe_one says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty sad that these people think it’s alright to do this. No doubt in my mind this is racist; if they don’t believe me then ask an asian.

    Poor judgement on their part.

  102. tmed says:

    The thing is, a LOT of people have found this offensive for a LONG time.

    At some point, you should grow up and not do something that offends someone else, simply because it offends them. It’s not being PC, it’s being polite. Whether you fully understand why it offends the other person or people, and whether you intend it offensively doesn’t really matter. You don’t get to decide how other people feel. If it matters to you not to insult other people, does it really cost so much of your life, not to do that something?

    If I don’t like the way the USA is going, I have the right to burn a flag in protest, but if I do, I am going to offend people and it will make it impossible to have a reasonable discussion after that. I value other people’s feeling more than that.

    I guess my point is “Why do it, if you know it could hurt someone”? Give me one benefit to this action so powerful that it is worth the possible offense felt by others.

  103. bunt says:


    no darkwing, you THINK they’re cool w/ it. but in reality, as they pretend to laugh along, they’re thinking in their heads, “f*cking round-eye. im glad i’ll make more money than you someday.”

    oh and thancr, yes there are probably racial jokes, but they dont do it in public and in the media. basically, this is a big middle finger to asia, and they dont care.

    to make a sweeping generalization about one’s physical, mental, or social state in jest or otherwise is a stereotype. a stereotype about one’s race or ethnicity is being “racist”. being “racist” is a bigot. some famous bigots? nazis and kkk. good night everybody!

  104. mebaman says:

    I can’t say I’ve had broad experience with this, but as an anecdote, I used to work as a teacher at a second language english school in the United States. Most of our students came from either South America or South Korea with a smattering of students from other parts of the world. However, it was not uncommon to see our South American students make the “squinty eye” gesture when talking about their South Korean classmates. While I understood that no malevolence was intended, I was always careful to explain to the South Amercian students that such gestures/expressions were considered culturally rude in the United States. MOST of those students made an effort to refrain from further gestures once informed. Again, it’s not so much maliciouness as it is a lack of cultural awareness/sensitivity. As much as people like to harp on the United States for being racist, we are a lot more politically correct than many other countries. Whether this is a good thing, a bad thing, or a mixed blessing, I leave that for you to decide.

  105. MayorBee says:

    @tmed: I agree with you that people should be polite to one another. Perhaps this action was impolite. Perhaps it was racist, as well. Perhaps it’s acceptable in their culture. There’s a lot to be said for American’s cultural imperialism in the world. Here’s an example:

    We (Americans) get upset because some countries use child labor to manufacture goods that are exported to the US. So we, in full-on “someone think of the children” mode, decide to raise a stink about that company’s/country’s practices. However, we don’t take into consideration that the child in the factory 1) is expected by their family to earn money to support the family, 2) can’t afford to go to school, and 3) would have a much, much sadder existence if they weren’t able to earn money for the family. So the boycott of the company or the country’s exports might actually hurt the child more than the working might have.

    Is making fun of opposing teams the cultural norm in Argentina? Does the Argentinean culture expect this behavior? Would the girls be looked at as strange if they didn’t poke fun at their opponents? And, most importantly, how is it our right or responsibility to pass judgment on these girls?

    Here’s an answer to your request for one benefit from this action. Maybe, just maybe, it will let Americans know that they’re not the center of the universe. Maybe we’ll figure out that “wow, we’re in a global environment and not everyone shares our views.” And, most importantly, maybe we’ll decide not to impose our values on everyone else.

  106. MayorBee says:


    no darkwing, you THINK they’re cool w/ it. but in reality, as they pretend to laugh along, they’re thinking in their heads, “f*cking round-eye. im glad i’ll make more money than you someday.”

    Nice to see who the real racist is. Why, if he’s offended, wouldn’t the Asian say something to his friend, especially when the friend thinks they’re cool with it and isn’t meaning to offend? Then the Asian thinks a racist remark, followed by a blanket “I’m better than you” thought.

    So, on one hand, we have a non Asian making a remark that he doesn’t know is offensive and on the other hand we have an Asian who’s thinking racist thoughts.

  107. tmed says:

    @MayorBee is Haulin’… Haulin’ Ass…Gettin’ Paid

    I am not suggesting that they stop because I am offended. I am suggesting that they stop because they may have made someone else feel badly. If, in fact, they don’t care or are buckling under cultural pressure to make fun of their opponents, then THEY need the wider world view, not me (or random American). If they are ignorant of the possible offense, then THEY need a wider world view, not me (or Random American).

    In your example, those boycotting often know that they are causing harm to a current generation to try to force those in power to offer better futures. Look at South Africa, many of those boycotting the country under Apartheid knew that it was causing pain to those living in the country. It was also known that the adjustment after the fall of Apartheid would be harsh for a long time, I still feel that Apartheid was indefensible.

    I believe, and will always believe, in certain inalienable human rights. Because I believe in them, I may not impose my beliefs on you, but I am certainly not going to support you tramping those rights which I hold dear and believe all should have.

    It is our right to pass judgment on those girls actions, because we have seen them. Many of us have met people who would be hurt by this gesture.

    It’s a small world with some complicated rules. This is not one of them. They are on a world stage, they are sworn under a motto of sportsmanship, this was probably not a sensible decision.

  108. bunt says:

    @MayorBee is Haulin’… Haulin’ Ass…Gettin’ Paid

    pretty much. but racism is racism. in that scenario, neither one is correct. both are at fault, the thoughtless action and the unspoken but bitter retribution. however to say that one is better than the other is incorrect.

    course, the point is intolerance breeds more intolerance, and the overall theme here is; lets think about our actions before saying statements like “its just a joke.” or “get over it, I wouldn’t be offended.”

  109. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @bunt: OK, don’t make broad sweeping generalizations about my relationship. Whenever we got our math exams back, he’d invariably do better, and I’d point out the “slant-eyes” joke. Just the same as when we’d go boogie boarding/swimming, I was more skilled in that area, he’d make rafter jokes (I’m Cuban). A black friend who’s had good luck with women? Penis size jokes. A short Italian/Dominican who’s a Tony Soprano wannabe-our best Don Vito Corleone impression. In my case, they’re mutual, lighthearted jabs. I’m not arguing that this situation isn’t offensive, but against blanket statements that this is always offensive. Would I do an Apu impression in front of an Indian I didn’t know? Would I put on blackface to poke fun at my black friend? No, but we have innocuous jokes and mutual understandings.

  110. Race is a different issue in Latin America and Spain. It’s another culture. There’s stuff Americans find acceptable that is offensive to other cultures, but other cultures don’t go at Americans with a holier-than-thou attitude. Ching chong jokes, black caricatures and the like are common out there, and guess what? No blacks or Asians care over there.


  111. Rock79 says:

    Big f*cking deal. Seriously, we as humans are all turning into a bunch of pussies. *rolls eyes*

  112. muckpond says:

    @badhatharry: i love that you said that and i love that it was the first comment. ROFL.

  113. @Alex Chasick: That’s related to another phenomenon:

  114. Darkwing_Duck says:

    I guess what I mean is, there’s race related, and then there’s racist. Some things that people have knee-jerk PC reactions to I find funny. Like when that movie The Ringer came out, someone made a joke, saying that Johnny Knoxville spent 33 years living as a retarded man to prepare for his role. I thought that joke was absolutely hilarious and not in the least bit offensive

  115. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    I guess because in Argentina, Coca-Cola ISN’T the real thing.

  116. ElleDriver says:

    @postnocomments: You mean the black soccer players really don’t care when fans make “monkey noises” at them when they’re on the field? Is that actually a sign of affection that I’m not aware of?

    I have Chinese relatives who live in Brazil, and I’ve been told that the Chinese are treated quite poorly over there. But don’t take my word for it or anything. They’re probably just imagining it! Silly over-sensitive bunch of pussies!

  117. tmed says:


    Please, quickly, call the Spanish FA and let them know they don’t care:


    Research before commenting. People care, everywhere.

  118. pileofmonkeycrap says:

    Me Chinese, me play joke,
    me put pee-pee in your coke.

  119. johnyeros says:

    I’m asian and honestly I’m not offense by this. However I’m sure the chinese are not happy. It’s offensive in a way though — this is like going to Africa and the whole team dance around like they’re monkey.. Or we all go to London in 2012 and act drunk and said ARSE all day… is that funny? :P

  120. MayorBee says:

    @tmed: You’re aware that you linked to an article from 2005, right?

    Again, as postnocomments said, it’s a different culture. Sure, we can discuss it, we can say we wouldn’t do something like that, but where do we get the right to say how people should act in their own culture?

    I guess I’m one of the people that just don’t get offended easily. Call me a honkey, a round-eye, a fag…I don’t care. If you’re doing it to try to hurt me, your opinion doesn’t matter. If you’re doing without intending to hurt me, then it’s really the intent that matters, isn’t it? Were these girls trying to offend? Or did they just make a mistake not realizing that it could be interpreted as hurtful? And why should average Joe Schmoe have to worry about how other cultures take his actions when he’s interacting in his own culture?

    Don’t get me wrong, these girls probably should have watched their actions because they’re on a world stage, but I’m not going to judge their whole culture based on one action that they did. Actually, I don’t think it’s my place to judge any culture. They’re all different and all have their good points and bad points.

  121. tmed says:

    @ MayorBee is Haulin’… Haulin’ Ass…Gettin’ Paid :

    Yeah, that was part of the point. Racial sensitivity is neither new nor unimportant in Spain.

    It’s not whether I am offended, it’s whether they are offending someone else, and whether it’s reasonable to assume that they knew they would be risking that offense. And one step further, whether it was reasonable, given their situation to educate themselves on whether that could offend.

  122. MayorBee says:

    @tmed: I totally agree with you there. I don’t think they knew they were offending (or even possibly offending) someone else. I do think they should have thought about whether or not they were offending someone else, because of their stature.

  123. kingmanic says:

    @mebaman: As an Asian kid in a predominantly white system, I can tell you the kids may have stopped in front of you but for the next 10 years after that conversation they realize that gesture provokes and just use it in a more malicious fashion. Until I grew big and aggressive enough to seriously hurt them. And then it stopped.

  124. drjayphd says:

    @TBT: Doesn’t mean we go around committing… hate crimes…

    + Watch video

  125. S-the-K says:

    I don’t see the problem here. When China had a parade representing the 55 (or so) ethnicities that live within China, all the people were of the ruling/majority Han ethnicity but (allegedly) wearing the costume of the various ethnicities within China.

    This would be equivalent to a parade representing the various ethnicities living in America but all the participants are caucasion. There would be one caucasion person in blackface representing African-Americans, another tinted red for Native Americans, another with a red wig and stumbling around representing Irish-Americans, etc. (okay, just kidding on the last one) Wouldn’t that be considered offensive?

    Why is everyone coming down on the non-Chinese doing offensive things? Why isn’t anyone coming down on the Chinese for their offensive bungling?

  126. iCanhasLs2plz says:


    Rofl, pics of said eyes plz,thnx.

  127. kingmanic says:

    @S-the-K: The village people?

  128. jhurley03 says:

    They weren’t trying to be offensive. Just cause they made it look like they had slanted eyes doesn’t mean they hate Chinese people. People need to stop taking things so seriously. If Chinese people were offended by it, then the players should say they are sorry and let it be done with. Bringing attention to stupid things like this is exactly why racism still exists today.

    Coca-Cola shouldn’t be responsible for this. That’s like saying because I drive a Honda and if I were to get in an accident and seriously injure someone that Honda should be responsible, not me. Coca-Cola didn’t tell the players to make those faces.

    I like how half the people are saying that this is racist, even though everyone has done or said something racist at some point in their life. I have a friend that is Asian and he said he wasn’t offended by this. I am white and have been called racist names and wasn’t offended because I know that I am better than that person.

  129. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    Jesus, people are so used to making fun of Asians and them not complaining that it must now be okay. Wow. Just wow.

  130. kingmanic says:

    @jhurley03: I’m Asian and I was offended. Mostly because I had to put up with the same stupid shit in school and in public. It’s an attempt by a few to belittle me. There is a difference between being the dominant party and not being offended and being the trod upon and not being offended. For you, the act is meaningless. For me it asserts my place is below them, I have to truly be a bigger man to walk away. But Asians walk away and shrug it off too often. How much less often would it occur if I beat the shit out of every person to do such things? Few is any will call a black person a N***** to their face. Why should Asians want it any different?

  131. atavisticat says:

    I think it is offensive and stupid. There are sizable populations of Asians throughout Latin America (including the largest population of Japanese outside Japan, in Brazil, which has been there since WWII). Latin America is definitely behind the US in coming to terms with their problems related to racism, and things like this do nothing to help, nor make Argentina seem like a truly global, cosmopolitan country.

    Congratulations, Argentine women’s soccer team, you just made your country look to the rest of the world like an undereducated backwater.

  132. jonworld says:

    Honestly, while some people would be offended by their pose, I really don’t have a problem with it and nearly all the Asian people I know would not have a problem with it.

  133. W24x192 says:

    @bumba: My fiance is from Romania and thinks that this is not the least bit offensive…maybe this is an American phenomenon routed in hyper-sensitivity and whatnot. Is it that likely that whole teams of young, modern athletes are overtly racist, or is it more likely that WE are misinterpreting this.


  134. emington says:

    What about the big nose gesture that Chinese people make at Europeans like me? ._.

  135. ivanthemute says:

    @JeffMc: As a Korean, nope. It’s funny, and about goddamned time someone took a shot at the dirty freakin’ commie bastards.

  136. u1itn0w2day says:

    MayorBee your reply button is not working.

    I’m not suggesting that the current country of Spain is racist but many of the cultures entrenched in Spanish heritage;YES-100% YES.I find it more than a coincidence that players from 2 different countries on different continents are doing the samething.Olympic athletes are defacto diplomats for their countries.Even if their coaches had to instruct them on proper courtesy.Somebody has to make sure their country and people are represented in a good light.

    AND I did NOT say we got Mexico and California from Spain.I said no wonder we got Mexico and California.
    It WAS said ingest AND to be cynical of THEM.

    But what was ” Mexico ” ; in a nut shell an abandoned SPANISH territory as is most of North and South America-abandoned former European colonies.How far removed was Mexico from Spanish rule or possession?How far removed from Spanish or European influence is Argentina-apparently not long enough.

    By the way,some have mentioned Brazil as a rude country-I agree but I think you have to blame that one on the Portugeese.

    Many have also pointed out that countries like Argentina have been somewhat isolated-yes.But shouldn’t the NATIONAL soccer team who probably gets to do as much travel outside their small world be MORE receptive to different peoples and culture.

    And by the way,I think alot of people from ‘old Europe’ ARE elitist if not racist.I still see a sense of “superiority” from them.I have had to work WITH people from England and they still act like THE boss.

    I think many of these old European countries have a yearning for the past just as many Americans are still fighting The Civil War-But at least we do that HERE and not in our host’s presence.

    I also think companies like Coca-Cola some responsibility to sell responsible behavior.But maybe they’ve been selling their products in these countries a little too long.

  137. CrazyRedd says:

    This Azn sez:

    When you’re like 10 and other 10 year-olds are doing it calling you ‘ching chong chung chang’, it hurts like a fothermucker. When it’s Argentinians doing it in Argentina in an expression of happiness directed at China, it’s not offensive.

    I learned it was useless to get offended at other countries when I lived in Japan and everyone asked me if I had read “Little Black Sambo” because they ***love*** it over there, and think all Americans love that kind of shit.

  138. bdgbill says:

    Jeebus, get a life! As a caucasian, should I be insulted by the exxagerated big round eyes drawn onto most Manga characters? Isn’t this “making fun of an ethnic characteristic”?

  139. andsowouldi says:

    Impersonation is the biggest flattery, no? I’m not insulted the Chinese are impersonating USA by winning so many gold medals.

  140. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    Isn’t that one girl Asian?

  141. JeannieGrrl says:

    Its stupid and so damned elementary, it makes them look like a bunch of childish morons. It IS offensive but in such a juvenile way that it reminds me of Borat, just the “classiest” fellow going, eh? How come people mostly just laugh at his hate and stereotypes? Really, whats the difference? This slant eyed BS has to stop, even if, as some have said “it isn’t offensive anywhere else” – its still bloody stupid and blatantly ignorant.

  142. trujunglist says:


    I think we all know what they meant by making this gesture. I think what you meant was maybe we should ask them if their culture widely regards it as incredibly offensive (which I’m guessing is a big no; probably because there aren’t many asians in Spain or Argentina).

  143. mrearly2 says:

    Funny photo!

  144. All that Coke ever regretted was New Coke. Until they went back to Coke Classic because of overwhelming consumer demand and made boatloads of coin. Those clever bastards. So yeah, Coke has never regretted anything. Except Coca Cola Blak. WTF was that?

  145. SayAhh says:

    I wrote so much good stuff, and just before pressing submit I worried that I was going to lose it so I pressed Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C then clicked submit. Except I pressed Ctrl-A and just the letter C, and now I lost EVERYTHING. *crying*

  146. SayAhh says:

    “You may offend all the people some of the time, you can even offend some of the people all of the time, but you cannot offend all of the people all the time.”

    —-Not Lincoln