GM's 'Employee Pricing' Sales Mean Big Discounts On Cars Right Now

GM is desperate to boost its sales this month, so the company is offering some steep discounts under its “Employee Pricing” sale. The car blog KickingTires is covering the discounts and points out that “almost all of the prices are around 10% off, which is big in terms of car sales.” For example, you can save $9,000 on a Hummer H3. Of course, you’ll spend that much on gas for it in the first week, but there are other options as well, like Saturns, Chevys, and even the 2008 Corvette Z06 (which we mention separately because KickingTires says powerful sports cars are usually exempt from this sort of sale, but not this time).

Maybe you should tap into your home’s equity and buy a couple while they’re so affordable! Ha ha, we kid.

“Incentives: GM Employee Pricing Sale” [KickingTires]
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  1. DjDynasty says:

    Employee pricing or not, I’m still not buying for another 5 years unless my current car falls apart and won’t run anymore.

  2. karmaghost says:

    You can take 10% off a Chevy, but it’s still a Chevy.

  3. laserjobs says:

    But but but I thought GM was raising prices???

  4. NitrousO says:

    All these crummy gas guzzlers that love to break down make me love my hand me down bimmer.

  5. legwork says:

    Sign for circus employees:
    “Dwarves, Fire Eater, and Discounted Turd Polisher, this way ->”

  6. GearheadGeek says:

    The H3’s mileage is not that bad… nothing to be proud of, but not quite the guzzling beast that an H2 is. Oh, and if an H3 is $9k off, the Hummer H3 “Alpha” starts at just under $40k, so even against the most expensive H3 that’s about 23% off. Oh, and I still wouldn’t have one at $9k off, I like station wagons. :)

  7. hills says:

    GM could have a 100% sale and I wouldn’t bite – Their executive office has the worst customer service and didn’t satisfactorily solve a problem they created when their computer “glitch” caused my special order, limited edition, Saab Turbo X to be manufactured incorrectly. I love the car, love Saab, HATE GM.

  8. GearheadGeek says:

    @hillsrovey: I realize you’re just being dramatic, but you’d be a fool to turn down a 100%-off sale. (Actually, 99.99% off would be better, then you wouldn’t be liable for any income tax unless/until you sold the car for more than you paid.)

  9. @laserjobs: And then cutting them by 10 percent, isn’t that generous?

  10. Fredex says:

    You still have to buy the car from a GM dealer. Those are the people who will put GM under no matter what GM does. RIP

  11. Invective says:

    I saw GM’s CEO interviewed at the Detroit show sitting at a round table of US car executives and I couldn’t believe my ears really. GM plans to cut back to the “models that everyone knows and rely on.” So just as in the past, divisions like Hummer are being spun off, or sold off. However, in the wonderful world of advertising, a main rule is the need to focus on the products that set you apart from the others. Obviously he and the others doesn’t get it. European and Asian products are beating the hell out of American companies because people want something different, something better. He’s under the impression that quality (Or in GM’s case, lack there of.), will fix all their U.S. market problems. Really GM investing in China staved off a certain death, but if they don’t start improving their designs, that company will be done for. Personally I’d throw out most of their older models completely and concentrate on new green stuff. I’d keep Hummer line and what sets GM apart. I’d also be screaming about Gas companies killing American business with the false market and demand congressional inquiries. To be abandoned by gasoline companies obviously hurts big time. I am sure of one thing, GM is headed in the wrong direction.

  12. hills says:

    Anyone else notice that GM just cut the warranty on the 2009 Saabs from 4 years to 3 years? Way to stand behind your product….

    By the way, anyone have contact info for Steve Shannon of Saab USA?

  13. balthisar says:

    @Invective: Don’t confusing “beating the hell out of” with seeping their market share. The Big 3 still account for almost 50% of the US market. You’ve got the big, number 1 Toyota with GM-sized numbers, but it collectively takes thirty brands to make up that other ~50%.

    The trick isn’t market share. That’s old-fashioned thinking. Market share will stabilize, and the Big 3 recognize that. They’ve got to get their costs under control. If Nissan can survive in the US market at 7% share, why can’t GM/Ford/Chrysler? Given their current expenses, they can’t. That’s what’s killing them.

    Certainly they want to sell as many cars as they can, but their collective market penetration is absolutely astounding compared to everyone but Toyota.

  14. 3drage says:

    No thanks, I’d rather have a quality car.

  15. t325 says:

    Maybe the GM employees are different, but I’d be pretty pissed off if the company I work for offered my employee discount to everyone. It wouldn’t be a discount to me anymore, would it?

  16. SgtBeavis says:

    Go drive a Chevy Malibu. Seriously. That is the best car that has ever been built in America. It is as good or better than the Accord or Camry and it definitely looks better than both of them…

  17. The Stork says:

    I was recording a radio spot with a local GM dealer on Monday when his office called with word of corporate’s announcement. Dude went crazy. Couldn’t believe how “great this is” and “how many cars he was going to sell.” I wanted to tell him “it’s just a sale,” but we tend not to try to annoy our clients.

  18. lorenjfisher says:

    What you have to understand is that GM never offered their employees a good discount for being an employee in the first place, so offering customers ’employee pricing’ is a slap in the face.

    It probably makes the employees that work for GM feel like crap because they have lost one of the perks for working for the company.

    Plus in many cases a car that is sold at a fixed % off actually saves GM money! Consider the following: a car is built using the cheapest possible materials and costs US $16,000, 10% of that would be US $1,600 which is less than the US $2,000 cash back sales that used to be offered out to customers!

  19. lorenjfisher says:

    Also, see this link!

  20. lorenjfisher says:

    Also even with a 10% discount, everyone knows that the moment you drive a new car off the lot the value drops 10% so you are better off buying a used car and let some other person absorb that drive-it-off-the-lot fee for you.

  21. SJActress says:

    Until they get rid of their stupid Passlock anti-theft device, I won’t buy a GM again.

    It does nothing to deter criminals, it just leaves you stranded for (hopefully ONLY) 10 minutes.


    They need some other sort of trick to reset this device, rather than WAITING for 10 minutes to try and turn the car on again.


  22. Dansc29625 says:

    Best thing GM can do is bring back the Geo Metro. 3cylenders and legendary 40+ mph

  23. @Dansc29625: This.

    I want a tiny, automatic car that can get up to speed. Also, it’s extremely funny to drive on Los Angeles highways every day and WATCH the number of SUV’s on the road dwindle, and see SUV’s with “for sale” signs in front of “Keeping up with the Joneses”-style McMansions in SGV.

  24. balthisar says:

    @SpiderJerusalem: For those types of people (the ones that aren’t subprime poor people), it’s probably not the price of gasoline, but a continuation of the “keep up with the Joneses” spiel. “Honey, the neighbors have one of those cute little Escape Hybrids, and Sheila called me an uncaring monster for continuing to drive my V10 Excursion. Plus, it’s four years old and they don’t even make them anymore. Can’t we please go get a cute little Escape Hybrid too?”

  25. dako81 says:

    “Go drive a Chevy Malibu. Seriously. That is the best car that has ever been built in America. It is as good or better than the Accord or Camry and it definitely looks better than both of them…”

    @SgtBeavis: Seriously? Read any of the numerous reviews? Now, reluctantly, I will say it’s a decent looking car, but that’s about all it’s got on the other brands, which don’t look to bad either.

    Oh and there is a plant that builds Accords in Ohio, and one that builds Corollas in California…

  26. TouchMyMonkey says:

    @SgtBeavis: The Malibu isn’t worth $20K base, though. Camry/Accord is at least a known quantity, while Chevrolet will have to prove itself worthy before I shell out that kind of cash on something that will probably look old before I’m done paying for it. Knock at least $2K off and I’ll take a look.

  27. backbroken says:

    @balthisar: My favorite aspect of the Hybrid culture are the folks who think they are saving the planet because they drive a Hybrid SUV (25 mpg) 45 miles back and forth to work with only themselves in the vehicle.

    Yup…you are Mother Earth’s best friend.

    I have no idea when 25 mpg started to become ‘great gas mileage’ but I hear this all the time. 20 years ago my Celica got better gas mileage than that. Where’s progress?

  28. shadax says:

    GM should get themselves a nicely style, small, 40MPG car. That with their 5yr/100,000 mi warranty might cause me to bite. However, I bet them Asians will beat them to this.

  29. AskCars says:

    This is both a year-end sale and a response to poor sales in a tough economy. About half of GM’s line-up is in turnaround with some vehicles like the Cadillac CTS and Chevy Malibu very competitive with others in their respective classes. They usually win out on value too.

    However a lot of the cars that are getting the biggest discounts, well over 10% we’re talking 25-30% are the big SUVs and trucks. As well as aging models like the Cadillac STS and DTS.

    BUT if you’re shopping a new Scion xB and the new Pontiac Vibe (the 2009) is on sale and will save you $2-3K coming down to 14K and gets better mileage…there are some real sensible deals here.

  30. balthisar says:

    @backbroken: Well, to be fair, the car I drive (not an SUV or a truck) gets 25 mpg, and I happen to think that that’s great gas mileage for a spacious car that can easily accept four other passengers with two pieces of luggage apiece in a pinch. On the other hand, I’m lucky and don’t have to struggle to fill up my gas tank, and so in relative terms (i.e., to me), 25 mpg is quite excellent. Heck, if I could drive an Expedition at 25 mpg, I’d do so in a minute, but at 16 mpg, I would have to struggle to fill up my gas tank. Again, everything is relative. I recognize that there are people who struggle to fill up their gas tanks for cars that get 35 mpg, and there are people that don’t stuggle at 8 mpg.

    So, yeah, for me and my personal circumstances, 25 mpg is perfectly fine.

  31. Parapraxis says:

    @The Stork:

    OH MY GOD IT’S A FIRE… sale…





    And, end scene.

  32. Pro-Pain says:

    I went to a GM dealer to purchase a car. The salepeople were terrible, rude, inconsiderate, I could go on. So once again, I ended up @ Ford and bought another Mustang GT. In and out in two hours with washed and waxed new car and full tank of gas at a HUGE discount, and the guy was super cool. Paid for my lunch while they prep’d my car for delivery. GM’s dealers are KILLING THEM. Maybe they’ll wake up, or maybe they’ll go bankrupt. It’s up to them!

  33. agnamus says:

    It’s important to note that they’re running this promotion at the end of the model year. When you drive an ’08 off the lot, it will instantly decrease in value by a whole year’s worth of depreciation. Take this depreciation into account with your base price, AND THEN tack on the option 1 discount.

  34. GM is lowering the resale value of its cars so much by doing this, it’s scary. If you go buy a Saab, say, and spend $23,000 instead of $29,000, where do you think that money’s going? Not into your pocket when you sell the car, that’s for sure; you’ve already depreciated the shit out of it.

    Honda doesn’t offer discounts, but, at least in New England, you’d be hard pressed to find a four-door Civic on a lot these days. The same goes with the Prius, obviously. GM, you’re killing yourselves, guys.

  35. Stonecutter says:

    @Pro-Pain: It’s not just the dealerships. My company provides some services to GM, and they are the biggest bunch of SOBs you’ll ever meet. I’ll stick with Acura and VW, thanks.

  36. Foneguy says:

    I am with backbroken on this one. In 1980 I bought a new Plymouth Champ, (made by Mitsubishi) 4 speed, 4 cylinder, aspirated carburetor, that got 50 miles to the gallon! That was 28 years ago, so why now is it so tough to achieve 50 MPG? BTW, it was the best car I have ever owned. Cheap price, well made, and totally reliable.

  37. chrispr0 says:

    FWIW: Went to a local Chevy dealer & worked on a deal for an HHR.

    Sticker was $19,180.
    Employee pricing was $18,095.

    Before I left, they offered me the car for $16,000. Be careful when you shop. I did not buy, but thought it was interesting how low I could go!